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Apollo mission 11
pasta sauce 641 sums to 11

now THAT's an out-of-this-world strategic marker!

@Thorlock1248 And is it just me...or?
Does the Pasta look amazingly like a ...Q ?

@Thorlock1248 and that Yellow Flag?
Should we ask the @USNavy ?
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This says it all. In a nutshell. IMO, It is a tribute to Reagan, POTUS 40, (video length) who valiantly fought corrupt Bush 41, aka as Grey Wolf.

IMO? RR POTUS 40 #Allied2Win with POTUS 45 to get us where we are today....WINNING against the Deep State

2/THIS screenshot is repeated, reminiscent of the Emergency Broadcast Signal that appeared on every American's TV every night for decades. Shoutout to POTUS 40 and 45 backgrounds in Entertainment.
3/ Now C@mes THEP@in—-23!!!

These tanks , all labelled 23, are OMINOUS to the baddies!

POTUS and the Republicans went on OFFENSE yesterday, October 23!
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1/ Today in History Aug 9 1945
World War II effectively ended with a MOAB, Fat Man, CodeName Bockscar
Dropped on Nagasaki Japan.

Very Significant Then...
2/ Very Significant Now...

Fat Man = F M reverses M F
MF meant the same thing in 1945 that it does today🔽

M****r F****r

74,000 killed=11 marker
Bockstar codename of MISSION= Gematria 9 9/11

H-iroshima H=8
N-agasaki N=14 8+14=22, 11/11 marker

Q poem?
3/ MOAB carpet bombs incoming?
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1/ any COMMS in broad daylight after shocker Epstein arrest yesterday?
Why yes. Here's one: A warning about the dangers of SMOKING... Recall Q let us know SMOKING is 'cabal code' for ratting out someone in your criminal 'family'. Look it over…
2/ Here's Q's 'training' drops, pulling back the curtain on Maggie Haberman, Cabal NYT "reporter"'s coded Cabal Comms.

Recall? White Hats 'have it all' so this 🔽 is really the only way they can communicate. Tweets, 'articles', game comms, etc..
3/ Tony Rodham was recently 'smoking', found to be "on fire" and "put out".
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@hohn44 @TrueQanuck11 @Femail 1/ IMO this is CODE that U1 info is about to come out...(BHO w/Bono of U-2, tweets from potus and CS
@hohn44 @TrueQanuck11 @Femail 2/ two more apparent U1 warnings...NP and EC
@hohn44 @TrueQanuck11 @Femail 3/ DECODE: Visual clues - the YELLOW CAKE URANIUM US reserves sold to a CANADIAN firm and then illegally routed to Russia and Iran/SYRIA!!

Photo/caption: YELLOW U shape beads? By a red 1?
U1? and a CAKE of SYRIAN chocolate??

timestamp 6:11 ET mirrors to 9/11! #LearnComms
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PAINT the picture.

Just an idiom or are we to LOOK for actual PAINTings ?

THIS Q drop was an actual painting. When we "watch the News" should we look for more?

Q map . pub has 21 Q drops incl word PAINT or painting.
29 with "picture"
2/ Q informed us that some/ perhaps much of FAKENEWS articles are Mockingbird Media Comms. Warnings and instructions. Similar to the Comey to McCabe 'congratulatory' tweet activating sleeper cells, + the Maggie Haberman 'smoking' (i.e. ratting out) warning tweet. Recall those?
3/ So what of these two articles re: violent PAINTINGS this week from AFP?

Appear to be chock full of Cabal comms...

I'll address each in turn...first a rare Cavaggio painting 'found' is 'under the Hammer"
note the value? 170 million= 17 code for Q?…
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Decode: ?
Chona - La Chona is a Song. "When does a bird 'sing'"?
Numerology Sarte = 69 - a 'job' to do? for 32 cabal?
Cheng = Done.
H C (HRC) 'source' is 'dead, Finished'?
SS= @SecretService caught source INside? (INtrovert EXtroverts)?
AidE , E-xternal A-ffairs= A E code
Author = Sophia Bollag
Sophia = Greek for 'Knowledge'
Bollag - only 509 people in world have this surname. 5+9=14 Cabal club?
B O L L A G contains LL GAB- we know Lynch talking (gabbing) re: HRC
O = zero hour for HRC?
3/ External Affairs and AidE code for A E club?
= Ass@ssinatE , per Strzok Page texts
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1/Pray for safety of @POTUS @FLOTUS and family abroad and give thanks for the team of elite Hawks to guard him. #LearnComms…
2/ Notice reference to CAT? Counter Assault Team?
All appears well -- with UK Cooperation from @Number10cat standing guard under the Beast...
3' ... and later, @number10cat Larry, photobombing with @POTUS @FLOTUS
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Welcome to the continuation of “The Book Of Q” Part 5

We last left of in with QDrops #542 and will begin on

January 19, 2918 QDrop #543 #Re_readCrumbs








QDrops January 19, 2018
QDrops #553
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