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Born 1923 in Ukraine, famous Mossad agent Robert Maxwell died in 1991 after being thrown overboard his yacht named Lady Ghislaine.
He was buried at Mound of Olives - respect.

Ghislaine moved to NYC that year.
Ray Chandler must be her daughter.…
Born 1961, youngest of nine, Ghislaine Maxwell is the founder of The TerraMar Project which closed on 12th July 2019 - announced on twitter. 🤔
Hey, wasn't that Friday? Asset seizures? 🤭……
In 1945, Robert married Elisabeth Meynard, a French woman. They had 9 children over the next 16 years. Available dates listed.

-Christine, Isabel:1950
-Ian: 1956 - 2005
-Kevin: 1959
-Ghislaine: 1961

Look at that face. I think I know who Michael is.
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National Safe Place Network. See the symbol.
Are children's charities "the bridge"?

Children's Aid Society & the Orphan Trains -- these virtue-signaling, child-abusing operations go way back.

I'll attach my thread showing the connection of agencies and orgs nationwide.
[New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children]

Elbridge Thomas Gerry 👈🏽…

Q is telling us how old this model is!!

They've been stealing children in the name of "concern" for 100 years, using Children Orgs as fronts. 😭
The "Start" - New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

In1874, Gerry took up case of Mary Ellen McCormack, who had been abused by her parents, which he eventually argued before Supreme Court of New York.

FOUNDING case allowing Gov't to legally steal kids. 😱
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Cabal families.

Nicky Hilton is married to James Rothschild, son of Amschel Rothschild, who was found hanged at Hôtel Le Bristol Paris in July 8,1996, hours after a meeting, during which plans were discussed for a merger of asset management companies. 😲…
Nicky and Paris' brother Barron Hilton recently did a movie: Jan. 22, 2017 (wow, Trump +2 days).
The 10 second clip shows them drinking blood. 🧛🏽‍♀️🍷
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Q asks us to connect Rothschilds and Bronfmans --> WJC.

David de Rothschild, Chairman Governing Board of World Jewish Congress.
Edgar Bronfman, Sara and Clare's father, President of World Jewish Congress for nearly 3 decades.
NXIVM, EU, NATO, Libya, Benghazi, Bronfmans

👉🏽Basit Igtet, Sara Bronfman's husband.

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@ 6:00 it gets good.

Silly Anons ... Trix are for clowns.
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HOOAH! B-2 Stealth Bomber first flight July 17, 1989.…

"The first B-2 was publicly displayed on Nov. 22, 1988, when it was rolled out of its hangar at Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, Calif. Its first flight was July 17, 1989. .."

#Qanon #Q3410 #wellhellsbells

Can't wait ....
Will Mueller bring the goods on July 17th?

In addition to access to our underlying work product is being decided in a process that does not involve our office” 💥
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#Qanon #Q3399 #wellhellsbells #Owls

"What does an 'OWL' symbolize (dark religion)?" - Q
It's not good. 😱…

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. 😬
From Wiki link:

The strix (plural striges or strixes), in the mythology of classical antiquity, was a bird of ill omen.

Ovid's striges... They were said to disembowel an infant and feed on its blood.
Modern derivations:

Strega (obviously derived from Latin striga) is the Italian term for witch.

In Romanian strigăt means 'scream', strigoaică is the name of the Romanian feminine vampire, and strigoi is the Romanian male vampire.

Vlad the Impaler
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Q asks us to track dates. This caught my eye.

July 13, 2013 Glee star Cory Monteith dies by suicide in a hotel room. Hmmm ... we've heard that before.

Was he sacrificed? Taken, sacrificed later?
Epstein camera post July 19, 2013.…

Note "2013" on the bottom.
file from Q post for better viewing…
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#Qanon #wellhellsbells

Anons who followed NK info have good idea what's happening. Detonating black-op nukes right here in America. I doubt we'll ever be told how much danger we were in.

"60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity." - Q
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Happy Birthday Julian Assange! 🎂

Your appearance would make a great 4th of July surprise.
Thanks for being willing to sacrifice everything.
FREEDOM for the world!

