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1) Sherie Murray. Still more confusing “facts” on @ScherieMurray , running in the Republican primary to face @AOC . “Apart from job creation, Murray said she supports “Medicare for all”, traditionally a Democratic stance. But then tries to simmer the effects of that statement...
@ScherieMurray @AOC 2) saying “I think a lot of people are happy with their current health insurance.” Cont.
@ScherieMurray @AOC 3) states her date of birth as Jan. 1st, 1970, which would make her 49 years old. states her age at 38 years old, as of 2018, & date of birth in 1980. 👇
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It’s also been said that ANYONE who supports our @POTUS is a racist...

Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not even close to be a racist... and I proudly support our President!

(If this hurt your feeling, please go to counseling sessions)

.@tapisseriefille says I am... then blocks me 😂😂😂😂
Not that I owe any explanation as to WHY I am not, but let’s just say my immediate family consists of:
- 2nd generation immigrants from Russia, Poland, Germany
- 1st gen. from Cuba 🇨🇺
- Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
- Devout Christians
- Conservative Jewish
- Interracial Marriages

So, F.O.
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As if you don’t have blood on your hands. You (& your #MobSquad) have lied continuously about:

- Charlottesville
- The Southern Border (“Kids in Cages”)
- How your campaign was funded
- The Green New Deal: You didn’t author it, and lied abt costs
Sticking just on the Green New Deal, you have lied to America continuously as to:

- Who is behind it;
- Why you are pushing it;
- How much Americans will pay for it;
- Who it will cripple;
- What it will do to our Nation;
- When people will feel the death blow
In fact @AOC, your entire presence in Congress is sketchy AF...

How did you get there?
Why did you run?
What motivated you?
What is your background?
When did you get your “calling”?
Who helped you?

Yeah... you’re about as clean as they come 🙄🤥
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This makes my heart ❤️smile....

@ScherieMurray is:
- Educated
- Amazing speaker
- Reaches across aisle
- Represents ALL NY’ers
- Has a respectable agenda / platform
- Is not about the “limelight” (like AOC)


Time to boot 🥾 the #MobSquad OUT OF CONGRESS!
Here is the only press I've found so far on @ScherieMurray 's bid to run against @AOC in the NY-14 Congressional race.

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