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I woke up to this JE change of narrative.
Where is Waldo, I mean JE?
Logical thinking. A dead person's face will be covered by a sheet. Not JE. Why?
They want us to see his face and especially his EARS.
Don't forget we are watching a show.
After yesterday's released of more than 2000 documents, which proves JE was just a middle man. JE was not needed anymore. His case is CLOSED. He was just a middle man of EVIL human trafficker and especially children. Patriots are in control. They r going after the bigger heads.
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#Q491 Came across drop that put a smile on my face.

How are Senators worth many millions of dollars?
How does MW live in a $4mm home?
How many past/current politicians have foundations or institutes?
Qteam members passionately want justice.
Hillary & others were detained, but still walking around.
Listening, tracking and poison capsules implanted?

Keep other dangerous animals oblivious?
Military tribunals being held?
No Name's tribunal was.
Creative thinking.

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Part 2
Continued, the list of suicides, murder, some due to old age, as there may be connections. As I find more to combine from other Anons, and digging. Links included. My last thread broke up toward the end-I’ll continue from there. #QAnon #SuicideWeekend
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I’ve compiled a list of suicides, murder-suicides and plane crashes in the past couple of weeks. I added a couple from May 14, 2019 as they were unusual. I’ll keep adding, should god forbid more arise. I’m up to 24. Links included. #QAnon #SuicideWeekend
1) MUNICH: Investigators were on Tuesday pursuing leads that five mysterious deaths, including three by crossbow bolts, may have been a murder-suicide pact among Germans with a reported passion for medieval folklore and weaponry. May 14, 2019…
2) Brazilian pop star Gabriel Diniz killed in plane crash at age 28 May 27, 2019…
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10) #QAnon No. 3129...
Link 2 @TeaBoots Tweet ==> Footage from the #SchoolBus incident.

#Senegalese driver attempts 2kill himself & children in #MilanoItaly.

This isn't a game.
11) #QAnon No. 3130...
Link 2 #DailyMail ==> He had a perpetual smile - even when he was correcting you': #Hussein leads the tributes 2his chief economist, who also advised #BC, after he takes his own life aged 58…
Text: Quote from fam.
#SuicideWeekend [?]
12) #QAnon No. 3131...
Image of #BC w/fellow #Pedos vacationing at #JefferyEpstein's Island.
To Bill's right is convicted pedo #GeorgeNader, at far right is #TonyPodesta.
Link 2 #POLITICO ==> Mystery parties seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit…
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Wait! Lemme guess!

It was a RED 🧣 scarf?



What did he know?...
Watch for more clues in the next few days. Many more of these “suicides” coming soon, to tweet near you.. #CabalTakedown
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1) @RealDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2706...
#Q dropped 3 images & text aimed at personnel engaged in an overseas [surveillance?] operation. These images are from Shanghai time which is 13 hrs ahead of EST. At this time "Track 7B-DS' (7 B=targets? Deep State?)
2) The first drop was missing #Q's tripcode which set off #Anons. This 2nd drop has it added , confirming the first drop & is the reply. The clock shows. a time which is 4min prior to the drops. This is clearly #China. Seems we must have permission to be doing this op.
3) The agenda, if nothing else was to let the targets know there are being watched. If this is a continuum of the recent LA OP, there may have been another takedown. Active tracking ensues on 3 targets. These aren't #Anon image sets, so much as data sets released for one of #Q's
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QDrops August 26, 2018

We Don’t Say His Name Edition






Suicide weekend?

Hands up?





We are in control.

BIG week ahead.

Now Comes The Pain!
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