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Jimin is still very cautious regarding sex, even if his boyfriend encourages him to be vocal about what he wants. It’s just that there are limits and Jimin is very embarrassed to tell Yoongi about his newfound kink.

#yoonminweek19 #yoonminweek19_d7
• 💖 established yoonmin 💖

• lack of communication, insecurity, self shame

• warning for: name calling during sex, uncomfortableness during sex, saying ‘slut’ during sex

• this is set in my first time aus, read the prequel and taekook version here:
• please don’t reply to the thread or it will break, if it does: click on the last tweet with replies, the thread should reappear

• please don’t tag the boys, I have them blocked here but nonetheless, there will be explicit sex scenes in this thread

• prompt: first time AU
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Yoongi knows he’s petty but he really hates his mother’s boyfriend. Even after his soulmate mark appeared when he met the son of said man. If the rejection for the man is stronger than the desire for Jimin, why does it hurt so much being apart?

#yoonminweek19 #yoonminweek19_d5
✨ prompt: soulmate AU

✨ lack of communication, stubborn yoongi, touch starvation, repressed feelings, jimin is tired

✨ mother/son-father/son centric

✨ this is the last prompt i came up with so i apologize if the drabble is a little messy!
It hurts like shit. On his chest, where his heart is, the soulmate mark burns. It hurts like someone is pressing a branding iron onto his skin.

Yoongi is too immersed in his pain he doesn’t feel his father knocking and then walking inside his room. “Are you sick?” he asks
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Jimin’s pretty sure he’s been flirting with the hot barista from his favorite coffee shop in the university. He’s also pretty sure the guy’s flirting back. Now if only the guy stops mistaking him for a student. He’s a professor for christ’s sake.

It was surreal for Jimin to be accepted right after graduating. Granted, it was his own university that offered the job, but he’s happy nonetheless.

Still, with how young and fresh out of school he is, it was inevitable for people to be surprised that oh? you’re the teacher?
It’s mostly students that react that way, already expecting the professor Jimin has replaced for some of the classes. Kindly enough, they listen when he instructs them, and they don’t question his authority. Most of the misunderstandings usually stay as first time impressions.
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