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Unpopular opinion thread.

I'm not going to disavow #WhiteWomen as a group.

I'm not going to disavow #WhiteMen as a group.

I'm not going to disavow #CivNats as a group.

More to follow for all those who didn't just unfollow or block me.
Mass migration is destroying us, so is:

Denial existence of ♀️
Thought control
Sexualisation of kids
Normalised paedophilia
Destruction of beauty
3rd4th wave feminism
Lies & rewriting history
Rape & torture girls
Inciting hatred ♂️v♀️
And it doesn't stop there, add to that:

Destruction of traditional families
'Climate change'
Undermining masculinity
No freespeech
Distancing from nature
Pro-childless propaganda
Undermining femininity
Dividing generations
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If a Jew said White women are worse than every other race & the cause of the collapse of White communities we'd be angry.

So how come when a White man with over 100,000 followers says it, we accept it as based?

Listen to these extracts from "What is wrong with White Women."
"White women are virtue signalling White communities into collapse." We know this because the rabid antiwhite Saira Rao tell us it is so.

Excuse me? Saira Rao?
Saira Rao, Guardian & every other globohomo MSM outlet tells us White women are open to changing their behaviour; White men are lost cause.

These people hate us; want us destroyed. Can anyone explain why we'd take what they say at face value, let only use it against our women?
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1/ Compilation of data revealing the opinions of #whitemen and #whitewomen and how we vote.

Exposes the propaganda and lies told about our women.

Taken as a whole #whitemen are ever bit as liberal, pro-immigration and likely to race mix as #whitewomen.…
2/ Data from Poll conducted in 2008 of over 1,000 white people in Britain.

Results analysed by age and gender.
Data from Populus Poll of white people in Britain 2008.

Question: On the whole immigration into Britain is a good thing."

🔹️56% of white men agree
🔹️50% of white women agree
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Dear Dissident Right,

If we're going to identify every woman who does something wrong as a #women and make her representative of all women we need to do same for men.

Why do we let men run our country when we know the role they've played in destroying it? #Churchill #Blair
White women are as anti mass migration as white men. Yet this ⬇️

If you think we're always nice and kind. Think again.
White women are not being protected by white men. On the contrary young white girls in the UK have been abandoned by just about everyone

100's of 1,000's of them, maybe half a million.
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Thread: things #white people are accused of doing wrong. Sometimes it's not even about doing, it's simply about white people being.





#WhiteDomain #WhitesStole

And no doubt more along the way..
"Is your spin class too...white?" 🤔

#TooManyWhitePeople #WhatToDo?
The unbearable whiteness of cycling..." 😬

#TooManyWhites #WhatToDo?
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