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#amyconeybarrett wird neue Oberste Richterin in den USA.
Der vom Deep State ermordete Oberste Richter Scalia war ihr Lehrmeister. Sie ist integer und man wird keinen Grund konstruieren können um ihre Ernennung zu verhindern.… Image
Der Hubertus Orden soll auch Kinder-Jagden veranstaltet haben, wo auf entführte Kinder geschossen wurde. Ist wohl eine alte Tradition der perversen Eliten.
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Ok while ((Soros)) tries to distract us with bullshit riots we really should be getting ready for the Operation Crossfire Hurricane Hearings on Wednesday aka #ObamaGate SPYING/ #Treason Do you have any questions? I spent 27 months deep diving this topic and this is my specialty!
Did you know according to cooperating witness testimonies... Loretta Lynch head of Obama DOJ was offered a Supreme Court Seat if she made Email/Server scandal go away? #tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton! And Lisa Page "Mueller probe was to cover up Democratic crimes we had nothing
Long thread but has aged well if you want to get my cliff notes version on Weiner laptop, DOJ Tarmac and Gen Flynn...
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1. #QAnon The ability to decipher complex info-strings is a valued asset for the ABC agencies in the Military Intelligence programs, and #Q encourages any such "Autists" interested to consider joining. #Q
2. #QANON "ABC agencies" : US Intel Community (IC) is a federation of 16 separate US gov intel agencies & a 17th admin office, that work separately & together.
DEA, (under DOJ)
3. #QAnon Logical thinking always wins: This is about the survival of our Nation (our World) – not funding scams. When there are attempts to ‘divide’ our movement, it only draws LIGHT to their TRUE INTENTIONS, e.g.,
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2. #QAnon notes Reiner's tweet as 1 example of new conspiracy pushed on us to back away from Mueller as the savior, to "new" investigations designed to be an 'insurance' extension to prevent our President cleaning out the corrupt
3. #QAnon If they had evidence, would they be backing away (playing down) the Mueller report about to be released? Now they claim the SC didn't look deep enough? If the SC report is classified - how do they know the conclusions of the report? #Q
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The Deal of a Lifetime?
[#Tarmac] mtg not planned according to [Loretta Lynch] & [Bill #Clinton]?
Security reports indicate USSS (sec detail [Bill Clinton] & FBI (sec detail [Loretta Lynch]) planned for mtg?
Supreme Court/[Loretta Lynch] deal presented by Clinton?
[FEb 2016] A leading Supreme Court analyst thinks Attorney General Loretta Lynch is "most likely candidate" to replace the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.…7ip9o4lbFL
Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meet in Phoenix #tarmacmeeting #whendoesabirdsing
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Q! Thread for Sat., JULY 1, 2018🔥 #QAnon
Q!🔥 7/1, 9:48am #QAnon

“ICE executes its mission through the enforcement of more than 400 federal statutes, and focuses on smart immigration enforcement, preventing terrorism and combating the illegal movement of people and trade.”
Abolish ICE?
Q!🔥 Sun. 7/1, 9:55am #QAnon

What a coincidence.
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Is this the information that was taken from Cohen's office to be submitted in court? If so, this is the possible MOAB.

#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #THEMemo
Eric Holder said this con game aka "Shell Game" was too big to jail. He really did see himself, and the Obama administration as above the law. #QAnon
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