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1/ Decode (IMHO)

the I/E tweeted misspellings
First POTUS, now DJTJr

points to Q drops re: I-RON E-AGLE

The film is about a father and a son, who BOTH LOVE their Country, and despite being Accused of treachery, are Patriots and do the RIGHT THING!

released Q day, Jan 17, BTW.
2/ here's the POTUS intentional #misspellings of RECEIVE/RECIEVE

why the word RECEIVE?
'cuz: I before E, except AFTER the RULE POTUS is pointing us to.

What does Q say comes "AFTER C"

3/ and what comes after D(eclas)?

(H), C, D, I-ndictments!

with H = Horowitz reporting, coming out Dec 9-11!
this is per the Senate Judic Committee's .gov site, NOT the FAKENEWS.
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1/ This is somber.

INSIDER INCIDENTS can affect anyone and cause LOSS OF LIFE

@DeptofDefense "misspelled" challEnge as challAnge in the graphic below. As we know? #misspellingsMatter

This is the A E code, folks, and it's signalling yet another Ass@ssination attempt on POTUS.
@DeptofDefense 2/ @DeptofDefense is letting us know there are ANONYMOUS traitors in the WH.

Anonymous code? Printed on the mask.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
@DeptofDefense 3/ A E code has been signalled to us before. Remember the IG report June 2018? @DevinNunes asked if anyone on the Congress Intell committee spoke French & could tell why the viva le / vive la texts b/t Strzok & Page were CLASSIFIED at the HIGHEST level?
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1/FINALLY decoded the Vive / Viva text, classified at the highest level. Suspected it, but was very sobering to see in 'black and white'. Need to see #Justice for these treasonous traitors (re-tweeting from friend's deleted account)
2/'Viva Le Resistance' was a redacted, i.e. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED text between Lisa Page and another FBI lawyer during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. It appears unredacted in the June 2018 IG report AND is referenced by @DevinNunes. Why is this important/Why classified???
3/Viva Le Resistance is NOT proper French Grammar. The A and the E are mistaken. FBI lawyers aren't dummies. It's 'misspelled' for a REASON. IMO it is CODE for
A ss*assinat E . Should read "Vive La Resistance" to be proper French Grammar. But what do VIVA and VIVE mean?
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