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1/ I'll add a twist...?

the premise is to add 1111 days to a significant day marker.
3D3N chose Oct 28, 2017, the first Q drop.
add 1111 days, gets us to 11.11.20, eve of 11.12.20

the Gregorian year 2020 = what BIBLICAL YEAR?

5781. Why is this significant? ▶️▶️▶️
2/ The Hebrew language reads right to left.

so the year 2020 = 5781, and can be abbreviated w last 2 digits as we do.

5781 = 81 then MIRROR it to 18.

So 11.11.20 is really 11.11.18 in BIBLICAL time!

AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED 11.11.18 !!! and

3/ what was special about 11.11.18 (meaning 1918, not 2018?)

Armistice Day, the fighting of WWI ceased at 11 am on 11/11/1918 (11.11.18).

the red Poppy was the symbol of WWI peace.
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To Be BLUNT - it's Game Over. Q

Barr names an outside prosecutor from the SHOW-ME State of Missouri, home of Senator Roy BLUNT, to review the FLYNN case. It's been Q-uite a SHOW, but now?

To Be BLUNT, it's GAME OVER. - - @washtimes
@WashTimes Hope you Enjoyed the SHOW!

We protect our Patriots.
@WashTimes BDT in the Q drops


BDT Blunt and Direct Time
BDT Bulk Data Transfer - SETH RICH?
BDT Bout Damn Time - Flynn Exoneration?
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1/HISTORY- a thread. I’ve TAUGHT History, @ secondary level, so I took this Que as rhetorical not literal. At least for me, but then?

Bored in an airport, I actually DID GET A HISTORY BOOK written Decades ago/started reading it to pass time.
What I found IS ....
2/ ... ALARMING, just as Q said it would be.
3/ pg 14. Barely started. A history book penned in 1935, in German, for children.

I Read about the Cabal origins. Podesta’s creepy OSIRIS 14 club Q told us about . Compare top side for now:
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1/ I see Julius Caesar, ACT 2 #comms here....

Just as = JUSTICE
Second Act
On an Unthinkable Day
meaningful = full of meaning
2/ Julius Caesar, Act 2 by Shakespeare details the Ass@ssnation of the ruler, Julius, for alleged "abuse of Power" as the coup conspirators justify their heinous act by saying they tried to Save the Republic.

sound familiar?
3/ this was already ACTed out in dramatic form THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK…
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Under what ARTICLE of the US Constitution does POTUS have Commander in Chief powers?

II 2 1

mirrors to the 12:11 timestamp

#beBEST !

2/ and of COURSE, POTUS got to TROLL the baddies as well...

12:11 = 3 (1+2) 2 (1+1) = 32, a Cabal # for their supposed 32 paths of Wisdom, and an abbreviation of 322 skull and bones.

POTUS Mirrors their 32, also, as?

Now C@mes THEP@in—-23!!!
3/ 4, 10, 20
Donald J Trump

January 4, 2020 vs. the 322 Cabal
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1/ gonna try to decode the 3 Houses of Cards... this is speculation, folks...
2/ 3 trees appear to be the BRANCHES of govt? Office of POTUS (center tree - note the past presidents pictured. ) and the 2 houses of Congress , Senate and House of Representatives.
3/ the Senate and House have turned-over cards in view, as a GAME is being played. Not the POTUS tree. It’s more STABLE and looks more intact. (Stable genius!)
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1/ UPDATE : IMO I see a "WAPO-Proof" of Q's "C before D" having a #doublemeaning of C-oats before D-eclas

Not just Dan Coats' ouster, but LITERAL COATS!

WAPO tried to destroy @flotus for wearing a COAT during her video of the WH Spirit of Christmas decorations.
@FLOTUS 2/ another Confirmation that "C before D" is happening?

Trump put " " around the word "C-rushe-D".
another C before D!
@FLOTUS 3/ which brings us to DECLAS.

I've wondered why it's not DeClass, with a double S, since it's short for Declassification.

But are there #multiplemeanings?

