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#Kollok1991: Interpreting Abilities, Powers and Themes...
Some background: Around October 2017 I wrote about another @HyperRPG show called Valiant Vanquished breaking down the characters' powers and how they reflect their psyche. #Kollok1991
@HyperRPG There we talked about their inner struggles and how that is shown externally. #Kollok1991…
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1/ #Kollok1991 The 90s saw an interesting shift in Queer representation.
They weren't being fully demonized in the media as they were in the 70s and late 80s, the Aids Epidemic was finally being addressed by the US Government after the loss of millions of lives.
2/ #Kollok1991 And depictions of the media started to show the Gays as being hip, cool, and fashionable.

At least that's how it's depicted in most media about this swift change in decade.

#Kollok1991 Instead, it was a time where we started to truly ask ourselves about our identity and how do approach the subject of our depictions in the world.
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So @Hyper_RPG did something daring last night...

They had half an episode of main characters talking through their collective shit and discovering how fucked up they really are...

Which allowed characters to chose between Actualization vs Rectification...

Actualization is this context means having the characters realize their behavior (good or bad) and continuing along with that path or behavior just with a little bit self-awareness...

Ex: Mickey(s) accepting the choices that she (they-plural) made up to this point #KOllOK1991
Rectification on the other hands involves changing for the better (or what is perceived as better). It is the self-awareness that ones flaws need to be changed and the work that it involves...

Ex: Billy not using his destructive powers and making selfless decisions #KOllOK1991
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1/ #Kollok1991
A Love Letter to #DavidLynch in the form of a #TTRPG
2/ When you think of #DavidLynch you think of #TwinPeaks, a show defined it’s quirky characters, otherworldly small town settings, and a cult following defined by early 90s Americana. #Kollok1991
3/ #TwinPeaks dared to look into small town life in both its earnest look into themes empathy vs secrecy and the horror that comes from what we view as normal. #Kollok1991
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