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1. Welcome to today's White House daily #shadowbriefing. It's been, forget it, I'm too tired with all this damn counting. It's been forever, I was young when the briefings stopped and now I'm old. It's not worth counting the days anymore. Not too tired to do the Shadow
2. Briefing though. Bad news for Trump is my guess. Anyway, let's get right to it. Let me start with the issue of Syria and the Kurds. All, and I mean all, of the experts both in and out of the White House warned the President not to pull the small number of American troops
3. out of Northern Syria. He was briefed that doing that would expose our Kurdish allies to slaughter from the Turks and lead to the release of ten thousand ISIS prisoners who were being guarded by the Kurds. Now remember, the Kurds did most of the fighting for us against
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1. Welcome to an early morning special weekend edition of the White House Daily #shadowbriefing. For more than 200 days the White House Briefing has been held hostage without a ransom note. We're here filling the breach with the right questions and honest answers.
2. We were not able to brief yesterday because your shadow briefing was on special assignment in Vienna. It has nothing to do with Rudy, really, just a really big coincidence. Incidentally, it's a lot more expensive to buy one way tickets. Anyway, I digress. A big day
3. for the President yesterday. Let me start with one item. Many of you ask me day after day if the President ever tells the truth. Well yesterday he did when he said "foreign countries are looking at us and they think we're crazy" Hard to argue that's not the truth.
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1. Welcome to today's White House Daily #shadowbriefing
It's hard to believe but it's been 210 days since the last White House briefing. Since the last briefing, the President has committed 34 impeachable offenses, told 4382 lies and spent 632 hours on the phone with Rudy.
2. But not to worry, the shadow briefing is here to answer all of your questions. We do our best to curate the most important questions of the day and then do something almost unheard of these days --we answer them with the unvarnished truth. Yep, that's our brand, the truth.
3. And yes, we think you can handle the truth. So let's get right at it. Let me start with a readout of this morning's national security meeting on Turkey, Syria and the Kurds. I guess the best way to describe it was chaotic and disorganized. There were several factions
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1. Welcome to today's edition of the White House Daily #shadowbriefing. The only White House briefing available during the short period, now over 200 days, while the White House ha suspended doing real briefings. For those new to these briefings, the questions are real
2. but the answers are somewhat foreign for the Trump administration because they're the truth. So let's get going. Let me start with the week ahead, the President's schedule for next week. On Monday the President will launch a new unfounded attack on Joe Biden and family
3. I don't want to get ahead of the President but this one will be short on facts, but long on new crazy conspiracy theories. On Tuesday the President will launch a $10 million negative TV and digital campaign sliming Biden and Elizabeth Warren. On Wedsday, the @realDonaldTrump
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1. Welcome to today's White House Daily #shadowbriefing which exists only because the White House has not done a briefing in more than 200 days. There is a tradition, or more to the point, there was a tradition at the White House that the Press Secretary did not brief on days
2. The President was holding a news conference. So we thought we'd do something different today. As an exercise we would answer the questions put to the President if he'd actually been telling the truth. So here we go. Q Mr. Presdient the three house committee's are
3. threatening to issue subpoenas if the White House does not cooperate with the impeachment investigation. Will you cooperate. A. First off, thank you for the great work that Fox News does. Roger Ailes said if there had been a Fox News for Nixon he would not have had to
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1. Welcome to today's White House daily #shadowbriefing. It's now been over 200 days since the the last briefing and the press corps has been reduced to staking out a briefing room mouse. But there are lots of questions and if you want answers you've come to the right place.
2. Let me start by trying to clear up an issue for you in the press. Rudy Giuliani is the President's personal lawyer and not his representative to Ukraine. But there are times when he's not the President's personal attorney and does work on behalf of the President and the
3. US government particularly, but not limited to, Ukraine. So he is his lawyer except when he's not his lawyer. Does that clear everything up? Q. Actually no, what are you talking about? A. Let me make it simpler. He's his lawyer when we want to assert the attorney
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1. Welcome to today's WH Shadow Briefing. As we near ever closer to 200 days without a White House briefing, the #shadowbriefing has got the questions and the answers that @PressSec would give if she had the nerve.
