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I've been with my girlfriend for almost 17 years, and I will never be able to marry her. Disabled people often can't get married if they need homecare.

Most people have no idea this is a reality for many disabled people.

Please RT so more people learn about this.
I should add that Medicaid is not the only program that is affected. Social Security (SSI) specifically is affected. SSDI is only affected if you are getting it because you are on the disabled children's program and are tapping into your parents' work record.
There are also a few exceptions to this for SSDI. For example, two people on the SSDI program getting it through a parent can get married, because Social Security says they will always be burdens on the government.
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Such a bittersweet feeling.

3 days ago was the 1 year anniversary of me proposing to my fiancée

Thread of trans joy & cuteness here

However we won't be able to get married any time soon.

Because of rules to do with disablity benefits if we were 1/?
To marry I would receive half of the money I currently do.

The money that currently as is isn't enough for us to live without donations.

Because she is also disabled she'd also receive half of her pay. We'd be utterly fucked and as we have a housemate who is also disabled 2/?
That would leave them homeless too, all because we wanted to get married

It's not a choice we should be faced with just for wanting to be married.

It's a choice faced by disabled people the world over.

Check out #letusmarry for a little more insight please.
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Here is another story shared with me by an individual known as Y

What follows is a minimally edited interview

Please read this if you can.

Me:If you'd like to start with a brief description of your disablity, your partner, how long you've been together that sort of thing?

Y: we are high school sweethearts so like decades long? Cont...

Y: I went to his prom, we have photos, he was there when I first got sick, and his instinct was not to flee we went to college together, except his freshman year.

M:So were you diagnosed long into the relationship?

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This story was shared with me by an individual known as X.

What follows is a minimally edited interview.

Please read this story if you can.

Me: The first question is a brief description of you/your disablity?

X: My name is X. I'm white, 32 years old. I have spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which manifests as a permanent limp & irregular gait. I use a rollator when I'm outside my house cont..

X: I also have moderate chronic depression. My pronoun are she/her

M: Are you in a long term relationship?

X: Yes, 12 years, with an able, straight man.

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#letusmarry I have another story shared with me by a person known as Z for anonymity sake.

Z prepared a statement so I will share their words in screen shot with a transcript to follow.

#spoonie #disabled
Hey! 😊 So, my partner and I have been together for 7 years. He’s at a job right now where he has insurance, but it’s a very unstable industry; he could be let go at any time, with no notice. #letusmarry
His insurance is crap; my medical costs over the next few years could potentially bankrupt us both if we got married. He makes decent money now, but not enough to financially support two people—one of whom is very sick—especially if he loses this job.
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I have a friend I've been talking to about #letusmarry who will remain anonymous for reasons that are apparent.

They are in a polyam living situation. They are disabled.

I'd like to share their words.

Transcript of image to follow.
1) I feel like I may have blathered about this before, but it frustrates me every time I have to recertify for benefits that the only legal category for my relationship is their tenant who rents a room. Even though this does allow for not taking their income cont..
& resources into consideration for my benefits.
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I've been engaged now for about 6 months and it is honestly heartbreaking to know that until things change I won't be able to get married.

My mom died before she was able to get married to her partner of 14 years.

The terrible thing is my mom wanted so desperately to marry.

They where engaged for over a decade. A decade of waiting and hoping.

Think about that

Over a decade of having to lie about your partner to the government.

Over a decade of living in fear of being caught and either face extortionate fines or prison.

Over a decade of having to have your children to lie.

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