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#TheReal911Report #The911CoverUp #TheSleeperMustAwaken

In order for 9/11 to be pulled off, complete control of communications was absolutely necessary. I never understood why WTC 7 came down. They already proved the new 4th generation nuclear device worked with the first two.
Why level WTC 7 so many hours later? The answer was to destroy all communications and documentation of the event,. With the help of Verizon by conveniently "servicing" their boards hours before the attack & FCC West Orange Site, the sabotage of signals was a complete success.
When i tried to find the FCC report for the problems at the West Orange Site, of course, the page has been removed. When i looked in the internet archives, of course, the page has been removed. But just like a dog pissing on a hydrant, they made sure to mark their scent.
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#TheReal911Report #WhatBroughtDownWTCTowers #The911CoverUp #NeverForget911 #TheSleeperMustAwaken

Here is the physics behind what brought the towers down. Notice that the experiments were done in 1996 but were not published until one month after the attack on 9/11.
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Here is the AGM 154 missile approach and strike on the north tower. They blurred out the area in between the building and the towers to hide the missile and edit in an airplane later.
They blurred out the area in between the building and the towers to hide the missile and edit in an airplane later.
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#TheReal911Report #The911CoverUp

The strike on the World Trade Center 2 was an airplane, but it wasn't manned. This was remotely flown into the South Tower and concealed the true weapon that was being tested.
Here is an untouched clip from that day showing the target being painted as it was guided into the tower. This was the only time planted explosives were used. The charges went off in a straight line wrapping around the the corner of the building.
This was done to mimic the explosion of the first tower as a result of the Raytheon built AGM-154A. The real weapon tested was similar to AGM154 but built by Lockheed Martin. They couldn't deploy it from the airplane or everyone would see, so it stayed under the wing.
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This is what 9/11 was all about. Whoever could harness fast ignition fusion would be able to create almost limitless power. This new energy would not require lines for transportation. It can be beamed out just like Telsa's invention.

True to Deep State form, (secretly but in plain sight like always) announced it to the world while everyone cheered. Telsa was years ahead of his time. He wanted free energy for all mankind, but Edison was backed by Morgan and Vanderbilt
This is why the chemtrails are being deployed. They are not trying to poison you from above. That wouldn't make any sense because they have to breathe the same air we do. Its being sprayed so the nano particles can transmit this wireless energy throughout the planet.
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#TheReal911Report #The911CoverUp
The videos and pictures from the last series of threads were mostly done to grab everyone's attention. Some of what was previously posted even I would consider to be circumstantial evidence. This is NOT. These are prosecutable criminal offenses
I got so pissed off going though my research in order to put this together. Everyone please get this information out! The work has already been done. This isn't open to interpretation, these are documented facts. We need to find attorneys with the balls to take on these murderers
Those responsible for 9/11 are the same ones that did the investigation and forensic analysis to determine who was responsible. Lets start with this. The D.O.E. withheld sensing equipment for three weeks so an accurate temperature reading couldn't be taken. (Boots were melting)
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I was going to wait to disclose until i had everything together, but i've been attacked by trolls and bots all day & scared of being blocked out. Here is a copy of the email i sent a friend in Jan when i finally discovered it
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Department of Energy successfully fired a petawatt laser in 1999 which is capable of creating nuclear fusion. This is the weapon what was used to bring down the towers.
The world trade centers were built to test this devices destructive power before it had even been invited. It was just mathematically proven on paper.
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