@PressSec 2. Let me start with the transcript. The White House was happy to release it because as @realDonaldTrump says this is the most transparent Administration in history. The President gets a bad rap as a liar. He told you all that he put pressure on the Ukrainians to manufacture
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 3. dirt on Joe Biden and he said he do it again. The transcript totally confirms that. He said he did it and the transcript showed he did it. Why is everyone getting so worked up over this. All he did was use the power of the Presidency with a foreign entity to try to
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1. Welcome to a prime time edition of the White House daily #shadowbriefing. It's been almost 200 days since the last White House briefing so Shadow briefing is providing a public service to surface the important questions and answers Americans deserve.
2. Let me start with some comments on the so-called whistle blower controversy that is sweeping Washington. As the President said today that whistle blower is a partisan out to get the President. He then said he didn't know who the whistle blower is. Sound familiar, its the
3. same strategy employed by crazy uncle Rudy last night who told @ChrisCuomo that he hadn't raised investigating Joe Biden's son in Ukraine and then 30 seconds later admitted of course he had. So, understand the first element of our strategy is to keep everyone off balance.
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1. Welcome to today's White House Daily #shadowbriefing. Five months ago when I started these, I thought anytime now the White House would restart conducting daily briefings. It's part of our democracy, how could they just abandon them. Well five months and dozens of
2. of briefings later, it appears the White House has no concern for our democracy and I'll be doing briefings for at least another 18 months or so. So with that in mind, here goes for today. The President enjoyed a leisurely weekend of golf, TV watching, tweeting about TV
3. watching and some more tweeting about everything in the world that's bothering him. He didn't attack any Hollywood stars this weekend, but did take time to detail how bad another black female reporter is, of course with the caveat that he's never seen her. So normal times at
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1. Welcome to today's White House #shadowbriefing. Today marks 6 months since the WH has held a Press Briefing. Let me start with an admission. I misled many of you by saying there will be surprises and door prizes today. That is not true and I regret that blatant lie.
2. But now that I've got you here, today will be a little different than normal. Sure I could take questions on a range of subjects where the President has lied, acted inappropriately or promoting some indefensible policy that undermines our democracy and. national security.
3. We could try to explain why the Chief of Staff threatened career public servants with firing if they didn't lie for the President. We could explain why well known bigot and village idiot @loudobbs was at the White House today. WE could comment on reports that @potus
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1. Welcome to today's daily WH #shadowbriefing. Tomorrow will be 6 months since the last White House briefing -- you remember Sarah Sanders--she's writing a memoir now about not doing daily briefings. With today's news I have some sympathy for them...but here at the shadow
2. briefing are on the case rain or shine good news or bad news, whether we're interested or bored on any given day. Now that's commitment. So let's get to the big news of the day. The President fired National Security Advisor John Bolton this morning via tweet. That's the
3. third national security adviser he's fired via tweet. He's also fired a Secretary of State and head of our National intelligence operations. Many have tried to figure out what links all these firings. Here at the White House we have a the real world the truth
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1. Welcome to today's WH Daily #shadowbriefing. It's been nearly six months since the WH has held a briefing and there is no sign that @PressSec has any interest in ever entering the briefing room. Well when one market closes, another opens. So here we are with the only brag
@PressSec 2. (briefing) in town. Hard to imagine there are any questions out there since it's been quiet and @realDonaldTrump keeps winning, but let's open it up to questions. Q. Given this is the week of the 9/11 anniversary, was it a good idea to invite the Taliban to Camp David?
