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To all the #Military & #Vets, #ThanQ for your sacrifice. We the people owe you! πŸŽ–

I have had Military & Vets thank me for my service. It is the most humbling feeling.

Even though I know how big this fight is, I don't feel like I deserve that much credit

I'm proud of what I ☟
Am doing. Not for credit, but because I know it has to be done.

I'm not just fighting for the children, I'm fighting for all the soldiers that died for us. For the Patriots like JFK & Seth Rich that lost their lives trying to fight for us, the people.

It's not just on our ☟
Military to protect our country, it's on us also, we the people (2A).

It is all of our duty to protect freedom. Even God told us this day would come.

I'm not trying to steal valor, or act like my sacrifice is as much as a soldiers. It's not. I know that. πŸ’―

I'm just an Anon ☟
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πŸ”Echo ChamberπŸ”

πŸ•΅My goal is to get millions of followers. Why? Because I want to be what some call "a star"?

πŸ•΅No! It's because I'm trapped in an echo chamber and I don't like being trapped. I want to break out of it (outgrow it).

Can you red pill inside. ☟
of an echo chamber? Yes, but you have to wait for people to enter it. Anon's are not here to bounce around in an echo chamber. Anon's are here to red pill people and report the truth.
Our enemy has a huge network of control set up, and it's always moving. A machine that never stops.

How do you combat a massive, mainstream network? You have to be as loud or louder then them. Gen Flynn said large accounts are called "influencers". That's what ☟
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πŸŽ–[Be Proud Anon's]πŸŽ–

We are the chosen ones. This fight didn't just happen to start in our lifetime. This fight is inevitable. It was time to stand up or bow down, and we stood up. God told us this day was coming.

The 2nd amendment and a bad ass military kept us ☟
...from falling. Our homeland is protected inside and out by Patriots. People willing to do wherever it takes to complete the mission. We fight for the future of our children, because it is our duty.

This is OUR time! The last stand. It's now or never. All in or fold. ☟
#QsArmy is a very real thing. We are not stealing valor. We are in the Constitution (2nd amendment militia)

@GenFlynn & #AdmRogers made it clear that civilians play a part in the new age of digital warfare. Q said we are part of the Army.

We are not just posting rants, memes ☟
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May, 2019 - 'kick-off' 'start' 'offence'

The past 2 1/2 years have been about setting the stage. Slow play it with calculated moves, in a way that red pills people. Each BQQM wakes people up, but they also plant seeds in the people that don't. Preping MOAB (mass awakening)!
Repositioning into an offensive stance means that the stage is set. That means we 'might' see some "future proves past" from Q soon.

Everything has to be mapped out & in place before switching into attack mode. This is a sign that we are getting closer to pain (justice).
[They] are in panic mode. [They] know their time is running out (tick tock). [They] are counting every minute. Stopping @POTUS (& us) is all [they] think about. [They] think about GITMO more then we do

Is it better to run out the clock, or hurry it? Depends on who's in the lead.
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πŸŽ–The U.S Military & Q's ArmyπŸŽ–

(How are we Q?) ☟
Trump is the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ General of Q's Army. He Red Pills, recruits and unites people with facts on a massive scale. That, plus thick skin and a backbone are why #Trump is a key player. He has the ability to create the spark and withstand the backlash (a champion).☟
@GenFlynn & #AdmRogers made it very clear that we are at war, but not the traditional kind of war (irregular warfare).

They also made it very clear that this war is very important and they need us in this fight with them.

Think about that. Our Military gave us a call to duty ☟
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πŸ‘₯Who Are [They]?πŸ‘₯

🎯We are at war with [them].πŸ’₯
For years our #Military has protected our #freedom, keeping the enemy at bay. Without their sacrifice the enemy would have overrun our homeland along time ago.

At home it is our duty, that's why we have the 2nd amendment. We have to be willing to sacrifice for our☟
Freedom. It is a God given right that has to be protected. People inside & outside of our country want to take that from us, like [they] have so many other countries.

