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Could this be behind the closing of the #IsraeliEmbassies? Eliminating protection from dual-citizen asylum? Some big criminal names on this list. #TickTock #Qanon saving #Israel for last. Was #Mossad behind 9/11?
“All #Israeli representations over the world are closing”
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Timeline of Events
2014 BO JB help uk Pres >>Corruption 1.8 billion
2014 JB & HB fly AF2 2 China & UK > Energy= Millions
2015 UK helps CF HRC server & China > Crowdstrike
NSA Snowden Leaks
June 2015 @realDonaldTrump #Trump2016
July 2016 Blame Trump> Russia hacked elections
JC runs investigation in HRC & Clears HRC & CF
VP JB brags got UK prosecutor fired
HRC email investigation happens
@realDonaldTrump wins 2016
#MSM runs #FakeNews using @nytimes story as Credit
#DCRats try 2 sweep all crimes under Rug By Blaming Trump
Gen Flynn > Flynn Intel Group under HRC wings
CF funds> George Soros *Mastermind*#Trafficking #SexTrafficking #Israel #LexWexner #Hollywood.
Hunter Leaks to NYT he works with Ukraine Energy…
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🏴 Whistleblower Form Secretly Changed; CIA May Have Known

the original whistleblower form had been doctored to allow for second hand accounts less than a month before the alleged whistleblower (((ACCUSED))) @realDonaldTrump of wrongdoing
. . . not only would she have know of the change in the document . . . Haspel very likely authorised the change herself

Haspel has long held suspicious ties to one of pres Trump's most vocal critics. Obama CIA chief @JohnBrennan, Muslim convert and a liberal communist . . .
🏴 @RepAdamSchiff is under public scrutiny as he continues to be a driving force in the house's impeachment inquiry. Many believe Schiff is working with the whistleblower & knew about the complaint in back August

🇺🇸 #LiddleAdamSchiff #AdamSchiffResign
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The Standard Hotel has a Paddle Room.

Double meanings?
Comet Ping Pong anyone?

#wellhellzbellz #StandardHotel…
Why hide when we love to sleep?

Little Red Riding Hood symbolism.
Couldn't be more blatant.

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OP - Prepping the 'New Leader' ...
#MKGreta was chosen & groomed for her act now.
EU Juncker kissing her hand?
All worldleaders (except the one we trust) lying to her feed?
She was groomed for reigning a totalitarian world!


All below is solely my opinion.
This is a fringe topic, its about showing the 'programming' around MKGreta.
Why MK? MKUltra is a sinister, but officially admitted Deep State Government program with many layers.
Plenty of research out there, found under 'MKUltra' /Mind Control
The choice to know will be yours
#MKGreta and the "Leaders of the world"

She is in fact treated very special by the elite. They treat her like the next queen.
Who of us has the possibility to just go to the most influencial meetings and speak to the "Leaders of the World"

Can I? Can You?
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Massage For Children? The '#Liddle Kidz Foundation' And House Representative '#LiddleAdamSchiff Of California…
Tina Allen the founder of 'Liddle Kidz' has a long history of working in the Hollywood area, as does Adam Schiff. The organization is a global non-profit offering 'internationally accredited' pediatric and infant massage certifications.
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The Standard Hotel is in > Liddle' #AdamSchiff District

The officer noticed an empty 50-gallon tank labeled “muriatic acid” under some stairs near the pool.....

#LiddleAdamSchiff What GOES ON @ #TheStandardHotel

#MAGA #MAGA2020 #KAG #KAG2020 #USA…
Hotel maintenance workers initially admitted pouring a small amount of chlorine down a rooftop drain. But investigators did not believe that would have accounted for the noxious cloud..........
A FBI agent,who specializes in environmental crimes and who is known 4 her pit bull-like tenacity,conducted follow-up interviews in which employees eventually acknowledged emptying the majority of two 50-gallon drums of muriatic acid and chlorine into the drain,complaint alleges.
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Since @RepAdamSchiff decided today was a good day to LIE to YOU about @realDonaldTrump, I think it’s a perfect day for YOU to learn TRUTH about him... Ever wonder why @POTUS calls him Liddle? Let’s start here...
The Liddle Kidz Foundation & Adam Schiff..…
What is the Liddle kidz foundation? Schiff knows! 🤔
It has operated/operates in Haiti.
They have a fondness for touching children.
Mayo Clinic (organ harvesting), #BillGates #Google #Microsoft are main sponsors
The connections go Deep... This is why these people want to destroy @realDonaldTrump! He’s coming for them ALL!
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Well #Liddle is trending! Time to redpill the world! #AdamSchiff is involved with trafficking children. Tied to #JeffreyEpstein #RayChandler and #TheStandardHotel the more you know. Just check out if you don’t believe me. #TickTockLLC
I forgot to put it in the above tweet but Adam Schiff is involved with #NXIVM, the convicted child sex trafficking cult in Albany, New York which was also tied to Chuck Schumer. Big money kickbacks to Schiff to keep the border open and control Cali ports! #AllisonMack knows, ask!
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I feel we need a recap on #liddleadamschiff

Adam Schift is deep state. He was up to his neck in illegalities involving a likely pedo trafficking venture involving the Standard Hotel.…

#GreatAwakening #Crowdstrike
The Standard Hotel manager in the helicopter crash conveniently died in a helicopter crash. Apparently she had evidence on Schift.
Rothschilds lineage. He is likely part of the NXIVM sex cult and has engaged in the rape of minors. Likely controlled through blackmail due to his predilection for minors. @Potus called him out on a tweet at one point: "Liddle Adam"...
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2688...
#Q on the reality about the dissemination of #propaganda via the #DSMedia orgs. They have to attack what they fear. The largest #CorporateMedia conglomerates have the most to loss, so engage heavily in #FakeNews.
2) Fresh #Q coming thru! #QAnon post No. 2689...
1st link was hammered & is toast. Will return...
#LooksGood [ ! ] 👇🏽…
The #Dems only use rhetoric aimed at #ElectionFraud when it may or has affected them. They continue to rally around #Foreign interference
3) & coverup their ongoing domestic #VoterFraud operations. #Q lists the various methods employed to such ends & points to how the #Immigrant map & #D voter books overlap.
In an 11 yr old article from #Reuters, #Q points to the #DSMedia effort, backing the #DemAgenda, & saying
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