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1. DEEP DIVE of the connections of #Romney
Intel agencies, #Ukraine,Iran, China, #Soros ,#BainCapitol, #Maxwell, Bibi, Branson, #NXIVM, Bush's, Cartels, EU, #Trafficking, Clintons #WeAreTheNewsNow #Mittens #Clowns @POTUS #Qanon #RedPilledClassics

👉Thread Please R/T🙏
2. Is Bain C_A front?
After all the 🤡 like to use wealthy people as it’s front companies such as Summit Aviation
(DuPonts), CMC (World Trade Centers) & others like Air America, & US Aid.
Let us take a 👀
#Clowns #Mittens #BainCapitol
H/T @EyeDropMedia 🐸 #RedPilledClassic
3 Let us start here #Mittens #Romney
#WeAreTheNewsNow H/t @LilTigerlil
👉Endurance Specialty Holdings
👉Golden gate Capital
‘10’ Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…
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Are you awake??🐸

#DarkToLight #Qanon
#NothingToSeeHere 🦌🐍🦉#Qanon

Symbolism Will be Their Downfall -Q

A Mack


Nice friends & drapes Justin🤪 @ Davos

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I’m not even showing all the leaps; just obvious ones

#Southwest #ElonMusk #17
You could keep going with #QProofs. I have too many more to get together.

Isn’t this fun?😁

#Google #QProof #QAnon #Chan #Saturn #Facebook #CIA
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I think I’ve figured out how to connect Q’s drops to past & current events & it’s science!

I believe I found genes, chemical compounds & #chromosome editing all named after them: #Hillary #BillClinton #Obama. I’m sure there’s much more

Read the attchd 6 pgs. I’ll keep adding
#MaggieHaberman is on our side & I think who tipped off the #Lynch #Clinton tarmac mtg. Muriatic acid at the #standardhotel has to do w #AndreBalazs’ father Andre Alexander #Balazs being a nuclear scientist & #DNA editing. And July 19, 2013 was caught on film by #NASA
I know bc Q didn’t lie. Once you unlock the map you get #QProofs like you’ve never seen! Confirmation/validity is amazing UNTIL it hits you that this is no longer a real life Clue game. I’m no scientist but I believe we were slow dripped re #Epstein wanting to impregnate 20 girls
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@pattonoswalt 1. did u really think #pedophilia be normalized & decriminalized as sexual preference? 2013 DSM5 added it I GOT LEAKED precopy i disseminated to public/GLP, outcry, they feigned it was mistake.…
NVR gonna happen bro. #crimesagainstchildren
2. This was immed after ur buddy #obama passed nationwide gay marriage & lit up #whitehouse rainbow. #pedos were movn on their agenda.…
3. Progressives push tolerance for "virtuous pedophiles"…
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Welcome Mr. Camelot Rabbit to the Q movement.

This wealthy Brit owns hotels and media, has Hollywood connections, Rabbit pic w/Masonic hidden hand.

He thinks U R stoopid.


Mappin is a Scientologist. Thank you @templar_bar

Hard to debate Mappin's creepy AF rabbit post.

John Mappin looks to be an infiltrating Deep State tool with an agenda.


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Decode! U.S. Marines tweet BOOM BOOM ROOM and 20-2.
Epstein sex and torture rooms.
Treason doesn't pay well in the end.
It's going to be BIBLICAL!
BOOM BOOM ROOM. #StandardHotel
Hat tip: @Vintagesquirrel
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THIS IS TRUE!👇🏼#Schiff!👇🏼

◾️#AdamSchiff Outed by #Whistleblower #LarryNichols

◾️@RepAdamSchiff Dressed as an EGYPTIAN at “SACRAFICE” Parties at #EdBuck’s drug house😳

◾️#Nichols says #Schiff & #Buck both under investigation 👇🏼…
◾️What TF would lead investigators to believe #AdamSchiff’s clothes were associated with SACRAFICE (sacrIfice?) parties?

