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I dont know of anyone got this yet, I haven’t been online much today, but it sure looks like a “CASTLE LOCK” confirm! 😳👀
119 reversing 911 spells
Eph 6:10-18. Prayers for teams all over 🌎 Lead us through this @realDonaldTrump!🙏🏻
#QAnon #QArmy #CastleLock #Phase4 #ItsHappening
3. I see a Rocky in Jaloves decode too! And I see the clock might be 4:14. That’s another 414, or 45 or 9.
Rocky connections in past we’re YUGE. We had them! Went to Oumuamua as well! Watch...
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Someone YUGE went down!
Cards: Orange Hermès messenger of the gods🐑(see graphic!)
Shirt & 3X mentions 4 = 444 = Paper Planes!
(Me saying We, the 144,000 are safe. Rev. 7)
666; 6 Hearts, 6 Hearts, 6 Diamonds
13; 8 Clover & 5 Clover
H/T @JeanGre85804374 for bringing it attention.
2. @LovesTheLight has been tracking the playing cards for a long time! I circled PAN and connection to Hermès b/c she’s a genius!!
It’s Time! They are in pain folks. Do we pray or celebrate? I think we still need to pray. God tells us to pray. 🙏🏻
3. 6 of diamonds ♦️ = loss or a sense of someone. Losing someone close from BREAK-up or form of betrayal.
Had it! 👊🏻. See. Someone MASSIVE and evil 👿 in [their] pyramid went down!
H/T @RTerriers
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Spanx tweeted🙄
KLBBNSWH Gematria: (J)1072, (E)546, (S)91
Direct Match only: Law of One, Dawn of Man. @LovesTheLight there are #TripleEights Lots!
BB is Masonic. I’ll drop
Timestamp = 88 & 12(1+2=3). (8+8+3=)Total = 19
Ashore = assure. ON LAND!💥
@TheHammmerTime_ @wwg1wga50607113
2. @TheHammmerTime_ brings up great points 📌 Is “Bondi Beach” in reference to “Pam Bondi” another Florida- Broward - Epstein reference? BB - Bondi Broward? Scaramucci Model #QAnon? Scientology connection. YUGE in FL.
3. Inside out pink sock. Adrenochrome?
Block - Brick Walls = Blockchain.
Grassy knoll? #JFK
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23. 😱 I just realized people using hashtag #CVD19 💥 That’s another 19 & assoc. to #Coronavirus. See thread👆🏻 We’ve been tracking 19 for a while! That’s not all! 👉🏻19👈🏻 patents filed as far back as 1984 & prior to outbreak. We already know it was on Lysol can too. Not coinkidink
24. This actually should have been added to this #numbersthread
119 911 1010 and 101
Feast of InGathering 360 Days in a prophetic year.
ThanQ @The1010Guy1 👏🏻👏🏻 #Apocalypse
25. @TheHammmerTime_ finds another significant “119” at Daytona 500 with the beast going out on track.
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