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Why did Q say to ignore typos in previous drop? Because #MisspellingsMatter!

We have so much more than we know.

Did Q just confirm what Craig Murray told us?

How far back does the cover ups go? All the way (see 2 tweets down).

#QAnon #SethRich #CraigMurray Image
How far back has the FBI been covering for criminals? At least the 1980's.

More about Mueller and Bulger here from @HowieCarrShow…
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‘Might’ not Night.
#Misspellingsmatter Did the Dems expend their last Might last Night? The last of their finite Ammunition?
Let’s answer Q question... How long does impeachment take? Clinton impeached EXACTLY 21 years ago today. Dec 19. 55 day (5:5) duration in Senate. 127 days overall from Oct 8 house vote.
Agree with @hmcd123
Now comes the PAIN 23!!!
Interesting that 23 also = B and C .... Bill Clinton connection?
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1/ SPEED Defines Democrats' Impeachment Push

Yes, US Attorney General James SPEED DID define what would happen to coup plotters involved in the Ass@ssination of Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1865...…
2/ in 1865, to a grieving Nation, AG James SPEED laid out the case for MILITARY TRIBUNALS for Lincoln's coup plotters.
The Conspirators were not tried in civilian courts.…
3/ James Speed, 27th Attorney General of the USA
born 3/11/1812 (yes that sums to 17)
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1/ Secret soci[e]ties - misspelled as Socities...
2/ SocIEties is the correct spelling. #misspellingsmatter. The last IE misspelling by POTUS was Q day nov 17. IE (IMO) means Iron Eagle and the “I before E except after C” spelling rule, which IMO gets us to the C before D, Coats before Declass ‘rule’
3/ Q is coy & loves puns. COATS means not just Dan Coats. It means literal 🧥 🧥 Before DECLASS!

LOOK what @flotus was wearing over Thanksgiving? When we’re ALL starting to wear COATS again? The same COAT Emoji on a phone when you spell out COAT... a BurBerry brown suede ...
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1/ BRAINSTORMING a Possible Q Code ?

Today POTUS has an "erroneous" apostrophe added to his tweet

should read Ukraine got "its" money, not "it's"

2/ regarding Apostrophes?

POTUS went off on Apostrophes vs Hyphens a while back, in the context of Adam Schiff.

POTUS 'incorrectly' labelled an Apostrophe as a Hyphen

and in the same tweet typed dd instead of tt

and "misspelled" dIscribing, not dEscribing
3/ A Decode theory. IMO.

an Apostrophe signals a MISSING LETTER.

Liddle' means a letter is missing.

If we add another L?

we get

ALICE Liddell, the muse for Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND
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1/ This is somber.

INSIDER INCIDENTS can affect anyone and cause LOSS OF LIFE

@DeptofDefense "misspelled" challEnge as challAnge in the graphic below. As we know? #misspellingsMatter

This is the A E code, folks, and it's signalling yet another Ass@ssination attempt on POTUS.
@DeptofDefense 2/ @DeptofDefense is letting us know there are ANONYMOUS traitors in the WH.

Anonymous code? Printed on the mask.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
@DeptofDefense 3/ A E code has been signalled to us before. Remember the IG report June 2018? @DevinNunes asked if anyone on the Congress Intell committee spoke French & could tell why the viva le / vive la texts b/t Strzok & Page were CLASSIFIED at the HIGHEST level?
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capital hill
capitol hill
#justice for traitors!
Timestamp "corrected" tweet sums to 25
5:5 we hear you LOUD AND CLEAR, CHIEF!
Did any other Patriot catch the timestamp on the deleted tweet, for a Delta?
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