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Mitt making his pitch for August DNC. 🍿🍿
Biden will croak from COVID20.

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As sad as our story is…I found much worse. I went on a journey looking for legal avenues to emancipate my 17 yo son. His father wanted revenge after he ran away.

What I discovered about children's agencies and CPS nationwide would make you cry. They are EVIL.

Another day...
I pray this won't be the end of our story.

Michele MacNeil's daughter. State of Utah coverup.
The daughter knew, but no one would listen.

Thread on Dr. Martin MacNeil and #MormunMafia coverup. He was on the Team.

#MartinMacNeil #JonHuntsman #EnemyOfThePeople #ObamaGate #wellhellzbellz
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#JulianAssange said he would never forgive them; he didn't see his children grow up.

Same. My son desperately wants to see me. 2 more yrs. 5.5 half yrs total —

IF #MormunMafia doesn't kill me first or if his psychopath father doesn't kill him just to win.

#ObamaGate #Fentanyl
I recorded my story; my children vow to tell it.

I went off ALL social media for year while battling to regain my custody thru multiple attorneys. They only advanced their position to silence & frame me.

Damned if you shut up
Damned if you speak up

I'd rather go down fighting.
A good mother for 20 years, no criminal record, no vices. What changed?
My Mormon Ex met the right people. 5 years after sharing custody, a judge stripped 100% custody, legal and physical, and terminated 100% contact, including supervised visits.

Think about that.
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Time to shoot down a few more Chinese satellites.
Good time to re-read those Q drops.…
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When will you expose governors annihilating Bill of Rights?

Treasonous China puppets need lots of rope.

Are people ready to learn governors are CIA assets?

Govs are important part of interstate drug & child-trafficking system.

Republicans govs pushing for mail-in voting too.
I'm willing to bet China owns controlling shares in MSM outlets (under Institutional Shareholders).

►China Investment Corporation: $859 Billion
►Russia's National Wealth Fund: $126 Billion
#EnsignPeak #MormunMafia: $100 Billion
►SoftBank Vision Fund (HongKong): $100 Billion
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My theory is playing out. We're letting Deep State run the show. Whole thing is bullshit.

CDC mask guidelines... (fear agenda)

This is voluntary
This is voluntary so you don't have to do it.
This is V-O-L-U-N-T-A-R-Y !!
I don't think I'm going to be doing it.
Deep State agenda
► 100% voting by mail
► Crash economy (obvious)
► Mandated vaccines coming
► Docile citizens comfy w/police state

Our agenda
► Play along to buy time
► Move AGGRESSIVELY to choke off remaining cash flows & weapons.
► UT, ID were CIA weapons caches — IMO
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We're sorry to inform you we inadvertently gave your nonpublic data to anyone who wanted it…

Totally by mistake.

I just got this message.

We know they use all our data at whim. We have zero privacy, but …

HUGE! The FBI spied on people w/o proper warrants.

#MormunMafia hitmen will soon be knocking at my door.

$100Billion can buy a few favors. #EnsignPeak

Nothing would bring more attention to my story and
#QanonLDS #MormunMafia research than more targeting or sending me to Heaven early,

so y'all just chill.
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UT quake likely a blacksite.
Khashoggi Complex.

NWO #MormunMafia must have big stockpiles.

P = Prophet

What if they pass baton around?
Pope down, Prophet up.

$100 Billion, 200+ temples, WW CIA ops

#Soros' wife went to U of Utah.
Great way to pass comms.
Follow the wives.
Thought process worthy of consideration, altho unlikely the answer.

We haven’t started the drops re: human trafficking / sacrifices [yet][worst].
Those [good] who know cannot sleep.
Those [good] who know cannot find peace.
Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.👈👈
Let's check out Idaho. See what we can find.
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What could #MormunMafia and #AdnanKhashoggi accomplish together? If Saudi Arabi is a center for child trafficking, what happened in 80s?

When MSM does an expose on Adnan's harem/lifestyle, I wonder if it was misdirection away from child-trafficking.

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WTF?!! Park City too this am?

How many weapons stockpiles do those sneaky Mormuns have out there?

$100 Billion #MormunMafia #Ensign Peak fund could buy some cool stuff.

Wow, Hill Air Force Base frens are busy this morning.
Unverified rumors😏

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I called it.

Cabal wanted worst Democrat candidate to clear way for a Romney campaign.

Independent ticket or brokered DNC convention.
We shall see.

All papers and outlets reporting.
#PierreDelecto saves the day!!…
Until you want their votes ...
The Church can easily fund his campaign.

#MormunMafia #MittRomney…
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My son knows how to code. Job prospects for very smart Americans is not good. He assumes he'll be delivering pizza when he returns to America.

H-b1 visa needs is a BIG FAT LIE.
America has the talent.

#MormunMafia all have NWO allegiance.
We see you #MikeLee.
Love my hashtags. Let's see what they pull up.


Whoa! and there it is ... Mike Lee can kiss my ass.

According to Tucker, program doles out

85 THOUSAND H-1b visas a year!

16-year plan to destroy America from within.

No need to fix our schools when we hire foreigners for everything. Keep our kids dumb w/common core.

Much work ahead. #AmericaFirst

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Pre #PaulPeterson story, Oct 9, 2019

Oct 4, 2019

An Arizona senator called police on a fellow lawmaker who told him to stop talking to people who believe there's a link between the state's foster care system and a worldwide sex trafficking ring.…
Farnsworth told officers this week Sen. Kate Brophy McGee told him to stop holding meetings at the Capitol with people she has called "unbalanced."