D plus e c l a s = D plus 5 more letters....D5
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3/ As @flotus opens the windows or DOORS of the miniature White house(s), some very special #'s come into prominent view...

17 (8+9), a 45 for POTUS, and a prominent 23 for the baddies...Now comes the Pain!!

[Note that DOORS will be a theme throughout.]
@FLOTUS 4/ Closeup showing lots of GOLD this year...IMO it symbolizes Dominance and Victory over the corrupt families (Roths, Soros) that have previously controlled the world's wealth.. Especially a gilded EVERGREEN pinecone? a troll of HRC's @SecretService name Evergreen.
@FLOTUS @SecretService 5/ the hallway that was graced by the bright RED trees last Christmas? Now practically an ICE castle, with unique 8 point stars (think 8 years of POTUS Presidency!) POTUS and @flotus will be walking the RED CARPET until 2024!
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1/ Decode (IMHO)

the I/E tweeted misspellings
First POTUS, now DJTJr

points to Q drops re: I-RON E-AGLE

The film is about a father and a son, who BOTH LOVE their Country, and despite being Accused of treachery, are Patriots and do the RIGHT THING!

released Q day, Jan 17, BTW.
2/ here's the POTUS intentional #misspellings of RECEIVE/RECIEVE

why the word RECEIVE?
'cuz: I before E, except AFTER the RULE POTUS is pointing us to.

What does Q say comes "AFTER C"

3/ and what comes after D(eclas)?

(H), C, D, I-ndictments!

with H = Horowitz reporting, coming out Dec 9-11!
this is per the Senate Judic Committee's .gov site, NOT the FAKENEWS.
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1/ musings on the KY election:

the Kentucky Derby tweets from POTUS were odd... so was the unprecedented RECALL of the initial WINNER...

will #FutureProvePast?
2/ Let's examine the KY Gov LIBERTARIAN turnout @3Days3Nights highlights:
The Libertarian turnout should be more stable from 2015 to 2019
3.7% of 1.44 million votes or 53K votes instead of the 28K actually reported...

w/just a 5K difference between R and D now?

@3Days3Nights 3/ In 2016, @3Days3Nights theorizes white hats UNRIGGED the election in 5 swing states, giving Trump the deserved Victory. The UNRIGGING of black hat cheating gave 3rd party candidates their TRUE VOTES, rather than siphoning their votes to the Dems.
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1/ Definition:

Rig - verb, to prepare and equip, to get ready for a task, such as sailing a ship

so...Patriots? Rig for RED!

Get your MAGA RED on--it's HAPPENING!
2/ Q's been out for 93 days of darkness
9 and 3 = 12
2/ 12 is on the #comms today...

12 = High Noon, think 'SHOW down' time?

#Doublemeaning for ENJOY THE SHOW?
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1/ 'BIBLICAL' 'As the World turns' (ATWT) BIG meaning per Jewish calendar

Sept 30 = Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, celebrates the Birthday of the Creation of the World (ATWT qlue?)

Via Drop 315 @MastersShelby has a great thread tying to WATCH dates
@MastersShelby 2/ Watch = 11 min before 5 o'clock. @Mastersshelby decodes above. Also? ⬇️
5-6 o'clock is the 11th hour in Jewish time

11th hr= LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT before the END.
11 min before 11th hr.
11.11 marker?
my previous thread:
@MastersShelby 3/ Back to Rosh Hashanah, (RH) the blowing of the TRUMPet and the start of the 10 DAYS OF AWE...
in the final Month of ELUL
Note RH is 9/29 this year... a 9/11? (2+9)

Note the KING of Israel is in the Field?
Trump retweets W-ayne A-llen R-oot W A R initials?S
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@genflynn just changed his BANNER!

F and F are only 2 letters completely visible....
Field of Fight, yes, but also...

Fire and Fury??

2/ h/t @12BravoGran
3/ matches the WATCH
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1/ Did team Q just 'kick the can' from Aug 19 to Sept 19?

@nationalmallnps is advising us to HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS on Sept 19.