◾️This ties to #Epstein’s temple & that sundial both for sacrificial purposes!

◾️Egyptians/Pharaohs/High Court Nobility - 1st DYNASTY killed for afterlife!
◾️Meet 💥#AdamSchiff💥

▪️Your Congressman
▪️House Intelligence Committee chairman


#StandardHotel #RachelChandler #MariahSunshineCoogan #KimberlyWatzman #NewportBeach
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10/31/2019 LIVE PIGS are used as crash test dummies in China to mimic 6-year-old children - This appears to be symbolism comms for an activity I've talked about a lot here as of late -… #Qanon
Getting a hold of the strings of blackmailed "pigs" and then forcing them into a crash. Testing out how to manipulate the MSM when they are forced to be ever-more overt with lying for a narrative.
#UkraineScandal #GreatAwakening
It's similar to this test I mentioned months ago ty
for reminding me of the similarity. (long thread if you want to take a look) #ProjectMockingbird #Qanon
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10/29/2019 Trump's Deleted Tweet Comms
oppidite to opposite
id -> os
Middle tweet in between deleted is also relevant to the comm.…
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
id = source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs.

os = Operating system

They go to places like the #StandardHotel for pleasure and become an operating system.

id->os - or blackmail -> puppets.
Note context of tweet is about Dem's being led by Pelosi/Schiff off a cliff to 2020 disaster. Why are they doing that? Well as it turns out both of them had their strings stolen as decoded in prior threads. They are an OS. They do what they are told.
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The Standard Hotel has a Paddle Room.

Double meanings?
Comet Ping Pong anyone?

#wellhellzbellz #StandardHotel…
Why hide when we love to sleep?

Little Red Riding Hood symbolism.
Couldn't be more blatant.

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09/27/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
Removed a period (6) - added a "d" D=Dem. given context is about Adam Schiff - seems he has been forced to flip. Note the "AND HE GOT CAUGHT" #StandardHotel - There's a lot to unpack if this is true, so bear with me for a moment. #Qanon
If Schiff were flipped, It would explain the insanity of his testimony. He went from an obvious lying idiot to a literal cartoon villain. Was this intentional? Even the MSM couldn't keep it from boomeranging -…
#Qanon #Ukrainegate
Based on other comms, Pelosi was also flipped - this means the face of (Schiff) and gavel (Pelosi) of Impeachment have both had their puppet strings stolen from them. So what does this mean going forward? Perhaps: #EnjoyTheShow
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.@realDonaldTrump @QTAnon1 @drawandstrike @40_head @M2Madness @martingeddes @prayingmedic @Qanon76

A tip for the Dems:
If you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result, you don’t know how to play 4D chess.
The manual can be found @ Qmap dot pub
Twisting the narrative no longer works....
Your party is now transparent...and so are your lies
People are no longer walking away...they are running from you
You aided and concealed:
- FISA Abuse
- Treason
- The truth about HRC’s 33k emails
- The Fake Steele dossier
- The Russian hoax
- The Ukraine Hoax
- The Spygate Scandal
- The creation of mass immigration on the Southern Border
- Denied funding for said wall to protect US citizens
- Pushing a Socialist Agenda under disguise of a Green Deal
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The Standard Hotel is in > Liddle' #AdamSchiff District

The officer noticed an empty 50-gallon tank labeled “muriatic acid” under some stairs near the pool.....

