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[1] 1992 - Just before #MegatonsToMegawatts , some US companies were already getting ready to buy extra nuclear technology and parts from Russia, and resell to the "West"

In this case, we look at National Patent Development Corporation (NPD Corp)
[2] NPD Corp. went on to be a part-owner of GSE systems, who had purchased the nuclear power plant simulation business from S3 (which was purchased from Singer-Link)

Yes, it is a shell game and hard to follow...
[3]"NPD gained momentum in 1961, a year before the Cuban Missile Crisis, after (founders) wrote a letter to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev asking for rights to Soviet inventions. Despite tensions, the Soviets were willing to deal to obtain American $ and invited them to visit."
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☢️ The Biggest Nuclear Scandal You’ve Never Heard Of ☢️

Since this was tweeted, the #Obama admin ended the #MegatonsToMegawatts program, disincentivizing #Russia from decommissioning its #nuclear stockpiles, limiting our primary source of imported #uranium.

The company that…
… tweeted this — @USEC_Inc, our only private sector domestic enricher — then went bankrupt after repeated adverse rulings by @BarackObama’s @ENERGY Dept. that prevented them from building new reprocessing/enrichment facilities.

But wait, there’s more…
… here’s the kicker: Dep. Sec. of #Energy Dan #Poneman parachuted from his cushy gov’t career to becoming President & CEO of the company after it emerged from bankruptcy as @Centrus_Energy. Then #Centrus signed a big agreement with #Russia’s state-owned energy giant, #Rosatom
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I did not know the Singer Sewing Machine business ... morphed into to nuclear facility simulation systems

Why we are looking at this? Mikhail #Alperovitch came to the USA in 1990, left in 1992, worked on a #nuclear facility simulation project in Maryland.…
[2] BINGO - Likely as part of #MegaTonsToMegaWatts , we have nuclear plant simulation joint venture starting between USA and Russia

Which connects to uranium enrichment, which connects to Iran Deal, where checks were cut by US treasury Dept in 2013 after Mikhail worked there
[3] General Engineering Technologies, the name of the joint effort, looks a lot like a front company to me. 63 followers on LinkedIn? We will need to hit the old newspapers and see what we can find.
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Did the father of Dmitri Alperovitch screw up at the control panel and cause Chernobyl ?

Funny how the kids of the nuclear families always become rich software superstars before age 30.
[2] What a crock!

"His father, a nuclear physicist, wasn’t able to get a job in nuclear power, given the lack of new plants being built in the U.S."

But in 1995 (moved to Canada in 94), his father got a job with the Tennessee Valley Authority ... a 90 minute drive to Oak Ridge
[3] "In 1990, his father was sent to Maryland as part of a nuclear-safety training program for scientists."

Maryland is another way of saying Washington DC

Lots of nuclear safety classes in Maryland - Right ? 😣
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So Vadim Mikerin is a junior - and his father Yevgeny #Mikerin (sometimes spelled Evgeny Mikerin) was the Russia atomic energy leader and key negotiator of #MegatonsToMegawatts

Want to bet Mikerin’s court case was really about sealing evidence? Think his boy is really locked up?
So let me get this straight -

Vadim #Mikerin (along with his father) spearhead and lead a plan to eliminate 20,000 nuclear warheads from Russia, enough to kill most people on Earth

But Vadim is in jail for 4 years because he accepted a 1 million dollar bribe ?
[3]And let me get this straight/

The court papers say Vadim #Mikerin knows no English

A wealthy Russian has been living in Bethesda Maryland for 10-15 years and knows no English ?

He worked for the American TENEX division to interface with Americans but knows no English?

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[1] @thaaak @GeorgWebb #Edlow powerpoint presentations show how they have transported spent nuclear fuel by air transport
[2] Early years of #MegatonsToMegawatts: "Nov 20-21, 1994. In a secret U.S.-Kazakhstani operation code-named “Project Sapphire,” two U.S. C-5 cargo planes airlift 600kg of HEU from Ulba Metallurgical Plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk in northern Kazakhstan to DoE’s Oak Ridge facility..."
[3] ..."These C-5 nonstop flights (with three air-to-air refuelings) from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Dover AFB become the longest in history. Kazakhstan is compensated with about $20 million in CTR funds, as well as in non-cash assistance, for the value of the removed HEU."
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#MegatonsToMegawatts Timeline

Sep 1 1991: Sam Nunn (D-Ga) visits Moscow, then works w/ chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Les Aspin (D-WI), to spend billion(s) to help disarm Russia

Who was a Navy senior working for Aspin then? #CarterPage…
[2] And WHO ELSE was also "instrumental in a number of key national and international programs, including the MEGATONS to MEGAWATTS program." ??? Since the beginning ??

Answer - #RodFisk of #TransportLogistics…
[3] #RodFisk working closely with #SandiaLabs since AT LEAST 1995. This is a jan 1995 report, meaning the research for this report was ongoing in 1994.…
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