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 3. A. Candidly is was a really bad idea and that's why most of the government was against it. @VP was against it. The Afghan govt was against it. Hard to know where Pompeo was on this because he as a little trouble telling the truth, like his boss. The most telling thing was
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1. Welcome to today's abbreviated edition of the White House Daily #shadowbriefing Day 175 White House briefing held hostage. We'll be short today because we can. Let's start with an update on Hurricane Dorian
2. Because of the unprecedented leadership of @realDonaldTrump Alabama was spared total devastation from Hurricane Dorian. Send your crews down there and you'll see, Dorian didn't lay a glove on Dothan...see what I did there? You can use that for a headline. And how do
@realDonaldTrump 3. we know Alabama was in jeopardy? Well just look at the map the President used. He used his Sharpie to extend the storm area to include Alabama. What incredible foresight and leadership. Roy Moore and the blackface Governor are currently holding a news conference to thank
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Welcome to today's edition of the Daily WH #shadowbriefing thread. It's pledge time at the Shadowbriefing. But we don't want your money, well maybe some of it, but we do crave attention instead. So don't forget to retweet and like so we can grow our underground audience a bit.
2. It's been 174 days since the last WH briefing so somebody's got to answer the questions of the day. We take that responsibility very seriously here at eh Shadow Briefing--that is unless we have something more interesting to do that day. So let's get right to it.
3. The next sentence is an attempt to grow our audience. A new shadow briefing poll puts @realDonaldTrump approval rating at 74% and 93% of Americans think James Comes is a communist scumbag. Thanks in advance for the retweet Mr. President. You've retweeted everyone else.
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1. We're back for the first Brooklyn edition of the daily WH #shadowbriefing. 169 days have passed and there is no sign that the briefing hostages will be released anytime soon. Today would have been a great day to do one with a bunch of crazy news stories out there, but no go
2. So, let's get right to your questions on this busy day. Q. The President's new Press Secretary @PressSec told the Washington Post that @realDonaldTrump never tells a lie and her proof is he loves his country. Isn't it possible to love your country and tell lies. A. I have
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 3. admit, I wasn't expecting that one. It's some of the best out of the box, sheer crazy, unbelievable, so out there that you almost believe it, spin I've ever heard. So I want to get this straight. Anything he says has to be true because of his love of country. I can just
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1. Welcome to today's White House daily #shadowbriefing. Let me first start by acknowledging the crafty work by the Trump campaign in Friday's briefing. In the unroll app, the campaign bought an ad right in the middle of my briefing. Who says their not trying to expand their
2. coalition. Don't know how much it cost but I know this is pricey real estate and I bet you swayed lots of people. Nice job Brad. You're a winner. Ok let's shift gears to talk about all the great things that happened at the G-7 summit. @realDonaldTrump got all he wanted
@realDonaldTrump 3. out of the meeting. He wanted to spend as much time doing Putin's bidding by begging and pleading to get Russia back into the G-7. By some accounts he took up half the meeting doing Vlad's job because Russia's priorities are America's priorities. I understand he's also
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1. Welcome to today's WH daily press #shadowbriefing. It's been 164 days since the WH has held a briefing and today would be a great day to explain what @realDonaldTrump is up to. Well I guess it's up to me --so here goes.
@realDonaldTrump 2. Let me start today with trying to put some of @potus tweets today. First and foremost, we are in a war, a trade war, with China. And as easy as '@realDonaldTrump said it is to win trade wars, sometimes you have to to extreme measures. In one of his first acts since
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS 3. he secretly declared martial law giving him special war powers. One of those powers is to decree complete authority over American companies, what they are allowed to do and what they can't. Who they can sell to and who they can't. Now like the nuclear codes, there is a
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1. Welcome to today's WH Daily #shadowbriefing. It's day 163 without a briefing so we thought we'd shake things up and do a late night briefing at 35,000 feet. So here goes. Let me start by cleaning a few things up from yesterday
2. First, when I implied it might not be the best idea for @seanspicer to go on Dancing with the the Stars, clearly I was expressing my own opinion. You know integrity of the office and everything. But our President speaks for the country and, while he lacks integrity for the
@seanspicer 3. office, he thinks Sean is quite a dancer and being on the show will help make America great again. So that's our final word on this, until the President starts urging his supporters to vote for Sean and when he flops accusing the undocumented from stealing the election
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1. Welcome to today's edition of the WH daily #shadowbriefing. The only briefing in town so you better take it seriously even if we don't. Please excuse our August schedule. Sometimes even we get a little tired of talking about @realDonaldTrump But not today!
