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BONJOUR, MES ANGES! It's Tuesday, I actually have some time for once, and so, like a UNICORN RAINBOW APPEARING IN THE SKY, #SexyHistory DESCENDS UPON YOU!
TODAY! Our Subject! Joan of Kent or as you will now think of her forever more, "TRULY THAT B*TCH."
SO!! Joan is born in 1328 to Edmund of Kent and his wife, Margaret. Edmund is kind of a big deal because his dad was Edward I, making Joan ALSO Kind of a Big Deal, Grandpapa England, etc. (Did you know that's what QEII called her granddad, George V? NOW YA DO!)
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The first #SexyHistory miniseries IS UPON US.
For the month of February, I'm going to (sexily) be breaking down the Wars of the Roses. This is some fairly complex sh*t, and everyone has the same damn name, so this will definitely be an exercise in HITTING THE HIGH NOTES.
If you want to get more in depth with all this, I WILL PROVIDE A READING LIST at the end, but for now, just GO WITH IT, HOLD MY HAND, LET ME WHISK YOU O'ER HISTORY GENTLY.
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OKAY, LOVELIES, yesterday I could not rally to do a #SexyHistory because I had to get a crown put on (on my tooth, not my head, ALAS), but TODAY IS THE DAY, LET'S DO THIS.
Today we'll be talking about Margaret of Valois, French princess/queen, and one Seriously Put Upon Lady. LIFE WAS HARD FOR 16th CENTURY MARGARETS, Y'ALL.
Margaret is fairly well-known as "Queen Margot," because that's the book that was written about her, plus there's the movie which is full of so many beautiful French people, it's like staring at the sun.
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This story has got EVERYTHING.
- Princesses
- Hot Scots
- Dramatic Escapes
- ESCANDALO marriages
- Henry VIII being a total d*ck
Today we're talking about Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland! Daughter of a king! Sister of a king! Mother of a king! And a Bad Choice Maker!
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GOOD MORNING, TWITTER! #SexyHistory Tuesday IS UPON US, gird thy loins and such! Today's Topic: James II: Royal F*ckboi.
So every Tuesday, when history STOPS getting polite, and STARTS getting real- er, sexy- people bring up Charles II. BECAUSE OF COURSE.
Charles II is, like, PATRON SAINT of Sexy History, which is why I'm NOT doing a bit on him. For one, it would be a 10 part series.
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Happy Tuesday, all! Shall we begin #SexyHistory? Today we're gonna be talking about Isabella, "The She-Wolf of France."
First of all, "She-Wolf" is a freaking awesome thing to be called. You know it. I know it. Shakira knows it.
The term's been attached to Isabella for ages, and also to Margaret of Anjou, another French-born English queen no one liked.
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It's Tuesday, so welcome to Part II of #SexyHistory! Today we'll be discussing James VI/I, and how X-Treme Thirst nearly got him killed!
Okay, first off, NOMENCLATURE which is not sexy (OR IS IT???) (It is not.) James is James VI of Scotland, becomes James I of England.
But we're sticking with James VI because that's who he was when this all happened, Elizabeth I was still alive and killin' it in England.
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