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The Tories are passing a law (the NHS Bill) which will remove your rights to healthcare

Privatisation means high costs & lower wages.

This thread will explain why so you can share it with your friends and do something to help make Tories scrap this Bill.

Higher Costs:

At the moment you pay National Insurance. The Tories just raised this to make you think the NHS cost too much. They didn't raise tax for rich people, just you.

Tory News like Spectator have attacked GPs/NHS, leading patients to abuse NHS Staff.

Their hope is that they trick you again just like they did when they told you £350M a week for the #NHS and there was instead a £600M a week loss of trade by leaving the EU

They are liars.

Their #ToryDonor friends will own the NHS suppliers and set the price

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Yesterday, we removed followers from Jacob Rees Mogg's Twitter Account with our #BlockReesMogg campaign and helped to #ReportToryBots that are used to influence elections. For the second day @Jacob_Rees_Mogg suffered a net loss of followers 👍 Block Rees Mogg
As proof that there is and ongoing Twitter Bot generation program propping up the Prime Minister, his following leapt by an unprecedented (almost exactly double) rate, having been halved the day before by #BlockBorisJohnson and #ReportToryBots.

Our Prime Minister is a fake 😡 Block Boris Johnson
But it isn't just @BorisJohnson these Fake Twitter accounts are artificially boosting the following of. With over 300 fake far right bots generated a day, they follow multiple accounts: Leave EU, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ricard Tice, Claire Fox

Who"s funding these right wing bots? Right Wing Bots
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Meet Rupert Murdoch
* #ToryDonor
* Hacked Milly Dowlers Phone
* Hacked Dead British Soldiers Relatives
* Hacked Diana
* Hacked victims of 7/7
* Owns Sun & Times
* Anti-Semitic Tweets
* Pro-Israel Violence
* Priti Patel #ToryCorruption
* Nigel Farage Friend
* #Brexit Xenophobia £s Rupert Murdoch
Boris Johnson courted controversy by entertaining Rupert Murdoch as his guest of honour at the 2012 Olympic swimming finals when Mayor of London.

He was under investigation for phone hacking at the time!

This was also when @jennifer_arcuri was PMs mistress & cheated on his wife
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The Queen's Speech contains laws that will remove your rights

Boris Johnson & the Conservatives are set to limit your freedom & control you. You must take this very seriously

We need to get together right now. Left or Right

Please Read & RT This Thread For Democracy🙏 👇

The new powers of arrest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill mean you cannot protest whatever Boris Johnson does next

It will be illegal with up to 10 years in Prison for being "serious annoyance", which all protests are by definition🤦‍♂️…

Tax Evasion will be legalised for the Super Rich #ToryDonors in the National Insurance Contributions Bill.

They will avoid contributing to Tax, damaging the #NHS and increasing your income taxes.

Remember, you will not be able to protest this👆…

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Boris Johnson's brother Joseph Johnson made director of Dyson on 18th February 2020

After Coronavirus reached UK 23rd January & before James Dyson was awarded a #Ventilator contract on 16th March

Then he got tax laws changed🤦‍♂️

#ToryCorruption #TorySleaze #NeverVoteConservative Joseph Edmund Johnson made Director of Dyson February 2020
Companies House shows when Joseph Edmund Johnson was made a director of DYSON TECHNICAL TRAINING LIMITED.

18 February 2020

The brother of the Prime Minister appointed, at the start of the #Covid pandemic, to Director of a Dyson company🤦‍♂️

This came THE DAY AFTER Boris Johnson refused to disagree with his Special Adviser who said

"Black People are mentally inferior"😲

Even Lozza (sometimes) goes 24 hours without being racist AND getting his brother a #ToryDonor job🤦‍♂️
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Meet Lord Anthony Bamford, JCB Chairman

1. #TaxAvoider on his £4 BILLION
2. Pro #Brexit
3. £5M #ToryDonor
4. Gave @BorisJohnson £80,000
5. Voted AGAINST #LocalBusiness #Covid Support
6. Borrowed #TAXPAYERS £600,000 in #JCB Covid Support

Make him #Famous

GOV2.UK Picture of someone who takes from local businesses..
Lord Anthony Bamford is such a committed #Brexiteer he's building a £50M factory to boost the economy.. GERMANY

"Europe has been a very significant market. Germany is a crucial market for JCB"

Literally.. Check Change & GO!

Every @Conservatives donation seems to be an investment.

It's a good investment because £5M is a fraction for example of inheritance tax on £4Bn. The Tories protect tax havens the EU would have regulated.

We are NOT all equal.

Boris Johnson -> #Resign Inheritance Tax on £4Bn
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