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Here's what I've learned from the responses to the threads I made abt #colorism & #onedroprule yesterday:

1) Every tweet has to be stand-alone w/ a header, otherwise you provide people the opportunity to exploit a phrase out of context. They'll do this to distract from the point
2) There is a *disturbing* amount of people with PhDs behind their names who display & promote willful ignorance on the topics of #colorism & #onedroprule

Most of them were racially ambiguous, biracial or multiracial, but a few of them were black.

They avoid the resource angle.
Exhibit A:

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That's not what they're saying. πŸ™„

He's too "light" and Richard Williams' darker skin paired with his no nonsense attitude affected how he was received by whites in the sport.

But go ahead and misrepresent the conversation. #colorism
I have adored Will Smith for 30 years of my life, but I'm pretty certain he's going to respond defensively and really annoy me.


No, you guys. This conversation about #colorism isn't going away.

It's just getting started.

This is going to get dealt with.

Long overdue.
You can't talk about how darker-skinned black people get longer prison sentences, are perceived as less intelligent by whites, are less likely to be married if they're black women and think we're not going to point out our erasure *everywhere*.

Yes, color is part of the story.
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And biracials and multiracials WILL take the opportunities that you've extended to them by *forcing* the #onedroprule.

I already see it among moms of mixed children. They apply for & get scholarships at private schools.

They get into Ivy Leagues and 2nd tier colleges. Not new.
Ultimately, the joke is on your dumbass.

The #onedroprule works out for *everyone* but you & your unambiguously black children.

Whites can give resources allocated for "black people" to biracials & multiracials whom they PREFER anyway.

Unambiguously black= locked into poverty
The #onedroprule *entrenches* unambiguous black people position at the lowest tier of the socioeconomic hierarchy.

Historically, this has been the case.

Those modest Civil Rights Movement gains were allocated to the lightest black people.

That was The Talented Tenth strategy.
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And if you've been following my Twitter for years you know I have so many mixed feelings about this topic.

On one hand, it is clear that black *descendants* are trending to be America's "bottom". No, we're not there quite yet because Latinx are slightly behind, but catching fast
Notice my emphasis on black *descendants*, not first generation immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean.

Being a black *descendant* will be associated with being the "bottom", financially, educational attainment, dual income households for upper middle class #UPRMC presence.
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