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🛑2021 Intelligence Authorization Act🛑 -1 (thread)

You can learn A LOT about the challenges and goals of a country by looking at defense and intelligence spending. The FY 2021 IAA reads like a damn science fiction novel, and that says a lot about the threats we face right now.
The Social Media Data and Threat Assessment Center is ostensibly supposed to counter FOREIGN disinfo online. The Solarium Commission advocates congressional funding of non-profits to do this work. Who gets to define 'disinformation'? How will these NP's be held accountable? Image
3-Remember the uproar over Project Maven? Google walked away from the project which was allegedly to be used to teach AI to "see", of which the potential military application would ostensibly allow weaponized drones to find and eliminate targets unaided.…
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Mahmoud Abbas,
You, the Resistance movement, Hassan #Nasrollah and the #terrorist regime of #Iran have so far caused the death of so many Palestinians.

✔️Forget about the son of the #former_Shah of Iran or the #MEK coming to power..
It's so interesting that the wife of the former Shah of Iran, Khomeini, Khamenei, the MEK and the son of the former Shah of Iran all love Mahmoud #Abbas and #Palestine.

✔️After the regime change in #Iran ,
the Cyrus Empire will be established in my country!...
Your filthy game will end when the Restart opposition comes to power.

Our ultimate goals are to fight Radical Islam, eliminate terrorism, change the regime, establish the Cyrus Empire and unite with America and Israel.
#cyrus #restartmiga
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#Iran #HRC, #MEK, #GenClark
War ein us-Millitär-Putsch im Iran geplant. Damit wäre nicht die echte Opposition der #Restartees, als Volk, wieder zur Macht gekommen, sondern die von #Clinton unterstützte #FakeOpposition, wie der @RestartLeader die MEK nennt.…
@restartleader "Following people& media have things in common:
They are anti-Trump, Pompeo & Israel,
They love #HRC, #McCain& #Pelosi,
They support each other & have millions of $
According to 1000 of docs, they are affiliated with the #IRGC& the #MinistryOfIntelligence.
@restartleader This is precisely what Hillary #HRC was supposed to do, to bring the #MEK to power to run the government while #RezaPahlavi was the monarch in a constitutional monarchy.
The real opponent of the gas price rises are in the pic below.#RestartMIGA #MAGA #MIGA
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BREAKING: Anti-government protesters torch Iranian consulate in #Najaf. At least 33 protesters wounded when security forces fired live rounds. Curfew declared. - @AP

33 Wounded Is Cabal comms

Sauce w/vidya:
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On Thanksgiving Day, #Iranians should thank God that @realDonaldTrump is the President of the United States.
If @POTUS and @SecPompeo had said anything in support of the coup, on the first day of the demonstrations, the #IRGC would have killed ...
… thousands more to make the #coup look wider & replace the #Iranian regime with the #MEK.
#RezaPahlavi would then have become the king, like the Queen of England!
Now that their fabricated coup has failed, the regime must arrest the real protesters.
And of course, the internet was shut down so that the leader of the #Restart_opposition could not turn the coup into a real demonstration like in Dec 2017-Jan 2018.
It is interesting to know that in January 2018, Restartees were changing the regime...
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Unfortunately, these demonstrations are being led by the Islamic Republic regime and at any point that Rouhani or the #IRGC appease, the protests will stop.
These demonstrations will not lead to the regime change or the freedom of our people, unless someone takes the lead..
…and turns these guided demonstrations into real demonstrations; that’s exactly what we Restartees did in Dec 2017- Jan 2018 uprisings.
The truth about these #IranProtests is,
The Islamic Republic regime has recently increased the price of gas in #Iran in order to..
… raise funds for the government due to @realDonaldTrump’s tough sanctions this year, however, the #IRGC staged protest demonstrations as they opposed the hike in the gas price.
That’s because the #IRGC, in addition to buying and selling real estate outside of #Iran, ...
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Guys, this is fkn YUGE.... Seriously. They are AWAKE! Show some love #RestartMIGA #MIGA @leowart
Make Iran Great Again
The protests started over a huge increase in oil prices....
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This is the evidence that Telegram banned "showman1" the main channel of Restart opposition.
It admits that it had 100k+ followers.
Then, the total number of followers of other oppositions was not even 50k; and @durov, the founder of @telegram had just 84k followers at that time
Closing tens of thousands of Restartee accounts was ordered directly by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram executives so that we would not be known globally!
The biggest censorship in the world was the censorship of the #Restart_opposition
We have thousands of documents!
The most honest media was @telegram, who blocked one of our accounts only, and apologised for doing that.

And the worst of the media was @instagram; not only did they not apologize, they also closed thousands of our pages and assisted the IRGC and the regime.
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We must start our own network to transmit accurate and uncensored news to the people of America, Iran and the rest of the world.
@VOANews (overseeing @VOAIran) & @RFERL (overseeing @RadioFarda_) are both traitors; they work in favor of the globalists and..
... the terrorist regime of Iran, and against the interests of America.

