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Big research lead on Robert Swan Mueller - From 1938 Lafayette Alumni magazine

RS Mueller, with his company R. S. Mueller Company, was at that time (1938) the exclusive distributor for the Davison Chemical Company.
[2] Just a taste of the rapid additional research done by #TeamW ... this is @ktimmer76 ...
[3] ... and from team member @PetrusMax4 ...…
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Gilbert LEONARD Tugwell was born in Sussex, England in 1919, and married in Surrey. He emigrated to the United States in 1962. By 1969 he was promoted to PRESIDENT of Engelhard.
@leytedriver @btaylor_71 @GeorgWebb #TeamW
[2] ENgelhard was started by Charles W. Engelhard, Sr. in 1902 when he purchased the Charles F. Croselmire Company in Newark, New Jersey. He subsequently acquired several other companies, including (1904) the Baker & Co platinum smelting and refining business located in Newark.
[3] "“From 1943 through the mid-1950s, the (Bake and Co.) facility (In Newark) processed spent catalyst (contaminated platinum) to recovery the platinum for the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission). .. "
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Sheffield family of 5 killed in murder-suicide

Father decided to burn house down moments before killing himself last

Both mother and father are lawyers - Mother is a patent lawyer

Need to research ASAP, #TeamW
[2] Mother was Justine M Wilbur with Hoffman Warnick - Intellectual Property Law…
[3] Resume- "For more than 10 years, she has focused on drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the areas of organic compounds, resins, ceramics, polymers, thin films, alloys, light-emitting materials, nanomaterials, textiles, coatings, compositions, semiconductors.."
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[1] Deepwater, New Jersey
[2] TEL ( lead tetraethyl ), required to produce leaded gasoline for Ethyl Corporation, was made in Deepwater New Jersey. See…
[3] Ethyl Corporation - Basically, a Du Pont venture
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[1] American Fertilizer - 1926 and 1927

Cannot view full copies (protected?), but can search them

"Mueller" appears 6-10 times in each issue during these years, for the R. S. Mueller Company
[2] Same with 1928 . And 1929.
[3] Hold the phone... instances of Mueller are down in the 1929 issue ...
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[1] Lead additive for gas ? Ethyl Corporation? That would be founded in 1923.
#TeamW @GeorgWebb…
[2] Remember in 1919/1920, DuPont Corporation had piles and piles of cash from war profits of selling munitions in WW1.

DuPont corporation decided to invest in a struggling US company with potential - General Motors
[3] And which company founded Ethyl Corporation ?
A - General Motors

So basically ... DuPont owned Ethyl Corporation
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[2] This will be very, very helpful : @CWCreekFacts…
There is a boat path between St. Louis and Cincinnati that can facilitate the transport of nuclear materials. Think direct boat path from #Mallinckrodt to Fernald Feed Materials Production Center .
#TeamW @GeorgWebb
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DuPont family members lived in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Bryn Mawr

Robert Swan Mueller II (RSM2) moved to Bryn Mawr, from St. Louis, in the mid to late 1940s

@GeorgWebb #TeamW
[2] Evidence of RSM 2 in Bryn Mawr is from the "where are they now / 10 yrs out" Princeton book I found on Ebay…
[3] RSM 2 had "phenomenal sales of du Pont Ex-Ray film"

The "X-Ray" part should trigger the same reason why #AlbertEinstein approached #Mallinckrodt for uranium enrichment in the 1930s/1940s ... because of their XRay tech
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#Mallinckrodt - Chemicals for uranium enrichment, and opioids (Oxycodone) all in one tax-protected company headquartered in Ireland

Wealthy family all over Baltimore (not sure if connected to Gibson Island)

Responsible for Cold Water Creek Maryland -> Thousands of cancer deaths
Before they made generic opioids, they were approached by #AlbertEinstein to use their XRay knowledge to enrich #uranium in St Louis starting in the 1930s
[2] I was WRONG!

"In 1867, the Mallinckrodt brothers, Gustav, Otto and Edward, founded G. Mallinckrodt & Co. in St. Louis, Missouri. The Mallinckrodt family had immigrated from Germany, and Otto and Edward both returned to Germany (leader in Chem at the time) for adv. training."
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Never a Dulles moment studying the Symington family until now…
* CJ #Symington
* #Dulles
* #Firestone
* #CIA

Keep digging, #TeamW @GeorgWebb
* National Planning Association
* ----> That means Rexford #Tugwell
* Liberia #Mining Company
* #Goodrich
* Initial references to petroleum in Venezuela (Franklin Tugwell wrote the book on Venezuela's oil reserves, released in 1974)
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[1] TMA - "Tugwell Mueller Associates": Formed in 1974, licensed until the mid 1980s (at least) in New jersey

We have been thinking that this is a working relationship between Rexford Guy Tugwell as Robert Swan Mueller II ( #RSM2 )

Is that the wrong way of looking at it?
[2] #TMA - Rexford Guy Tugwell died in 1979. And although he worked until his death, he never made any mention of "TMA". I read his detailed autobiography, no mention at all.
[3] #TMA - There is another angle. Rexford Guy Tugwell was a key content contributor of the group "Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions" which operated 1959 to 1977, in particular his outline for a new United States Constitution.
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The #Mueller family of Robert Swan Mueller I paid big $$$ to have a summer home on white-only (no blacks, no Jews. Strictly excluded!) Gibson Island in the late 1920s.

Living large (and white) with the Roosevelts, DuPonts, and other elites.

Where was the money from, so young?

Imagine if this was evidence of President Trump's ancestors enjoying exclusive white-only communities

Twitter is a waste of my time
[2] Did Robert Swan #Mueller 1 yacht with #Rothchild ? or #DuPont (married a Roosvelt) ? Or #Roosevelt (married a DuPont)? or Tuesdale (married a Mueller) ?

@leytedriver @GeorgWebb #TeamW @btaylor_71
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[1] You are going to like this #TeamW -

#Agrico #Superfund site in Pensacola Florida

How did RADIOACTIVE waste wind up at a fertilizer production facility ?
[2] Well I dont know - but I CAN tell you that #Agrico Chemical is what was formerly known as the American Agricultural Chemical Company ...
[3] The American Agricultural Chemical Company (or AACC) was led for many years by William Whiteley Baker Sr., who passed in 1918 . His legend was called out here in the American Fertilizer 1918 issue.
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