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When you start looking at how actually accomplished the vast majority of Rhodes Scholars are, it starts to look like it rewards future underachievement while instilling entitlement.

And it still goes mostly to wealthy Ivy students. Not many HBCUs at all.
I also note that there’s only been one community college to public uni to Rhodes recipient.
CC students often have to work much harder than those who matriculate at unis — CC is where you go when there’s no money for transport, laundry, your family needs you working.
Going to a CC is often not a matter of grades — it’s a matter of scholarships not covering enough of the bills of going to college.
If your parents can’t afford to buy you the plane ticket, it doesn’t matter that Harvard offered you the full ride.
Imagine having no support at 18.
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Sorry about your Galtian paradise actually being a hellhole of worker abuses, low wages, and few resources for worker justice.

But me pointing that out is not the same as me being responsible for it.
...when your state is the ONLY one that doesn’t require all employers to participate in Worker’s Comp, so 40% just don’t, AND the state law mandates that Worker’s Comp is the EXCLUSIVE & SOLE remedy for injury/death on the job... not a worker’s paradise. Sorry.
And when your state has the lowest rate of people covered by employment based health care — both as a percentage of the state & by raw numbers... also not a worker’s paradise.
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I’m old enough to recall stories of Kuwaiti babies thrown out of incubators. And exactly how true those stories were.
(Narrator: They were false.)
So when I hear those stories being recycled, I remain skeptical.
Anti-Kurdish propaganda claims the Kurds have killed 40K civilians. So when you go look that number up? The conflict has killed about 40K people. Mostly Kurds. Mostly killed by Trky. (Per a Trksh source. Mine Eder.)

This source, too, pp 31-36:…
Kurds are 12-22 million of Trky’s 82 million population. 15-25%. Plus another 8 million on the Iraq side of the border. And in Syria. And Iran.
They’ve spent decades - almost a century now - trying to achieve self-determination.
A divorce.
Now think of Trky as an abusive ex.
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A goldbug extolling the virtue of c_ryptos.
Because money backed by the full faith & credit of a national economy is totally insecure, but 100% imaginary money based on the good will of intentionally anonymous strangers is totes real.
I mean...I kind of get the idea of goldbugging. It’s a tangible material that is likely to maintain value in an emergency situation. (It’s the idea behind giving brides lots of gold jewelry.)
But c_ryptos? One global emergency that disrupts electricity/communications? It’s gone.
I’m not even talking anything man-made. We get hit with a really bad coronal mass ejection? Or a major magnetic event? Or one of the calderas goes critical and breaks half a continent? The ledger may survive somewhere, but good luck getting access & turning it into calories.
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Complicated grief is not yet in the DSM, but it is known (and right now, we still use adjustment disorder as the billing code, because Insurance SUCKS.)

We have some good indicators of what can trigger it.
And there’s a public example of it right now.
There’s a slate of likely factors that can transform grief from a difficult, painful, mourning process into something that isn’t healing and makes one’s emotional health even more precarious, that prompts one to lash out at others & make all suffering “what about MEEEEE!?!?”
It’s defined as at least 1 month, 6 months after bereavement.
Previously diagnosed with a mood disorder
Low self-reported social support
An insecure attachment
High stress
Positive caregiving experience and dependency on the deceased

(There are gendered factors, too)
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Okay, Jadies & Lentilmen:

Did we learn nothing from the past 5 years? So called “satire” accounts tweeting actual malice (antivax talking points, racism, misogyny) are not actually satire. They’re disinformation, and they’re intended to derail & troll.

Trolling has been around forever (pretty sure there’s a surviving hot take originally printed on a Gutenberg press *somewhere*) but calling it *satire* is actually just putting the same damn talking points that the Far Right (and foreign propaganda) uses out into the air.
This is a case of the medium not mattering nearly as much as Marshall McLuhan thought: it doesn’t matter that much if the avatar associated with the hate is a cartoon frog, a grey face, or an image scraped from a protest.

It’s all trolling.
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Yesterday, I noticed a person using the type of gifs that can cause migraines & seizures. I checked their timeline, found them repeatedly used. Knowing that people in my follow/follower lists have neuro issues, I sent a warning.

This person isn’t happy.
And I feel no shame. Asking them to remove a dangerous tweet, and warning people who would be harmed if they came across it, is not bullying. I was not cruel, I was matter-of-fact.

Doubling down & defensiveness are never good behavior.…
I’m not mentioning this poor aggrieved soul.

But this is the warning: I will always poke the person who posts a gif that can trigger the extra-jumpy neurology. Because they may not know.

But I’ll always warn people who need not risk injury or even death for a gif.
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(Gin started the subtweet. I’m just running with it.)

Yep. And as someone who actually grew up in the bisexual denial world, and then in the performative bisexual world, and now finally is seeing the pan world come into its own...

Yes, pansexuality is real.
Okay, when I was growing up (in & around the AIDS activist community) I really didn’t know who or what I was. I got a lot of messages that being lesbian was totally incredibly fine (which were messages I needed to hear!).

I also got a METRIC FUCKTON of heteronormativity.
It was the 80s. We were kind of focused on the existential crisis.

But I didn’t have any role models for the concept of bisexuality until my middle teens. I’d sort of heard it might exist, but I also got a lot of messages that it was mostly confusion.
All the bi erasure.
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Old white lady bemoans the lack of protest in the United States.