Globalists, Fakenews media, Radicals, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, they all act like Hitler; They are brainwashing people by censoring world patriots, and sadly, there are still some ignorant people...
... who defend them and don't understand what we say, because bats don't believe in the existence of the sun.
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Dear Patriots
Do you know why the Restart opposition is defending Trump?!
Do you know that @realDonaldTrump himself does not even know why millions of Restartees love him and defend his team?
We have never received any money from either @secpompeo, President Trump, ...
… Intelligence agencies or other oppositions.
But why do we defend Trump?!
The secret is in this thread of tweets!
Clinton wanted to split Iran after becoming the president of the US, but she wasn’t lucky enough for two reasons:
1. Restart leader’s political and ...
… mystical programs were broadcasted and downloaded over 300 million times and raised the awareness of the Iranian people.
2. @realDonaldTrump became president and the American Patriots got more powerful!
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Dear patriot, please read this thread of tweets before my account gets closed by Twitter!
More than 90% of the high-ranking officials in Iran’s terrorist regime are under the command of 8 people in Iran. It’s interesting to know that 7 of these 8 people were the head ...
… of the office and official advisors to the wife of the former shah of Iran, and later on, formed the terrorist IRGC. Mullah Makarem Shirazi, one of the filthiest of the 8, was a friend of Shah and received an award from the Shah himself.
The Shah's regime established
… the Islamic Republic regime and the IR regime will try to bring back the Pahlavis, the British puppets, in case it falls!
According to sufficient authentic documents, the Iranian regime, Britain, and Russia have spent nearly $10B on the Pahlavis' propaganda campaign!
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Dear Mr Bolton
The main reason for your dismissal was what I have written above.
You should have known that @realDonaldTrump couldn't defend Reza Pahlavi, the British globalist agent, and the MEK, the Russian radical agent!
Millions of patriots support President Trump because...
... of his patriotic beliefs!

You had mistaken Trump for Clinton; it was Clinton who was supposed to launch a fake coup, not Trump!
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Please see the images below;
@FoxNews has censored us for the past 3 years. It never defends @SecPompeo & is a close friend of the #MEK (Radicalism) & defends Reza Pahlavi (Globalism).
Some Fox employees are secretly fans of McCain,Pelosi & Intelligence services.
Although @FoxNews has done a great deal of disservice to us, we kept silent; we thought they could do the job for you. But unfortunately, they are giving ride to the Democrats now!
The screenshots below will reveal all the secrets!
Please see the images below;
The screenshots below will reveal all the secrets!
Maryam Rajavi has only folow Nancy Pelosi And @FoxNews powerfully introduces Rajavi to the Patriots!
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In order to attract patriots, you had to confess to your disgraceful past and the whole purpose of doing that was to introduce one globalist to President Trump’s supporters so the British could later empower this person in Iran through a coup.

Mr new "Imam of the era", your past can only be forgiven by a judge and implementation of justice.
Admitting does not erase one’s corrupt past.Probably ten years later to deceive a new group of people, you will publish a new book & confess to your new misdeeds & betrayals.
Have you told patriots that you had a meeting with the terrorist IRGC and Farashgard in 2019?!
Have you mentioned anything in your book about your photos in 2019 with the son of the former shah of Iran, the official enemy of Pres. Trump & Israel and close friend of McCain?!
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Don't lie to French people
Below video shows the power of Iran's political leaders.Our people aren’t stupid.They won't be deceived.
Don't let us burn down all the Iranian embassies in the world.
Iran is in the hands of Restartees, let all 🇫🇷 politicians know about it.
Mr @JY_LeDrian
We know why you talk so rudely with President Trump. You are expecting Democrats to come to power and with their support, organize a coup in Iran and bring Reza Pahlavi or the MEK to power.
Be polite idiot!
....when the future government of Iran will be in the hands of us Restartees (real Patriots), Ford will replace Peugeot.
It's a pity that French people are living under such government.
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اينجا همه چى قاطى پاتى شده براى كمك به دوستان #سلطنت_طلب براشون يه ليستى تهيه كردم كه بدونن دقيقا بايد چيكار كنن 😅
١) شما بايد مثل شاهزادتون عاشق دين اسلام باشيد چون ايشون گفتن من مذهب رسمى #ايران رو شيعه اثنى عشرى اعلام ميكنم 😅
ادامه 👇👇👇👇
٢)شما بايد سپاه رو دوست داشته باشى و بهش احترام بزارى همونطورى كه شاهزاده تون باهاشون در ارتباطه و بهشون احترام ميذاره و از اينكه توى ليست تروريستى رفتن ناراحت شد و تبريك نگفت 😅
ادامه 👇👇👇👇
٣) بايد از #اسرائيل مثل #سپاه و شاهزادتون متنفر باشيد چون وقتى #امريكا سفارتش رو به اورشليم انتقال داد شاهزادتون توى افق محو شد و تبريك نگفت 😅
٤) شما هرگز اجازه ندارى طرفدار #ترامپ باشى چون شاهزادتون نظرش به نظر ملكه خانوم #انگليس نزديكتره(صلوات) 😅
ادامه 👇👇👇👇
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IRGC had offered to bribe!
Mr @BorisJohnson
You talked about @jeremycorbyn being paid by Press TV.
Please ask @Jeremy_Hunt which UK ambassador on behalf of the IR regime had offered to pay billions of dollars of bribe to some governments to empower Reza Pahlavi in Iran.... Image
Millions of Restartees have a few questions from you:
1) Who are the financial supporters of ManotoTV in the UK & where did they get the $970M for the propaganda to generate such massive publicity for the family of the former Shah of Iran (in favor of Reza Pahlavi)&Hassan Rohani?
2)What was the most important reason for the expulsion of the British ambassador from America?
3)What is the reason behind the censorship of #Restart_opposition & Restart leader by British media and #BBC & instead generating publicity in favor of the MEK, Reza Pahlavi&Farashgard?
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1. #QAnon
11/28: POTUS tells us Ds to "pay a heavy price" for "presidential harrassment".…
3/4: Nadler sends 81 letters req info.
Death Blossom = DECLAS
2. #QAnon Welcome to the [D] party CON. They know we have an emergency at the border but not concerned w US integrity in lieu illegal votes, support from cartels, trafficking, cheap labor, & MS13/ISIS for D deeds.

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