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5 scientific health benefits of Rudraksha beadsRudraksha beads are regarded significant from the ancient times. A few facts that could be of interest to you.
In today’s world, almost 90% of the people face health issue due to their lifestyles choices. Due to the fast-paced life, we have fallen prey to various diseases like hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, depression, heart and psychological problems.
When we go deeper in analysing these problems, we see a common source and that is, the imbalance among our mind, body and soul. Our ancient texts hold a magical remedy for these self-inflicted human problems and that is - Rudraksha.
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#weneedgurukul #Reclaimsanskrit

What is the difference between ancient Gurukula education and modern education? Which one is better?
The Gurukula system of education is just another education system
that is quite similar to the residential schools of today but different and better in many ways.


A lot of people tend to associate Gurukula system of education with Hindus and the system of education where exclusively Hindu scriptures are taught.
This is correct. Yes, it is true. It is one of the oldest systems of education and is indeed related to Hindus, because no other country or religion or system in the world other than the Hindus had this kind of education system going in their country / region.
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Accurate time difference of places around the world found in ancient Sanskrit texts !

Dr. Balaram Chakravarti author of The Indians And The Amerindians has written:

It will be evident from a close study of the texts of Indian Astronomy
that Latin America was known to ancient Indians, who called it Pataladesa. The Surya Siddhanta, a textbook of Astronomy, composed before 500 A.D. identifies and describes Pataldesa in very clear and definite terms in the chapter of geography (chapter xii).

The Surya Siddhanta categorically says that the Devas and Asuras live on the earth. The Devas live in the northern hemisphere while the Asuras live in the Southern hemisphere and have a tradition of enmity against each other.
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Vedic mathematics 😊🙏

A curious student asked his #Maths teacher...

If Zero was invented by #Aryabhatt and he was born in the #Kaliyuga... Then...

In the past in #Dwapara & #Tretha yugas who counted 100 #Kavravas and #Ravana's 10 heads and thousands of armies and weapons etc
Teacher resigned and went back to #Vedic education but is still not able to find the answer... 😁😂

Jokes apart... the point leads to immense wisdom ahead...

Let me start with just 1 reference from #Vedas and 1 from #Puranas
(to keep this answer short - we will not have enough space if we want to document all such references).

1. #Vedic Reference (#Yajur #veda):
The #Rishi #Medhātithi, after preparing bricks for a Vedic ritual, prays to the Lord of fire, #Agni.
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