#Q1591 June 26, 2018
JA in the news?

It has begun.
Christmas Day 2017, Navy tweet deleted seconds later.…
If we can extract a Rothschild from UK, why would we leave a valuable witness and hero in danger? We.Would.Not.PERIOD.


November 20, 2017
R.I.P. Captain Mike Green…
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Iran next..

Without much fanfare, on June 24th, Trump signed an EO to freeze assets tied to Iran. Can you say 'Muslim Brotherhood'? Can you say CIA-Black-Ops $$ ?…
North Korea strings cut ...

Anons know who controls North Korea and Iran.

How do you take down a worldwide cabal with nuclear weapons? Very, very carefully.
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Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's relationship with Trump.
SA has a long way to go, but Prince bin Salman has cleared many hurdles in a short amount of time. Not sure we can fully comprehend the bravery necessary here. It amazes me.

Interesting to observe.

Do Arabs know the American people support Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman? Arabic accounts retweeted my post.

YES, Americans know NON-JOURNALIST 👎🏽#JamalKhashoggi 💩is #FakeNews💩 💩Media = Lies, lies, lies.😡 #EnemyOfThePeople

Where we go one, we go all!

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Clare's sister Sara, also in NXIVM.

Hosted Dalai Lama at NXIVM, dated his trustee, Lama.

Dated Carlos Salinas' son.

Married Libyan Basit Igtet, 2010 founder Indep. Libya Foundation (ILF) behind Arab Spring & Benghazi.

Hey sis, #Sux2BU 😅 #TakeOne4Team…
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Dr. Richard Sauder: Hidden Empire Underground Bases & Tunnel Systems
Highly recommend this Youtuber. Really cool stuff.
*Also did video on abandoned Malibu mansion of Getty's girlfriend.

An underground city, in Salina Turda, Romania.

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You'll never find P if you start w/Bloodlines. It's a goose chase. Bruno's premise was flawed, based on a wild guess at some initials.

Who holds the power?
The CIA has the most power.
What subgroup controls the power?

This documentary makes the case for Poppy Bush as "Godfather" within the CIA.
John Hankey suggests PNAC,
The Project for a New American Century

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Idaho is very dirty state, run by Moarmons

State Police Officers attempting to report crimes are put on leave, investigated, smeared w/harassment suits. Psychopath officers are promoted. Many are church men.

Bury whistleblowers...Every.Single.State.
What goes on in Sun Valley?
It took roughly 5 years and $500K out of pocket to sue the State of Idaho. You lose your job in the meantime. Few are able to overcome such obstacles.…
Qualifier: If you understand how Secret Societies work, there's a secret brotherhood inside larger group of Freemasons or church members.
Few are invited in. They occupy positions of power.

Their own families aren't even aware. Like CIA agents.

Are socks the new handshake? jk
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NH. Social workers at CPS are routinely blocked by upper level administrators appointed by Governor Sununu, Hassan. The SAME judges who stripped custody of Cheryl Maher, Mike Gill sit over 100% of CPS (DYFS) hearings in NH.

Pedo symbol. They funnel complaints back to themselves.
Mike Gill, #StateofCorruptionNH one of the wealthiest men in NH.

Once he started exposing corruption, the judges made sure he never saw his young daughter again. Supervised visits not even allowed.

Targeted by Family Courts.
2 assassination attempts, or more.
Took over 4 years for small law firm hold NH accountable. Abusive, drug-addicted parents keep kids, who are prostituted on Backpage in exchange for drugs.

Prison and death for anyone making too much noise. It's real.…
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#MaggieNixon, aka #Wendy #MKUltra. #WellHellsBells

Lots of confusion re: girl pictured w/Obama.
-She's not Maggie Haberman.
-She's not the blonde in the Standard Hotel helicopter accident.

Thread w/ pictures and Q posts in one place.

Refer to April Qposts - Best IMO.
Article in Q drop link #AgnesNixon Maggie's grandmother

Q posts mention AS THE WORLD TURNS - 13 times.…
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