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Aug 20, 2019, 9 tweets

10s, 10s, 10s across the board! Hey Twitter! It’s @tyraaross, @StevenCanals, and @IndyaMoore, and we’re taking over to bring #PoseFX TV recs to @TwitterTV!

@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore In between lighting up the ball scene on #PoseFX, we’ve been bingeing @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness and #SuccessionHBO, wbu? (ps. Let’s #SaveTheOA!)

@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness Here’s what we think Elektra and Angel would be watching today 👀

@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness Category is: Favorite TV shows of ALL TIME. Yes there are some Avatar: The Last Airbender fans in House Evangelista!

@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness Time to serve you some dream guest star realness… @ImAngelaBassett @hunters and house mother @Lavernecox you better be ready to strike a pose!

@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness @ImAngelaBassett @hunters @Lavernecox Get ready for some READS 📖We love the fan account @shitELEKTRAsays, devoted to *all* of Elektra’s best lines (and there are an ABUNDANCE).

@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness @ImAngelaBassett @hunters @Lavernecox @shitELEKTRAsays What songs are Elektra and Angel bopping to? 🎵We’re feeling some @DianaRoss and @DojaCat:

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