That is [their] plan. [Their] life's work (legacy). [Their] day to day job (24/7). We are statistics to them.☟
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πŸ•°3 days and countingπŸ•°

πŸ•°Tick TockπŸ•°

Let the world see what Q and Patriots have been telling everyone is true.

Let the world see that Anon's are not conspiracy theorists.

Are you looking world?…
πŸ•΅Goodbye Mockingbird media. Anon's are the news now!

πŸ•΅Patriots are in control!

πŸ•΅#QsArmy will take it from here.
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πŸ•΅The Plan: From My Eye's.

πŸ•΅I say this at the risk of sounding out there to some, and big headed to other's (#AnonLifeπŸ•΄).

πŸ•΅I was accused of trying to be Q for saying that I understand The Plan and how it works.

πŸ•΅Please, allow me to explain.
I have a God given vision. God knew I would need it and that my loyalty is unbreakable. I was preped for this time (built for it).

Not saying I'm somehow special because I am far from perfect. I spent time on the dark side, I understand it. That's what makes me a threat.
I was not born with the vision. My mind was not ready for a long time. I had to travel a long hard road, survive death and create a life before my mind was ready. My metal was thoroughly tested.

I don't look at the spider, I look at the web.
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πŸ‘ŠThe Gloves Are Off πŸ‘Š

πŸ•΅ Attacks on me have officially started (I called it).

*Defensive Stance Taken*

Let's play a game: Who's The Shill?

Below is the back and forth I had with the person that added me to this list. Enjoy🍿☟
First I would like to say thanQ for the compliment. Its an honor to know that my content is powerful enough to be "Social Influencer" statusπŸŽ–. I will only use that power for good

@Livid2point0 told me everyone is watching me now. I guess it was not an idle threat

πŸ•΅I'm Game πŸ’ͺ
Tells me I'm flagged as a "social influencer" but won't give me a real reason why.

(Pay attention to the strategy being used from here on. Like I said before, "Watch their moves")
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Optics = Ability To Red Pill.

Red pilling can be a delicate process. The right words & topics have to be picked.

You are trying to interrupt a life long thought process. Don't try to make them see, try and get them to look.

When trying to #RedPill the masses, every move
...has to be calculated. You have to be patient, timing is everything. Each chess move has to be timed.

People will lead you to what they want to talk about, let them. The topic they care most about can be the best one to red pill them with. They might research that topic
...trying to prove you wrong.

If you are talking to someone that doesn't like Trump, don't talk about #Trump or anyone they support. There are a million of red pills, give them the right ones. Jumpstart the "think for self" mechanism in their brain.

When I'm talking to
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πŸ•΅The images below are the rumors being spread about Patriots.

πŸ•΅I'm all about unity and THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. BUT! When people attack your unit, you defend your unit. #PatriotsProtectPatriots.πŸ‘Š

πŸ•΅Patriots! πŸ‘‰ "Protect Patriots"!

Q said to be careful who you follow Q talked about people making a profit from #Q disinfo

Would Q sell merch?

Has Santa used Q for attention?

Does Santa sell merch?

Did Santa play (actor) JFK Jr before playing Q?

Could Santa/Paula be spreading disinfo about Flynn/Joe M?‡
[They] say if Q does not call the people Q'ed a patriot that their a deep state OP/shill

Q called @GenFlynn a Patriot

Who knows where the bodies are buried?
FLYNN is safe
We protect our Patriots

Would Q know if Flynn is compromised?

Would Q call him OUR Patriot if DS?‡
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πŸ•΅Q's ArmyπŸ•΅

Do you #think #QsArmy is just a bunch of #people sitting at the #computer doing nothing?πŸ’»

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are #stealing #valor?πŸŽ–

Do you think #QSoldiers are wasting their #time, not doing anything to #help?πŸ•°

If so then please read #thread.
The first thing you have to #understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point. #Everyone is a starting point for #someone.

πŸ‘₯ πŸ‘₯
πŸ‘₯πŸ‘₯ πŸ‘₯πŸ‘₯

We call it #RedPilling. πŸ’Š
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

#Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to #find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth.‡
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