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Its important in an age of rising fascism and authoritarianism to put a complete myth to bed:

There are no good Leftists.

There might be some people who are Leftists you know that you like, but you probably cut them some slack on their opinions.

Leftist is the preservation of feudalism at any cost.

That cost is often human lives due to increased funding to programs that, you know, keep people dependent

People subscribe to these ideas despite ALL EVIDENCE THAT LEFTIST ARE GOOD WITH GENOCIDE. Why?
Same reason they line up for free samples at Costco and then eat like 20 of them at a time: bc they’re lazy ass parasitic mooches who are getting something out of it.

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I have to admit it’s more than a little terrifying to see the mask come off the Left and watch them go from denying their Marxist beliefs & tyrannical inclinations under Obama to CELEBRATING them under Trump. Progressives can never be allowed to win another election ever again.
Americans are finally catching on that the Left’s agenda is to rule over their neighbor: to tell you what to think, when to speak, what to say, how to run your business, how to raise your family, what beliefs you can hold publicly and which ones you should keep to yourself.
“There are two classes of people: those fit to rule and those fit to BE ruled.” And folks, you will never be fit to you rule. Don’t you see? You need a king (or a democratically elected committee) to reign over you. Why won’t you just let your betters run your life?
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I remember when Chik-fil-A came to my town. Everyone thought they were harmless then too. But I know the truth about the cult of chicken-eaters. Beware their sweet smiles and polite service, it all is an insidious lie.
We were a small college suburb of Fedora-wearing atheists, woke millennial hipsters and angry Marxists, blissfully unware of such things as chicken-sandwiches, good manners, and personal hygiene. It wasn’t a simple life, but we were happy.
The first time I’d even heard of Chik-fil-A was while I was sharing woke selfies on Instagram with captions on the need to raise awareness of non-binary gender fluidity. I was a pansexual otherkin at the time when I heard about their rabid bigotry against the LGBTQRXTUV community
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Woof. A LOT of crazy talk in my menchies about Civil War 2.0 since @JesseKellyDC’s thought-provoking article (jury’s still out on whether I agree with him, but if I disagree, you’d be surprised why.)

Let’s talk about this shall we?
It seems that a lot of the more visceral reactions to the article are coming from the Left than the Right, which is interesting, given the following: many blue states talked about seceding when Trump was elected, and currently the Right controls the govt.
Now I don’t see anyone really cheering @JesseKellyDC’s idea; it’s more a somber resignation to a grim reality: living with the Left -with people who want to tax and control every aspect of our lives in pursuit of “social justice” is untenable for a people who desire liberty.
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To those on the Right who perhaps felt slighted by @KevinNR in the past I want you to remember 2 things:
1) whatever your differences, he stood for what he believed in & fought for it, something you claim to respect.
2) you loathe the Left more & for good reason
Never forget who the real enemy is and why they win fights like these: bc for all our talk about “not punching right” we never seem to take seriously the fight when it counts.

Moments like these can be great opportunities to get your licks in, to payback those who wronged you, to say your “I told you so’s” and get revenge.

Or you can prove the world they were wrong about us and make an ally out of a former rival to combat a deadly enemy.
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Look I get it, no one wants to be the “kook” that argues for private ownership of nukes, but guess what folks: if you want to retain your right to use arms that you would actually USE, you gotta argue the principle, not just what is popular or practical.
I get that’s not great for policy debates; politics is all about compromising. But some things, like your RIGHTS, should be considered non-negotiable from the get-go. Don’t give up your rights to get along w/ folk who just want to enslave you anyways & will do it little by little
So rather then get on the defensive everytime there’s a shooting or a disaster with a gun, let’s get on the offensive, shall we? Abolish the NFA, repeal the 1986 ban on automatics, declare all federal laws banning weapons of ANY type unconstitutional, & shift that Overton Window
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The most dangerous and devastating development of the Left’s quest for utopia and social “justice” is the embracing of the politics of power by people who once upon a time advocated for less govt and just wanted to be left alone.
Since the dawn of this nation, there has always been a divide between those who yearned to make men free, and those who strived to make men their slaves: from the Patriots & Tories to the Republicans & Democrats. Freedom has always been the prize to be won in this country.
And each time a major political battle was fought, a little less freedom was the price to be paid to stave off the greater encroachment. Bc “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground.”
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The fundamental beliefs of Progressivism can be summed up as: “There are but two classes, those fit to rule and those fit to be ruled.”

