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Disney Cruise Lines has their own private island in the Bahamas. 👀…
Oh, I bet they did...

Have they given away prizes to homeless teens?
Sponsored underprivileged Caribbean families?
Great place for model shoots, I'd guess.
Inquiring minds want to know ...…
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lol, never say Q doesn't have a great sense of humor.
Found the pedo.

How many points is that?
If you get to Level IV, you get to hang them. 😎
Who did Pepe find? Julian knows ...
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DuckDuck: wellhellsbells and Misfud.

Pings thread w/Simona's interview - she worked for Misfud. Seems she was PapaD's spy.

Let's get married 👰🤵move to America🇺🇸

He's CIA, she's Misfud's Spy -- Lovebirds stole the show!
We'll skip to the best part.
Here she comes ... pucker up boys! 💋

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George Conway



Who'd we leave out?
Who wants to play?
I'll buy you dinner if I'm wrong.
I lean white for Dan Coats and black for Gina Haspel, but undecided on both.
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symbolism: Blue and White stripes, Gold. #Q195

Blue and White date back to the Pharaohs.
This site predates Q -less likely to be 💩by clowns.

They have a twitter account. @AncientPages

#wellhellsbells #BlueWhite #Pharaoh #Epstein…
#Q194, #Q195 weird, it's the exact same drop, word for word.

Put ID code in Google books search bar:
👉🏽 YzNom6b4 👈🏽
2 pages of good books.

#wellhellsbells #Qanon
Old Testament Bible w/new eyes:

-Abraham, Isaac - human sacrifice
-Joseph of Egypt
-Moses, Pharaoh - 10th plague, death of first-born son, unless door marked w/lamb's blood. Passover.

Was human sacrifice part of culture, rewritten?

From for #Q194
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NYSPCC uses Michael Jackson as example of grooming. 😡I'll do better post later, really chaps me.

LDS Richard Bretzing, LA FBI Dir. during Heather O'Rourke's death, investigated one person for pedophilia during his years in Hollywood

Michael Jackson.

Up is down
Left is right
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No Name's buddy, Soccermouaz posting a temple. Want to guess where it is?


#wellhellsbells #temple #BlueWhite
I've tried to show these temples and symbols are located all over the world.
See #Q1095 for SoccerMouaz pics.

Instagram, April 19th. That date sounds familiar. Does worship include an offerings?

Northern most tip of the northern most island in Indonesia.
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Did our actress AOC and her puppets steal the show the entire week? Did Trump help with that distraction?

Iron Eagle
Godfather III underway?

Saudi Arabia just invited U.S. forces into the Kingdom. 👊🏽

#wellhellsbells #IronEagle #SA #GodfatherIII
We are at War. POTUS has war powers we keep forgetting about.

-Trump could sign EO to seize the Fed anytime. Would wake up animals tho. 🤔

-Did someone say the border was going to close next week?

-So many possibilities..

Last year May 2018: #Iran

Hannity:"a lot is happening, just in the last 15 minutes"

Clock 6:03 PT, or 3:03 EST/Q watch time.

👉🏽Don't forget Iran is 100% CIA blackops. Other than Israel, this CIA's last major stronghold.

Trace: Military resources in Saudi Arabia .. strike force

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Jake Tapper served on campaign of Chelsea Clinton's MIL, Marjory Margolies-Mezvinsky.

Russian Jews. Part of the Circle.

Chelsea's hubby, Marc sits on Board of Anne Romney's medical org.………
Marc Mezvinsky attended Quaker Friends' Central School in Lower Merion Township.

😲Senator John Heinz died in a plane crash in Lower Merion Township. A helicopter flew into his plane. (just like Captain Green).

Theresa married John Kerry soon after.
Tapper's mother was a psychiatric nurse for Veteran's Affairs. 😡😡

His father Theodore Tapper MD went to Harvard Medical School and Dartmouth - CIA hives. He was a pediatrician in Philadelphia.

Witches, CIA, Pediatricians & shrinks 😱😱😱…
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Close up of the Salt Lake City Temple

Look at any of the old temples.
Keystones are very pronounced.
Logan Utah temple. All the old temples have very prominent keystones.

If Q is telling us their keystone is child/blood sacrifice, I'm going to shit my britches. #WellHellsBells ... it's a WITCH HUNT!
A description of Solomon's Temple.

Mormons study the Old Testament. Most Christian sects don't. That's the era symbolism is coming from. Joe M isn't the original Joe. His answer was BS. Am I the only person who hasn't lost my independent judgement?

Sorry Q, we're all sheep.🥴🤦🏽‍♀️
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New York Society for Cruelty to Children - NY early 1900s
Eugenics - NY early 1900s
Planned Parenthood - NY early 1900s
Margaret Sanger - Brooklyn NY - #Bolshevik GroundZero
Federal Reserve - NY early 1900s
Titanic - same

Need a thread 4 them
Who is P?
Part of CIA.
Who within the CIA?
Russian Jews and Bolsheviks.

