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What Did Jesus Write On The Sand When The Woman That Was Caught In Adultery Was Brought To Him?

The story is recorded for us in John 8:1-11.

A woman that was caught in Adultery was brought to Jesus by the scribes and Pharisees.

They wanted to hear his opinion before meteing the law of Moses on her; which says anyone caught in Adultery should be stoned.
But instead of giving them an immediate response; the master stooped and wrote some words on the ground!!!
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Many of you have asked that I do a thread of all my Bible teaching threads, so here we go.

It will be updated frequently.
This is my most viral thread yet, I hope to turn it into a book some day:

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The Story Of Cain...

Who Did he Marry?
His Sister, isn't that Incest?
If Adam, Eve, Abel and Cain were the only humans on earth, why did the Bible say Cain went to the city of Nod to build a city, where did those people come from?

This thread is in response to one of those tweets I see almost everyday here with a singular aim of discrediting the Bible.

Truth is,if you are a Christian critic,this thread won't help you. it might even fuel your hate for the Bible.
That's why this thread is called "LetMeExplainThis"not Let Me Convince you.

I am not trying to convince you, that's not my Job.

Besides,your acceptance or rejection of a truth doesn't invalidate or authenticate truth.

Truth is truth whether you accept it or not
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If Jesus Is God, Why Did He Pray To God?.
(Understanding THE TRINITY)

Have you ever heard or sang the popular song "Jesus is a mighty God, he is a mighty God. All powers bow before Him, he's a mighty God"

"Really? Is Jesus God? If he is, why did he say ,my God,my God why has thou forsaken me?. Who did he pray to?" Some have asked
The concept of Trinity is one of the most difficulty topic to Explain. And the first reason is because the term "Trinity" is not in the Bible.

How do you teach a term that is not in the Bible?
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Is it Anti- Faith for Christians to take drugs when they fall ill? And What Does the Bible Say About caesarean section? Is it A Sin?

Two years ago I was praying in tongues in my room.

I had probably spent an hour or two in that exercise when in my spirit, I heard "How was Hezekiah healed?"

I shook it off, but it came again

""How was Hezekiah healed?
How was Hezekiah healed
How was Hezekiah healed"
Then I thought "which Hezekiah?".

And instantly it dawned on me that I have never studied to find out how Hezekiah got healed.

So I knew God was trying to teach me something.

I got up from my knees,opened the Bible and discovered what I want to share today.
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Why EXACTLY Did God Prevent Moses From Entering Into The Promise Land?

This thread is in response to a question a Sister asked on the TL during the week :

I read the comments and I realized that most believers don't know exactly what happened in the Land of Meribah (where the incident took place).
You see, if you read the story on the surface it would seem that Gods reaction was a bit steep for Moses "simple" error of striking the rock rather than speaking to it.
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Was Apostle Paul A Misogynist?


The man Paul has been accused of a lot of things: Homophobic, Jerk, Chauvinist, and of course a misogynist.

But is he all that? Maybe,maybe not.
This thread is not in support or defense of Paul.

I wish he was Here himself to answer speak on the accusations leveled against him.

But since he isn't, we are going to carefully examine his letters and when we are done ,you will be left to decide
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