Farnsworth said she told him: "'I'm not asking you to stop. I'm telling you to stop.'"

Marshall Islands, where Paul Peterson found his human trafficking victims.…
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Early 2000s

LDS Church was in Saudi Arabia building water treatment plant for leper colony, according to wife of General Authority.

GA's son was Mitt Romney's top aide, on Ann's medical board.

WTF were they in Saudi Arabia in such an isolated place?

#QanonLDS #MormunMafia
Church claims to be doing missionary work around the globe. Absolutely NO REASON to be in Saudi Arabia when ppl weren't free to mention religion, proselyte.

200 temples, $100Billion Ensign Peak ..

#EnsignPeak #wellhellzbellz #QanonLDS #MormunMafia #CIAfront #CabalChurch
Church sends retired couples all over world. Friends were sent to Turkey. Can't proselyte there.

Couple had to come up w/own humanitarian projects. Wife felt it was pointless. Church asked them to extend time.

Does missionary system double as a CIA front?
Members R in the dark
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#MormunMafia #JFK

Haven't read this. Just found it again.
Nothing would surprise me at this point.…
Extensive Bibliography and sources.
I'll definitely take a look.
44 page document.

Some WILD claims!
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One of the shell companies used by #EnsignPeak:

Neuburgh Advisers LLC
(red pin on map)

SEC Edgar filings…

1 block from The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles.
link in previous tweet
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The evidence is overwhelming.
The LDS Church is part of the NWO.
#QanonLDS #MormunMafia #CabalChurch #wellhellzbellz

Church claims they kept the $100billion reserves secret so members would continue to tithe.…
Let's start a new hashtag: #favoriteQposts

Use it on your own timeline so we can all share.

You cannot possibly imagine the size of this.
Trust the plan.
Trust there are more good than bad.
The WORLD is helping
We are not alone
We are all connected in this fight
*Novus ordo seclorum: A New Order of the Ages

Latin phrase on American $$.

N does not refer to Nazi.
The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.
Events will clarify.
Think subgroup.

#NWO #NewWorldOrder
Origins tied to #GodofSaturn #Saturnalia…
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Love waking up to Q posts.
The truth is coming out.
Nice softgel pinkpill for U.

Truth: Virtually all Governors are controlled.*
Common Core alone is proof they are dirty.
Pre-Trump, DS controlled elections in major races.

*varying degrees & several exceptions like FL DeSantis.
DS controlled MAJOR* elections for years:

1. Who gets on ballot, both races
2. $$ outspend non-approved candidates
3. Vote-counting machines/software
4. Election officials
5. Mail-in ballots
6. Absentee ballots

*Clean players are usually House Reps
ex: Pompeo, Gowdy, Jordan
We could excavate in any state. By way of example, here is Arizona. Wow, my 1st serious thread -1 year ago.

#VoterFraud #wellhellzbellz #Arizona

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Hey Mike Lee ...

We see you.

CIA Cabal Puppet ...

which means you're also a child-trafficking pervert...

enabler or participant, both are pure evil.

#QanonLDS #MIKELEE #MormunMafia #wellhellzbellz

#HumanScum - Trump

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I still think Ciaramella was our guy. They took the bait. Now the world is looking at Ukraine, hotbed of corruption.

I'll add the #MormunMafia element..
You have to have legitimate adoptions to cover for child-trafficking. Martin MacNeill adopted 4 Ukrainian kids in 2003 ...
tried to ditch them after he murdered his wife, Michele in 2007. They already had 4 children. MacNeill had been accused of rape multiple times, yet was appointed head of Utah medical center by Gov Leavitt.

Keep them on your radar!
#MormunMafia appears to be child-trafficking WW.
We were here today.😁High tide in Venice, wowza!…
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Unique perspective on nationwide child-trafficking network.

My kids were taken by system (MormunMafia working w/state) aft 20 years of being good mother, no criminal record, no substance abuse (Mormon lifestyle 4 gobsakes!)

I believe my Ex started money-laundering for [them].
I left no legal stone unturned, had best attys money could buy. They were baffled, and helpless.

I had been targeted.

One teen ran away, the other became suicidal.
Not divorce related, shared 50/50 custody for years.

Something changed.
My Ex is creepy similar to Martin MacNeill.

Ex nearly killed 1st wife, maimed her for life. Didn't learn until he came unhinged. They can be normal when life is good.


#MormunMafia harassed me for years. Ex b/c friendly w/them, then it all changed.

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Time for a Mitt Romney thread.

Deep State, #MormunMafia human scum.

#MormunMafia #QanonLDS #MittRomney #WellHellzBellz #Benghazi

✅Mormun VIP, Marion G. Romney
✅father George Romney was Gov of Michigan, Nixon admin.
✅Mitt was Gov of Massachusetts
✅Mitt is Senator for Utah
Yes, I counted and read each one. Sample here.

2012 Presidential Race: Obama vs. Mitt Romney,

Mitt tweeted over 200 times between September 11, 2012 and Election Day.

Not a SINGLE mention of BENGHAZI,

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3 stars died! 👀

▶️Feb 1988: O'Rourke died
▶️March 1988: FBI Agent #RichardBretzing left L.A. to run Security for LDS Church.

▶️1975 #JimmyHoffa hit
▶️1985 #MichaelJackson investigation
▶️2016 #LaVoyFinicum hit, son Greg

#wellhellzbellz #MormunMafia…
#MichaelJackson was the only person investigated for pedophilia by Richard Bretzing, FBI Agent over Los Angeles field office during rampant child abuse years.

always a thread. been digging too long
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