Go look in the goddam mirror and ask that question of yourself. Why aren’t YOU protesting? Why aren’t YOU starting an occupation of your closest federal building? What are you waiting for?
You’re retired. You have financial security. You have Medicare. You’re relatively healthy. You have nobody depending on you. You’re white. You’re socially female. There’s almost no risk to you.
Your privilege is showing. Why are you waiting for someone else to organize it?

The UK can protest our government with little to no risk.
In the US, it’s 100% legal to fire someone for political activities outside work.
Arrests -not convictions- get people evicted & lose their professional licenses.
Health insurance & debt are de facto indentures for many.
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If you think a global industry that employs 1/10th of the planet (in some capacity) and forces women to live to arbitrarily higher standards to attain 50% of the credibility a mediocre white man gets as a birthright is... superficial?

Well, fuck off now.

The Devil Wears Prada - Blue sweater scene via @YouTube
And if you think it’s petty to criticize someone for failing to perform a basic job expectation?

How fucking low do you want the bar set, asshat?

I’m not asking for anything not expected of every professional job in the United States.
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It’s not a smear to note that the rule of law is in fact suffering while we wait for the House to investigate. Not even so much at the federal level.

There are developers greasing wheels by offering good deals to county commissioners. A sweetheart deal...
...on a new boat for a county clerk’s spouse. A concrete guy getting a no bid contract for some small town maintenance projects. It’s the retail corruption being enabled because the big stuff takes all of the oxygen. Because we’re not paying attention, & they got away with worse.
It took generations to build the distrust and cynicism that enables these widespread systematic failures of oversight. The repair will take just as long.
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Actually, I am pro-abortion.

Not just in the sense that I’m pro-appendectomy, or pro-rhinoplasty. I am those, too.

Not just that I don’t get any input into what someone else needs or wants.

No, I think abortions are generally a net good.
I wish the default was to never continue a pregnancy if not actively & cooperatively intending to be pregnant.
I think putting any orgasm above the trust to a future human is profoundly selfish & indicates a poor grasp of the needs of brand new humans with no operating manual.
And 40 weeks is not long enough to re-program one’s own defaults away from that self-interest without active, intentional work.

I know that’s me coming from the perspective of seeing the profound damage that thoughtless, ill-equipped parents can inflict. But I do see it.

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... you know, there really is no diplomatic way to say my racist relatives & their friends won’t listen to black women.
I wish they would. I’m sick of the 🐂💩too.
It’s like rock tumbling, tbh: slowly wearing down thick skulls.
I hate the ignorance & fear.
But... someone has to do it. And women of color have enough on their plates without consciousness raising to my asshat relatives, who won’t listen anyway.

We don’t have an installable brain software patch. We have to rewrite the code, person to person.
Thing is?

/whispers: I don’t want them raising unwanted babies. I don’t want them spreading it to another generation. I don’t want them resenting their own children & every other kid they can blame for their own problems.
When they’re unhappy, they take it out on the kids.
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Here’s the stats on rape: 1 in 3 women report (to a survey, not the police) being raped. It’s higher. Look at the graphic: 10% or fewer go to the police. Less than 25% of those face trial, only 1/3 of THOSE are convicted.
Of those 1000? 2 false reports.
The graphic is from slate, by the way.

Those two false reports? They can be actually malicious, or they can be honest mistakes. Someone misidentifies their attacker.

But here’s the thing: in the vast majority (80+%) people who are raped know who raped them. It’s not a stranger.
It’s someone from a class, or the dorm, or a Tindr date. It’s an ex, or a current partner. It’s someone the victim had a crush on & the rapist took advantage.

It’s a crime where we know who was on top of us.

Yet, even when we do everything right, it’s only 1:10 for conviction.
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#SubtweetAlertSystem Thread

If you’re a white woman and you still have not grappled with the fact that, indeed, people who share our skin tone & gender are the reason we’re in this mess...

You have thinking to do.
If you haven’t faced the idea that our situation is toxic enough that children are in cages....

You have thinking to do.
If being told that we will have to fight, and fight hard, or every gain we have ever managed will disappear, and if that scares you so much you’d rather lash out at the messenger than face today?

You have thinking to do.
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#SubtweetAlertSystem thread
Dude, no complaining about partner’s low libido if you
a) admit you cheated
b) invaded her headspace to find her fic account but
c) aren’t interested in sharing what she writes about
d) dismiss her fic as derivative while
e) calling your game mods art.
And you mention in passing that
a) you have a kid, and
b) you’ve been together >10 years, but
c) you don’t mention how old the kid is, or
d) who has primary care of the child or
e) who has primary care of the household.
Since those are all neglected, I’m betting it’s not you.
1) Learn about emotional labor. You’re doing none of it.
2) Equitable division of household management.
3) Dividing it outside vs inside is not equitable, unless you live, eat & sleep outside half the time.
4) Don’t expect her to project manage all of this.
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(Not actually a tweet I’m subbing, but a comment on an article on the K-T boundary)

DUDE. Not exclusive. Volcanoes would be a RESULT of a massive asteroid hitting Earth. The techtonic plates are floating on the mantle. They’re gonna slosh. And leak.
Yes, my geekery knows no limits.
The day of the iridium fuckery, when everything topside dies, then a few hundred to thousands years of sloshy plates as the reverb dies.
While the life deep enough to not get smoked comes topside & runs a gauntlet of punctuated equalibrium.
(This is all because I’m hoping Sis and Niece the Younger can come for a long weekend this summer, and we can go look at fun rocks over at Dinosaur.)
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