#LiddleAdamSchiff What GOES ON @ #TheStandardHotel

#MAGA #MAGA2020 #KAG #KAG2020 #USA…
Hotel maintenance workers initially admitted pouring a small amount of chlorine down a rooftop drain. But investigators did not believe that would have accounted for the noxious cloud..........
A FBI agent,who specializes in environmental crimes and who is known 4 her pit bull-like tenacity,conducted follow-up interviews in which employees eventually acknowledged emptying the majority of two 50-gallon drums of muriatic acid and chlorine into the drain,complaint alleges.
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EYES ON! Serious! Quick decode. The left is planting child porn on Republican Senator's computers, etc., and charging them as they did with Christian Sen. Mike Folmer (pro-life), as an "umbrella" operation. He was charged Sept 17, 2019. #QAnon
2) This is how they are trying to pull Republicans out of the 2020 race. These people are EVIL!
#QAnon #QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @SecretService @TheJusticeDept @Jim_Jordan @DevinNunes @seanhannity @SaraCarterDC @jsolomonReports @prayingmedic
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I just want to make sure EVERYONE knows of the co #CEMEX - A worldwide company tied to #pedophilia, #childtrafficking #Hillary #Obama & so many more..

#CEMEX has a patent for using BLOOD IN CONCRETE mixtures.
Yes, I said BLOOD.
Here’s the patent👇🏼by #CharlesLaleman of Poissy France.

#CEMEX is owned by the #Bronfman + #Rothschild Dynasty…
Oddly, it’s a lifetime patent (is that even normal?), but JUST TODAY the application expired. 9/6/19. WEIRD🤔

Though it still says “Lifetime” next to its expiration.
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Did we figure out Tick TOCK (LLC)?

👉🏽helicopter crash

IMO, related to Intel ending Tick Tock model for microprocessors. Opening for China to infiltrate w/Apple helping.

U can track my Mercedes by downloading Apple app — no physical attachment necessary.

Have a stalker?
I do.
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1. Thread on Keating, former Australian Prime Minister. There has been speculation as to whether the mystery brunette leaving Epsteins mansion was Katherine Keating… #KatherineKeating #PrinceAndrew #Epstein
The Mail looks to have confirmed it is her from another later photo… #Epstein #KatherineKeating #QAnon #PrinceAndrew
3. The Paul Keating Australian Prime minister connection to Epstein is one pedophilia network whistleblower Fiona Barnett told about some time ago… #PaulKeating #FionaBarnett #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #VIPPedoNetwork
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@Cordicon @w_terrence Prince William and Harry may have met pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when they were children, new court documents appear to suggest…

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #Epstein #DarkToLight #GreatAwakening
@Cordicon @w_terrence Prince Andrew and his wife currently fleeing on a vacation in Spain in the wake of the Epstein suicide news…

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #Epstein #DarkToLight #GreatAwakening #PrinceAndrew
@Cordicon @w_terrence Pictures of Prince Andrew released of him at Epsteins NY mansion hiding behind the front door and checking for onlookers as young women come and go from the building…

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #Epstein #DarkToLight #GreatAwakening #PrinceAndrew
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I was trying to find more info on Rachel Chandler earlier, so I started digging into her husband's background...

& boy did I find out some juicy info 🧵
TOM GUINNESS (who DJ for his first night at Le Bain) and RACHEL CHANDLER, Le Bain, The Standard Hotel, New York. Photo Olivier Zahm
a little background first...

Rachel Chandler (L) and Tom Guinness attend Burberry Acoustic presents Tom O'Dell on September 9, 2013 in New York City.
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1-Notice similarities in every one of these girls/women? Blonde, pretty, photographers, models, like horses, ice cream, interchangeable names, West Hollywood, Chandler, sibling names often after Presidents, Hollywood, famous friends, scandal...

#NXIVM #Epstein #MadelineMcCann
2- Usually grow up in L.A., know high level politicians, jet-setting, connected families, connected to sick modeling or pedo child websites, dead eyes, often don’t look like their parents, early deaths, odd friends...
3- Again - horses are always a part of their stories....
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#QAnon #QArmy Pizzagate is a religious DIVISION tactic. Who is paying for it? Is it the #Failing @NYTimes - or just those connected? @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#QAnon #QArmy I've seen a lot of digging on the Guinness family, but many fail to look into Rachel Chandler's family - particularly her father - who had a lengthy history of political connections. @POTUS @realdonaldtrump…
#QAnon #QArmy In 2010, Rachel Chandler worked for the New York Times fashion magazine as a photographer... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump…
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