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Jump in……
“fuck fuck fuck…. what the fuck just happened

Larry ran out of the bedroom with his hands gripping his loose pants with a bewildered look on his face..

“what the fuck is going on here…
“help me…. Help him… do something Larry

Sosa was on the ground her clothes bloodied, her hands soaked with blood as she held his shaking body while trying to stop the bleeding. She looked up and stared at Jenny

“ will u fucking do something

Larry was like
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(The ties that bind)

A thread
Walk with ME
“stay with me.. Stay with me.. We re losing him doctor… open your eyes.. James.. James..… Doctor!!!!!

Those were the last words he heard as sound slowly faded into silence and he fell into oblivion

He fell… Quite literally, through an empty dark hollow. As he fell hands, Lots of hands protruded from the darkness and each clawed at his skin trying to grab him… While he descended further and further into the darkness.
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Diary of a wimpy Nigerian youth

FT: Ahmed, Prof and SARS

“get down.. Get down now”

He barked at me with the veins in his neck popping out.
I quickly stepped out of the bus with my hands firmly gripping my backpack and my heart beating out of my chest.
“come here… I Say come here”

His orders were like those of a raging gladiator.
I jolted in obedience and walked towards him.
He was a huge man, 6ft tall or so with an angry scrowl on his face and a dark hollow expression in his eyes.
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NOSAKHARE (the streams of destiny)

Walk with me
Nosa looked out the window and saw the endless rows of rusty rooftops as the plane continued to descend.
He felt a jolt as the tires touched the asphalt of the runway tarmac..
He was finally home.
It has been 10 years since he left Nigeria. A journey that broke his parents heart.
He had joined a band of travelers who migrated to Europe via land and sea.
He knew the risks but he did it nonetheless

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TANDIWE... (The songs of pain)

Walk with me.......
“Tandiwe… Tandiwe..Tandiwe”

He barked her name from the sitting room as she bolted the kitchen door and hid behind it.
She held Anika so tight in her arms.. as she squeezed herself inside the cupboard and shut the lid.
She could hear the footsteps. They grew louder and louder.
Suddenly She heard the shattering of glass as her heart skipped a beat.. Oh lord.. He is coming...
Help me
She screamed beneath her breathe.

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Heaven Loves A Fire

FT: Ahmed and Karen

Oya…. Jump in…..
It has been raining for over two hours now. I was ready for work but the rain wasn't letting up anytime soon.
My street was already flooded with water and I just watched as the rain fell from my window.
I had gotten a new job as a representative of a marketing firm and I really needed to impress my boss.
He hired me on a trial basis, I wasn't qualified and my resume wasn't exactly perfect but he hired me anyway and I really wanted to prove myself to him.
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ESOSA... The drums of fate
(Inspired by a true story)

FT: Sosa and Mike

Walk with me......
It has been an hour since she returned from that shoddy excuse of a family meeting..
More like a family ambush.
She was exhausted
She dropped her bag on her bed and picked up her phone...
3 missed calls from mum..

Ahh this woman is relentless
But she had the nerve. Her mum knew hw much she has been through in the last 16 years.
She knew the horrors she faced raising a child on her own abroad.. How could she side with him now.. How could she
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FT: Tope, Ahmed and Matilda
Life can be really surprising sometimes and the best way to really enjoy life is to live it as if every moment is the last..
Ladies and gentlemen let me tell you a story 😁😁
During my youth service I had many adventures. My friend Ahmed was serving with me in Akwa Ibom while Tope was closeby in calabar.

Life was good.. But this is not a bedtime story.. No.. This is not a story about love.. This is a story about choices and bad decisions
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TONY TONERRO PT3 (The finale)

FT: Ahmed, Jumoke and candice

It was past midnight and i had left the club in a hurry, I didn't call a cab so I started walking down the road hoping to find a cab.
The road was empty, all I could hear was the chirping of crickets and the hollow dark of the night. I was beginning to get scared
I called Ahmed a couple more times and he still didn't pick up. I was so worried about my own safety but I still worried about his as well.
I was a long way from home and there was no way I could walk to my house, I needed a cab or a small motel to crash for the night
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FT: Tony, Jumoke and Ahmed

Mr Nicholas.. Mr Nicholas

The sound of my name brought me back to reality
The sun was up now and I was sweating to my neck.
It was my turn to be interviewed so I straightened my tie, raised my shoulders, wiped the sweat off my face and walked into the hall with confidence.
I was offered a seat and I sat down. The interview panel was made up of two guys and a fat lady.

“so Mr Nicholas your resume says you are an excellent script writer and director”

“yes sir I am”

“can we see any proof of ur work”

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