Just HAPPENS to be the WATCH date....
@NationalMallNPS 2/ Here's that crazy WATCH that puts us in a tizzy every 19th...

date 19th

time 4:49, or 11 minutes before 5
second hand at 12 high noon

stopwatch hands at 30 and 30
@NationalMallNPS 3/ Q's cryptic words...

Worth Remembering.... This is an historical photo, for sure!

If you look close enough you might see...

I looked closely... there's certainly a QUEUE lined up!

Is there more?
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1/ @Interior is indeed making a DRAMATIQ STATEMENT with this glorious pic...

I see Cue...
and there seems to be more....
@Interior 2/ A STORM Coming for those in Purple among us?

Those counting on the DEVIL for power?
Timestamp EST 8:05 sums to 13
@Interior 3/ #YellowBrickRoad trending in Q circles this week, and amongst the cabal?

was @interior pointing it out too?
"gold sky" and "treasure"?
SAMantha BUGLER photo?
Sam=Uncle Sam
Bugler🎺=announcing news?🎺

of a Beautiful Brave New World
Gold , Fed Reserve Re-set?
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1/ The Blue Dress is made famous once again... This time it's donned by Slick Willy himself, complete with red shoes, lounging in the Oval Office.

Painting was Hanging right inside the entrance to Epstein's NY mansion.…
2/ This painting holds sick 'humor' even beyond the obvious celebration of the ruination of Monica Lewinsky, a college aged intern.

Details: Oval Office Presidential seal on carpet, Red Shoes =paedo symbol
3/ Look CLoser... JFK jr bust in back?
in 'elf on the shelf' - style mockery?

Thanks @Jen_RidgeCooke
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1/WEIRD OBSERVATION re: BHO's 2013 Inaugural flag display. I posted this to a "defending #BetsyRossWasAPatriot ' thread earlier, but the 21 star flags stuck out to me as odd...I get the familiar 13 colonies flag, but 21?
2/ Here it is... The 21 star flag was only flown for one year 1819-1820 under President Monroe...I could understand some sentimentality re: the 21st star was for Illinois, BHO's 'adopted' home state, but if so why not celebrate his roots at the 2008 1st inaug, instead of 2nd?
3/ we know #multiplemeanings exist... Good discussion/ideas appearing in comments- thx.
From a visual standpoint, was this a callout to cabal loyalty?

the flag stars form this pattern

1 3 2 1 5 0 2 1 1 3

1+3 2 +1 = 322 50 2 1+1 3 =322
322 50 322
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@OnWithLogic 1/ not a CHANNER, but even out here in 'normie' half-awoke twitter, I can clearly see yesterday's posts were not 'hope porn' but substantive. You channers have have lost the excitement of '1st Love' and have settled into cynicism.
I , unlike you, poured over the post. WOWZA...
@OnWithLogic 2/ FOR GOD AND COUNTRY FGAC = 6713 number value (gematria) @WhyTrustTheMsm showed that quickstart 6713 links to Q drop 460 and I ran with it...
Leads to NEW QLUES about Declas and Timing that you crusty farts aren't apparently willing to pursue anymore.... Lurk Moar??
@OnWithLogic @WhyTrustTheMsm 3/ drop 460 - Everything has meaning... ok, Q, I'll bite.. Low hanging fruit 1st: Who's AMB Matlock?

Found him. Even Wikipedia was revealing. Ties to JFK, CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS and he's the dude that interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald for Repatriation back to US from Russia in '61?
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@DeptofDefense @usairforce 1/ Captain CAT at BARKsdale AFB.
WEIRDEST video I've analyzed.

An Update for us on the ongoing FIGHT between CATS and DOGS - She's WHITE/BLACK, noting the white vs black hats?
Screen shots are at a FUNERAL!
@DeptofDefense @usairforce 2/ NOTE THE EXIT sign! With a BRIGHT LIGHT the casket is pointing toward.
Symbolism, much??
Cat's walking away - she's done her 'duty'
@DeptofDefense @usairforce 3/Captain (the cat) has BEEN HIDING in the 'blue' (represents a white hat military plant into the cabal side?) and is now creeping out ,back to the US Military now that her job's done?
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