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@Ex_matrix made these MEME's and said we could post signs in our yards.

@_Luke_Slytalker said we can use QR codes to link people to content from flyers.

πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ’£ [BQQM] πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ”₯


Imagine seeing this sign everywhere you see a Trump 2020 (any 2020) sign.

#QPlus2020 ☟
People seeing this all over would spark curiosity, QR codes would give them an instant answer.

It could create enough public interest and grab enough attention to 'force' MSM to talk about it and potentially 'force' the Q to be asked.

#QPlus2020 ☟
With this tactic, we can 'force' the Q without 'force'.

With 2020 coming up, this is the perfect time for a move like this.

The only way this will work is with a united push (all Q supporters).

Think signs, stickers and shirts. Anything we can think of.

#QPlus2020 ☟
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Who wants to 'Force' The Q?

Do you want to be part of the #OpForceTheQ move?

(Decode with Q posts below ☟)
I know Trump was asked the Q in CA but it didn't have nation wide coverage.

I also know about VIP Anon asking.

I'm talking about MSM asking the Q. It will go world wide. That's what Q is waiting for.
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πŸ“·MEME ThreadπŸ“·

#OpForceTheQ Ammo ☟

Lock & Load Patriots.
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Who wants their graphic art used as a thumbnail on one of my videos & in it (also tweet/credits)?

I'm working on a project for #OpForceTheQ, but this time, I'm not working alone and thought it would be cool to let a graphic artist fill the open slot (cover photo).

Info below☟
Scene creation, music & video editing are covered, all the is project is missing is a graphic artist.

What it needs to have in it:
'Force' The Q

(The rest is up to you)

Post them in this tweet or DM me. When I'm done with the video, I'll pick one and use it.

Song below ☟
Link to the song that the video & graphic are being made for ☟

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Who wants to troll MSM and 'force' the Q at the same time?


I have an idea. A way to stick the Q into sheeple's heads (plant the seed) in a way they will except subconsciously (maybe). Try & make them ask themselves if they want the Q to be asked.

If you like the idea, save the MEME's and post on accounts you think a lot of people will see.

Learn to play the game.

Disinfo is necessary.

To be clear, I hate when people post BS MEME's made to trick people, but I'm doing it to gain or control. I want to ☟
'Force' the Q! We need the masses red pilled (The Great Awakening).

Trolling is fun.

I'm not saying to spread a bunch of disinfo, always keep it πŸ’―.

This is harmless.

1. it makes sheeple think about the Q being asked.πŸ€”

2. it has zero impact and people just laugh.πŸ˜‚
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#OpForceTheQ Target ☟


Reported by Newsweek

5 Republicans were administrators to a Facebook group that pushes Pizzagate & Seth Rich murder.
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How do we ['force'] Q?

1. Start a buzz within the Q movement. We need a lot of people to make this work.

2. Get people that think Q is fake to want the Q asked. Example: "If Q is is BS, the media could end the Q movement by asking Trump the Q.

(More below☟)
3. We need MEME'S, videos, songs, blogs, threads, posts on every social media platform Patriots are on.

4. Targets. Fake news MSM is the main target. I think the WH press pool is a strong target because they talk to POTUS directly. Also, think 8chan owner interviewers. ☟
5. After picking targets, flood their accounts pushing them to ask the Q. Together we can flood their posts so that all people see is us telling them to ask the Q in the comments. Target pinned tweets, newest posts and posts that are getting a lot of active traffic.☟
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A list of people that will be interviewing the 8chan owner Jim Watkins.

Q has only talked about MSM asking, but these targets could force the Q.

WH Press pool is also still a very strong target.

They work for us, we just have to let them know what we want. πŸ‘Š

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It seems that some people don't fully understand why I want to force the Q. Let me explain this move in detail.

The attacks on Q, Anon's & 8chan tell me that we are a major threat.
(The plan is working)

2020 is 4 months away. Clash of the titans. ☟
The Great Awakening is a movement to wake up the masses. Every time MSM attacks Q, it brings new eye's. In other words the exposure is good.

Now, imagine if MSM asked Trump, they would have to follow up. Plus it would open the flood gates for more questions from other people.☟
Now I'm going to show you my decode, ☞ 'Force' The Q.

I'm going to start with the Q baby picture because it's the signifier.

(Everything has meaning -Q)

Let's focus on signifier. Words have meaning & also a relation to other words. ☟
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I just got locked out again. That's more then 10 times in 2 days

After I post #OpForceTheQ & posting on MSM accounts about them asking Trump about Q, I started getting locked out over and over

This tells me that I'm over the target with operation Force the Q. They don't want ☟
to ask POTUS about Q because it would go more then just viral. Because everything Q has pointed to, has been true.

I made a backup account because I think I'm going to get banned for doing it.

I think people on both sides want MSM to ask Trump the Q. ☟
People that think Q is fake want the Q asked because if it was fake, that would end the Q movement.

MSM doesn't want to ask because [they] know the impact it would have. [They] know Q has been pointing us to the truth. [They] know Q is the real deal.☟
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⁉Operation #ForceTheQ⁉

When is the #MSM going to ask #Trump about #QAnon?
(we may have to force this one -Q)

I'm calling on all #MEME maker's. Let's force the #Q.

Make #MEMEs telling MSM to ask Trump about Q & flood MSM accounts.

#ForceTheQ #OpForceTheQ
Make it rain.
We are WITH you.
They want you silenced.
They want you divided.
You simply forgot how to PLAY.
You, the PEOPLE have all the POWER.
FIGHT the censorship.

Q said to get organized. So let's do it. We can all hit the same target at the same time.

I think we can force the Q with 6 targets. ☟

🎯New York Times
🎯The Washington Post
🎯ABC News
🎯Fox News

When [they] tweet, flood it.

I made 3 MEME's ☟
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