@realDonaldTrump 2. Let's get right to the main issue of the day. Crowd size. It's a national security issue which is why the President keeps tweeting about it. America is the greatest country in the world and Elton John is the greatest pop star. So when an American President can outdraw
@realDonaldTrump 3. the greatest pop star in history it shows that we are the greatest country in history and the President is the greatest leader in history. Anyone who tries to undermine the crowd size of @realDonaldTrump is a threat to our national security because it weakens our country
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1 Welcome to today's edition of the Daily White House #shadowbriefing. It's been 157 days since @PressSec has made it to the briefing room. Not sure what's got @PressSec so scared, but we hope to show her here how it's done. And maybe, she'll find a way to do her job.
@PressSec 2. Let's start first with last night's rally. It's not very often the President of the United States makes a public statement saying he beat Elton John at something, but that's our guy. More importantly he showed you the benefits of being with him.
@PressSec 3. If you are a protester at one of his events and security escorts you out you're likely to be mocked. It could be as a disabled person, it could be with a funny accent to highlight your ethnicity or it could be a stupid fat joke coming from Mr. Slim himself. But if you're a
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1. Welcome to the WH daily #shadowbriefing. It's been 157 days since the last briefing so this is the only thing America has to hold onto. Where the questions are real and the answers are the unvarnished truth--most of the time.
2. Let's start with a little inside baseball. @PressSec made one of her first public on the record statements this morning saying that @realDonaldTrump was not encouraging the Israeli government to deny entry of two American Congress representatives into Israel.
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 3. That statement remained operative for almost an hour until @realDonaldTrump tweeted the exact opposite message encouraging Prime Minister Netanayhu to ban Reps Omar and Ilhan from entering Israel. This is an instructive moment. Presumably, @PressSec didn't make up her info.
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1. Welcome to the daily WH #shadowbriefing. It's now been almost 150 days since the last WH briefing forcing the Shadow briefing to work overtime. After a brief stay in the "rest home" I'm back and ready to answer the questions of the day.
2. In order to save time my answers today will either be that's not the president's fault, he didn't say that or it was like that when he got here. This way we all don't have to work too hard today. So let's get right to questions. Q. The Dow Jones dropped a historic 800
3. points today on fears of recession. Does the President plan a tweet like the one's when it's up? A. Of course that's not the President's fault, @realDonaldTrump is only responsible when the stock market is going up. The real culprit is the Federal Reserve. First they should
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1. Welcome to today's edition of the Daily WH #shadowbriefing. It's been months since the last briefing and we really miss them. And my fingers are getting really tired. Please bring them back.
2. Let's get right to the news. The President has no intention of supporting any new gun control legislation. I know his comments on the south lawn today might indicate some softening on the issue, but let me be clear, it ain't going to happen. Both @realDonaldTrump and
@realDonaldTrump 3.@senatemajldr both need a little political cover right now. But it's clear there are not the votes in the Senate to pass legislation and the President is not going to spend any political capital on getting the votes. He has much higher priorities. Remember, the champion GOP
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1. Welcome to today's edition of the Daily WH #shadowbriefing. As long as @PressSec can only send tweets and not face questions, we'll do it for you. It may not be pretty, but it's the only game in town. Don't forget to boycott @soulcycle and patronize @WMM_podcast
@PressSec @soulcycle @WMM_podcast 2. As the President's senior aide for social media, @DanScavino tweeted out, the President was treated like a rock star at the Dayton(or Toledo) hospital today and, more importantly, there is lot's of video of it. Because that's what today is about. Not helping heal the wounds
@PressSec @soulcycle @WMM_podcast @DanScavino 3. of the country, but burnishing the image of the President. You know, every President does these photo ops and pretends its about the people. But it's really all about the optics and we are being very upfront about that. So it was a great day for @realDonaldTrump which means
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