Getting warmer....

I'll tack on my previous digs. Don't get overwhelmed.

BIG PICTURE - they suck!

We're way cooler than them.

#WeAreTheNewsNow 🐸#TheyGunnaHang
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Creative Artists Agency LLC

Is CAA tied to Ghislaine Maxwell?

Be weary of the notables.
Lot of clown 💩 coming through.
BRIDGE - rigged answer.
Listed lots of companies w/o connections to Ghislaine or logo.
The clowns know we're suckers.
Keep diggin'…
2 min video of President Richard Lovett

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Epstein Island temple
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Born 1923 in Ukraine, famous Mossad agent Robert Maxwell died in 1991 after being thrown overboard his yacht named Lady Ghislaine.
He was buried at Mound of Olives - respect.

Ghislaine moved to NYC that year.
Ray Chandler must be her daughter.…
Born 1961, youngest of nine, Ghislaine Maxwell is the founder of The TerraMar Project which closed on 12th July 2019 - announced on twitter. 🤔
Hey, wasn't that Friday? Asset seizures? 🤭……
In 1945, Robert married Elisabeth Meynard, a French woman. They had 9 children over the next 16 years. Available dates listed.

-Christine, Isabel:1950
-Ian: 1956 - 2005
-Kevin: 1959
-Ghislaine: 1961

Look at that face. I think I know who Michael is.
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National Safe Place Network. See the symbol.
Are children's charities "the bridge"?

Children's Aid Society & the Orphan Trains -- these virtue-signaling, child-abusing operations go way back.

I'll attach my thread showing the connection of agencies and orgs nationwide.
[New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children]

Elbridge Thomas Gerry 👈🏽…

Q is telling us how old this model is!!

They've been stealing children in the name of "concern" for 100 years, using Children Orgs as fronts. 😭
The "Start" - New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

In1874, Gerry took up case of Mary Ellen McCormack, who had been abused by her parents, which he eventually argued before Supreme Court of New York.

FOUNDING case allowing Gov't to legally steal kids. 😱
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Cabal families.

Nicky Hilton is married to James Rothschild, son of Amschel Rothschild, who was found hanged at Hôtel Le Bristol Paris in July 8,1996, hours after a meeting, during which plans were discussed for a merger of asset management companies. 😲…
Nicky and Paris' brother Barron Hilton recently did a movie: Jan. 22, 2017 (wow, Trump +2 days).
The 10 second clip shows them drinking blood. 🧛🏽‍♀️🍷
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Q asks us to connect Rothschilds and Bronfmans --> WJC.

David de Rothschild, Chairman Governing Board of World Jewish Congress.
Edgar Bronfman, Sara and Clare's father, President of World Jewish Congress for nearly 3 decades.
NXIVM, EU, NATO, Libya, Benghazi, Bronfmans

👉🏽Basit Igtet, Sara Bronfman's husband.

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@ 6:00 it gets good.

Silly Anons ... Trix are for clowns.
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HOOAH! B-2 Stealth Bomber first flight July 17, 1989.…

"The first B-2 was publicly displayed on Nov. 22, 1988, when it was rolled out of its hangar at Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, Calif. Its first flight was July 17, 1989. .."

#Qanon #Q3410 #wellhellsbells

Can't wait ....
Will Mueller bring the goods on July 17th?

In addition to access to our underlying work product is being decided in a process that does not involve our office” 💥
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#Qanon #Q3399 #wellhellsbells #Owls

"What does an 'OWL' symbolize (dark religion)?" - Q
It's not good. 😱…

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. 😬
From Wiki link:

The strix (plural striges or strixes), in the mythology of classical antiquity, was a bird of ill omen.

Ovid's striges... They were said to disembowel an infant and feed on its blood.
Modern derivations:

Strega (obviously derived from Latin striga) is the Italian term for witch.

In Romanian strigăt means 'scream', strigoaică is the name of the Romanian feminine vampire, and strigoi is the Romanian male vampire.

Vlad the Impaler
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Q asks us to track dates. This caught my eye.

July 13, 2013 Glee star Cory Monteith dies by suicide in a hotel room. Hmmm ... we've heard that before.

Was he sacrificed? Taken, sacrificed later?
Epstein camera post July 19, 2013.…

Note "2013" on the bottom.
file from Q post for better viewing…
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#Qanon #wellhellsbells

Anons who followed NK info have good idea what's happening. Detonating black-op nukes right here in America. I doubt we'll ever be told how much danger we were in.

"60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity." - Q
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Happy Birthday Julian Assange! 🎂

Your appearance would make a great 4th of July surprise.
Thanks for being willing to sacrifice everything.
FREEDOM for the world!

#Q1591 June 26, 2018
JA in the news?

It has begun.
Christmas Day 2017, Navy tweet deleted seconds later.…
If we can extract a Rothschild from UK, why would we leave a valuable witness and hero in danger? We.Would.Not.PERIOD.


November 20, 2017
R.I.P. Captain Mike Green…
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