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One of the most sophisticated and secretive wings of the US Department of Defense wants to know if you have any 'underground urban tunnels & facilities' for it to conduct experiments in.…
DARPA Is Planning to Hack the Human Brain to Let Us “Upload” Skills…
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The entire floor of the vast cathedral in Lichfield, Staffordshire, has been covered in large lunar craters

ummm am I the only one that thinks this seems blasphemous?…
Another photo shows a 4.5metre high rocket bathed in red light which depicts the Apollo 11 mission in the immersive experience


yeahhh...gonna have to say this is unsettling.


"During the journey through space, visitors can see original moon landing film in a recreation of a 1960's living room, watch the Big Bang and travel"
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Tardigrades are known to survive almost anything. They were sent to the moon on Beresheet mission from Israel's SpaceIL..also human DNA, Wikipedia & magic secrets on the lunar surface #waitwhat…

Tardigrades have been around for 530 million years and outlived the dinosaurs.
This data will be preserved for perhaps billions of years on the lunar surface, according to the Arch Mission Foundation, which is dedicated to archiving our species' knowledge for the long haul (hence the name, which is pronounced "Ark").…
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Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, has dispatched state troopers to find missing Republican senators and bring them back to Salem to legislate.

Oregon Senate Republicans Flee State In Protest Of Cap and Trade Bill, Denying Dems Quorum, Governor Dispatches Police to Arrest Them…
In response to the walkout, Courtney formally requested that Brown dispatch Oregon State Police troopers to round up the missing Republicans.…
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#waitwhat so many things to take in here...
Ilhan Omar, marriage, & Somali culture: FAQ
If the man survives the vetting process, the marrying partners privately agree upon an amount of merh (cash) — the groom or his family will give to…VLiP
Minneapolis City Council Member Alondra Cano will soon hire a new senior policy aide: Ahmed Hirsi, the husband of state Rep. Ilhan Omar, who recently won the DFL primary in the race to replace U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison.…
The Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis is sometimes called "Little Mogadishu." It's center of the nation's largest concentration of Somalis, & fertile ground for Islamic terrorist groups recruiting….co/12ohhyMilX
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[1988] The subsequent #investigation of the downed cargo plane revealed for 1st time a connection btwn the office of George #Bush & a clandestine campaign to arm the #contras during 1984-86 period when US Congress had ordered a halt to CIA & Pentagon aid.…
[2010] Undoubtedly the most startling moment in Matt Lauer's conversation with George W Bush came in the first 5 minutes of the interview, when #Bush recounted his mother's miscarriage—& how she had showed him the fetus in a jar.

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Facebook, Instagram go down around the world in an apparent outage…
How much more obvious can any of this be?
Think LifeLog dump.
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link btwn Lasik procedures & suicide is not unique to Starr's case..chronic pain & blurred vision experienced by some patients after procedure was so great it drove them to suicide #WaitWhat…h4sGAlHE
As far back as 2008, however, patients who had received Lasik & their families testified at FDA mtg about impaired vision & chronic pain that led to job loss & disability, social isolation, depression — & even suicides
don't recall…/
White Collar Criminal Mafia Network

If the American people knew what was happening, there would be unrest, turmoil, & criminal investigation at the highest levels w many rich American families going to jail.S9yn
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Funding immortality: If anyone has the cash (& hubris) to reduce death to a problem simply waiting to be solved, it's the entrepreneurs who made fortunes doing the seemingly impossible. These 5 tech titans are bankrolling attempts to outsmart…jr2J
Peter Thiel Is Very, Very Interested in Young People's Blood.

The contrarian billionaire venture capitalist (started PayPal) believes transfusions w blood from young people may hold the key to his dream of living forever.

"In add'n to personal, emotional reasons for accepting death..also logical arguments for it. Death serves many purposes, incl population control & resource redistribution. Were it to recede sharply, overpopulation & inequality could become…://
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For those who think this war is fake, or we are not a considered a major threat, this is a direct attack by #HRC on Q & PRO POTUS PATRIOTS..article has an embedded link that literally TARGETS PRO POTUS/Q Twitter accts IDENTIFIED by CLINTON/Deep State as serious threFpDE
Twitter has already begun to remove targeted accts (stages) under false pretenses.
The war is real.
The threat is real.

#WeAreTheNewsNow #WWG1WGA
this grp of 200 accts either generated or were mentioned in over 140MIL tweets over last yr..ntwk not only growing at an accelerating rate but also coordinating w effective tactics that appear to bypass many detection methods of existing disinfo research…
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[2015] Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex #Trafficking in the US

ABC's Diane Sawyer reports on the danger of vulnerable young women falling victim to prostitution rings

#BuildTheWall #FundTheWall

via @YouTube
should the Warok become involved with a woman, he can lose his abilities forever. To preserve their powers, Waroks employ young boys who learn to keep house, dance and anything else that's demanded of them, including providing sexual favours.
At 11 years old, they're getting pregnant': the women smashing Catholic taboos in the Philippines


via @YouTube
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#2657 #Q - Jan 6 2019 15:09:09 (EST) When will the public discover that Ted Cruz was also illegally SURV (pre_POTUS_R nomination)?
CIA 'illegal' SURV > members of Congress? CIA 'illegal' SURV > members of the Press? CIA 'illegal' SURV > SENATEqanon.pubo/kh5zj5IZTj
Who ordered SURV?
What justification was provided to AUTH SURV of ELECTED OFFICIALS?
SURV fall under scope of FISA warrant or internal to Dept or outsourced to Five Eyes? AUS/UK/US/NZ/CAN
Reality check - friend or foe, we all spy on each other?
Should we be spying on ourselves?
Should we be tasking others to spy on ourselves in order to avoid US law?
Was FVEY (5 eyes) established & designed by INTEL COMM as a backchannel SURV apparatus to avoid domestic laws triggers & Congressional/Senate oversight?
What keylogs exist to monitor FVEY intel collection?
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