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Thank you for your work on #ReportToryBots this evening with our test

I have deleted the thread to protect everyone from retaliation from botfarms 👍

You can also delete your replies (HH:MM) to clean up completely :)

We expect about 12 hours for the account to be taken down 👍
After witnessing the literally millions of fake right wing accounts on Twitter in #ReportToryBots

..I hope you now have your eyes open to the fact that its a big smokescreen. Fake support.

It's designed to demoralise you to stop you from going out and voting. DON'T let it work
The entire Election system has been based on Propaganda since 2016.

The biggest strategy of SCL Elections was to stop the opposition voting, not get their side to vote.

This propaganda works. Even if we got the electorate to ignore it alone, we'd win.
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Yesterday, we removed followers from Jacob Rees Mogg's Twitter Account with our #BlockReesMogg campaign and helped to #ReportToryBots that are used to influence elections. For the second day @Jacob_Rees_Mogg suffered a net loss of followers 👍 Block Rees Mogg
As proof that there is and ongoing Twitter Bot generation program propping up the Prime Minister, his following leapt by an unprecedented (almost exactly double) rate, having been halved the day before by #BlockBorisJohnson and #ReportToryBots.

Our Prime Minister is a fake 😡 Block Boris Johnson
But it isn't just @BorisJohnson these Fake Twitter accounts are artificially boosting the following of. With over 300 fake far right bots generated a day, they follow multiple accounts: Leave EU, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ricard Tice, Claire Fox

Who"s funding these right wing bots? Right Wing Bots
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Why Trending #BlockBorisJohnson is Important

I just wanted to explain to some of my followers who have refused to help trend this hashtag. Their reasons generally centre around the idea that they want to challenge him on his tweets in order to help educate his followers.

It is extremely important that we do challenge his propaganda but not trending the hashtag for this reason is highly illogical, because:

1. It isn't just us that follow what we trend, it will be his followers. Its for the ones that follow the crowd, the persuadables. If we

trend #BlockBorisJohnson then thousands of people who are don't know what #GTTO means but are angry at the Tories for a variety of reasons will block him.

This includes anti-vaxxers, people who wanted a harder (?!) Brexit. If you can think outside the box for a minute and

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Jacob Rees-Mogg dined with white supremacists who wanted to send 'non-whites' 'home' and supported the AfD in Germany who march with Neo Nazis. Retweet if you don't like Racism. Like if you don't like Tories.

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Jacob Rees Mogg Dining with White Supremacists
Ah Boom... it starts to fall. -25 today net
You are doing it - you've taken off around -50 gross (-25 net) from Jacob Rees-Mogg today. Well done! 👏👏👏
#BlockReesMogg #ReportToryBots
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Operation: #BlockReesMogg begins today

🎯 Most importantly, we focus #ReportToryBots on the account of @Jacob_Rees_Mogg

📉 Let's send his Twitter Follower count back to the 18th Century! And stop these Far Right bots at the same time 😉

Operation: #BlockBorisJohnson continues Jacob Rees-Mogg UNICEF
Let Jacob Rees Mogg know that we will not stand by while he laughs about food banks and attacks @UNICEF


#ReportToryBots on his account and #BlockBorisJohnson Blocked Jacob Rees Mogg
Please use these hashtags on every post today!

#BlockBorisJohnson #BlockReesMogg #ReportToryBots
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Operation #BlockBorisJohnson sent the PMs account into reverse and the first ever negative followers of -7 net (around 800 gross)

Operation #ReportToryBots halved his new follower count over the following 24hr period (around 400 gross)

Congratulations 👏 You proved it 👍

#GTTO Boris Johnson loses followers
However, when you did #ReportToryBots you hit other accounts. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg lost more as he has less refilling Bots than Johnson.

When we take away a Bot, it takes them away from everyone - its more rewarding to see what we did.

So today: #ReportToryBots and #BlockReesMogg Jacob Rees-Mogg's Account
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I have no words for this little conspiracy group 🤦‍♂️

Except they are directly trying to damage an anti-Tory campaign... ..This is what the Tories will do - try to infiltrate a campaign and divide it to destroy it. These people could just be idiots... taking no chances.

Nobody is funding me.. why do they think somebody is funding me? 🤣

..and if someone was funding me, wouldn't I lie and say someone else was funding me?

Not detectives, these guys.. #ToryEnablers
But they are directly threatening your campaign to stop Tories...

"I will haunt you"

Why? Why wouldn't these guys be trying to get #PR? Instead of haunting me? Just because I don't want to talk to them?


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We are going to pause Operation #ReportToryBots at 4am GMT Tuesday 13 when the stats at Social Blade click over to the next 24hrs (EST)

If we have seen 100's of accounts removed by Twitter but the stat impact is very small, they are dynamically replacing bot accounts faster

1/ Fake Followers for Boris Johnson
From there we can also consider some automated software to identify #ToryBots and create a #BotList that we can all work from.

Please feel free to block bots all over #ToryLiars profiles but I would like to analyse the results at 4am to see before we commit more resources.

So this is it; look for older accounts (scroll down) with 0 followers, no pic, only following Tories

We will give it a good crack for 6.5 hours and see what the effect is

It is possible that this could be the first 24hr period the the PM ever lost followers


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