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1. I want to finish #QDrop #2 before I move on. To be honest, the work load of going through these is massive. I wish I would've started a year ago! But, I will BRIEFLY discuss the rest of this drop.

#QAnon #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #RedPill #PeacefulResearch
2. "Who has ultimate authority over our branches of military w\o approval conditions unless 90+ in wartime conditions?"

POTUS can. It has happened several times.…
3. What is the military code? - Despite some people saying this is the Uniform Code of Military Justice which equates to military law,, I believe Q is actually referring to the military communication code which is used in drops frequently.…
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1. More on the connection behind the Saudis, ClA, JFK hit, BU5H family, and...? You're not going to believe this:

@Americanlll @StormIsUponUs @intheMatrixxx @findtruthQ @MagniFieri @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q @martingeddes @prayingmedic @RealEyeTheSpy @GenFlynn @Cordicon @TheRealRaNon
2. My previous threads on this are crucial to help you understand just how connected all of this is. If you haven't read my past big thread on this, please do so before continuing. It'll help in making many connections before you read this one.

3. I am working on the premise that DJT and Q are going after a long seated cabal that has been in deeply rooted power and operation for 70 years ore more. I have given proof of the events that led to the invention of the ClA and the early role they had in initiating a massive...
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2. If you have not read the first thread I wrote on this, you really must read it to understand the importance and context of THIS thread. Twatter has been messing with me, that's why I'm starting a new thread for part II instead of continuing on part I.

3. So, NEW INFO! Check this out from September 3rd, 2016. This guy saw it for what it was, made a bit of a parody of it and apparently the community on this site proposed multiple "moves" by both DJT and HRC. Note, He has Trump winning. Must be a PATRIOT!…
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2. @LindseyGrahamSC gave a STRONG statement after a secret briefing by the C_A about the #Khashoggi incident. Watch this whole video (7 minutes), not just the portions being given by others. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has been put on notice.

3. Graham pulls no punches in addressing MBS and his abusive, chaotic, dangerous, criminal behavior. This is going to resonate widely throughout the Senate and I believe it will be addressed on the Senate floor in the coming days. Some think this issue is not an important one.
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1. We're given this link to review by #Q. I remember reading it in the past. It's chalked full of hope and surprise and information. Note Sessions' reveals Huber's been busy and is working with Horowitz at the IG's office! But, most of all, check out...…
2. ...the clue Sessions dropped: "The attorney general cited U.S. Code, noting...appointment of a special counsel was "reserved for use in only the most 'extraordinary circumstances,'" and that any special counsel must be "selected from outside the United States Government.""
3. Did you get that?

"...special counsel must be "selected from outside the United States Government."

What exactly does this mean? Does he referring to a foreign group of investigators? Or, is this saying non-government, US Citizens would be needed to prosecute the cases?
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