And if you refuse to submit to their rule, they will unleash death and misery on you while calling accusing you of violence.
Don’t you see America? If we refuse to let our neighbors just take from us what they have no right to ask, let alone demand, WE’RE the violent ones, not the murderers/rapists/thieves who demand we quietly and meekly submit to their rule.

Seems legit.
Want to be left alone & not subjugated to burdensome taxes and regulations? You’re anti-social.

Want to be independent & retain your rights even if it means fighting for both? You’re a violent extremist.

Want to raise your family/run your business as you see fit? Hateful bigot!
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So some thoughts that came to me reading @GlomarNeverDies (I swear to god he and @BrowningMachine bring out the black pill in me)

The Left is ramping up the abuse of their political power bc well, at this stage in the game it’s “use it or lose it.”

So what can we do?
For starters, we need to stop being so dependent on Leftist products. A lot of people on the Right point out that we can’t be dependent on China for products we use in national defense goods. The same principles applies at home.
Social media? Banks? Cellphones? Hell, even food and water? If you get them from a corporation, chances are that corp has ties to Leftwing causes. Use them as a stop gap, but work towards alternatives that will let you leave them when they decide to drop you for your politics.
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So some thoughts on the extremely neurotic self-loathing on display from @williamfleitch.

It pains me to have to show my pimp hand here to a grown ass man like I’m about to in this thread, but it’s for his own good and the good of impressionable young men who might read his crap
First off, let me say I’m not really the manly outdoorsy type. I’m more the nerdy bookish dude with manly athletic tendencies. On a toxic masculinity scale of 0-10 with 0 being poor Willy here and 10 being a @GlomarNeverDies/@JesseKellyDC fusión dance I’m probably a solid 6-7
I don’t really like the outdoors. I do like shooting guns and swearing and metal shop and martial arts, and other similar manly pursuits. I tear up in pride during that one scene in Black Hawk Down when the cobras mow down the Somalis pinning down American troops bc OORAH!
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This is beyond delusional. This woman trashes every state that didn’t vote for her as poor, pessimistic, bigoted, sexist and racist. I can’t believe someone would be so out of touch and self-righteous.

Do you like Trump? Bc this is how you got Trump.
Sadly this isn’t isolated to just Hillary Clinton. There’s a growing divide between Americans, and more and more on the Left not only think like her, but feel 100% comfortable sharing the same opinion openly as if you’d have to be some kind of moron to disagree with it.
The worst thing about this is, it won’t have the effect the Left think it will. You can’t shame Americans for being different than you. That’s just not how we roll.

The more you try to shame us for what they believe/are, the more we dig in our heels.
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So to all the numbnuts tweeting out #RepealThe2nd let’s think about this for a minute (I know I’m asking a lot of you with that simple request but bear with me).

Suppose you succeed: what then?
No seriously think this thru. I’m sure most of the #GunControlNow morons think all you need to do is pass a law and then *poof!* no more guns!

Here’s the problem: you have 300 million guns in the hands of 80 million legal gun owners. What do you do about those?
Let’s do a little math here:

There are over 2 million active duty and reserve military.

120,000 Federal law enforcement,

Another 1.1 million state and local law enforcement.

That’s 3.2 million govt agents to 76.8 million American citizens
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Alright, since everyone seems determined to talk “#GunSenseNow”, let’s go ahead and seriously talk about what can be reasonably done to drastically reduce gun violence in America, mmkay?
But before I cover the low-hanging fruit -the things both sides can and should agree on if they’re genuinely sincere about reducing violent crimes- let’s discuss some facts, figures and history, shall we?
First and foremost -& I can’t stress this enough- all scientific data indicates there is ZERO causative relation between gun ownership and crime rates. Let me repeat that so it sinks in:

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