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Bharatvarsh, a civilization as old as 5000 years, needs no introduction of it being the original homeland sheltering 95% of all the Hindus in the world and birth place of Sanatan Hinduism. India should not be shy of recognising her identity as a Hindu Nation.

The left-liberal have no problems with the 53 Muslim dominated countries (Islam is the official religion in 27) in the world; 100+ Christian dominated countries. In 15 nations, Christianity is the official religion.
There is no evidence that it threatens the secular ethos of...

...the country, if India is declared a Hindu State. All faiths have flourished in India, including Parsis, Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, Zoroastrians because Hindus are not intolerant towards other religion.
One can go to a religious place associated to any religion & find Hindus there.

There is no concept of conversion in Hinduism. There are Christian and Muslim nations in the world, who raise voice on the Human Rights abuses and religious persecution of Muslims and Christians the world over.
Does anyone remember what happened with the Hindus in Bangladesh....

...during the 1971 genocide by Pakistan Army or the Pundits in Kashmir or the 1998 Wandhama massacre of J&K, systemic elimination of Hindus in Pakistan, the elimination of historic temples and Hinduism in the Arab world, e.g., in Muscat?

The policies of the Indian state have been anti-secular. There has been blatant religious reverse-discrimination against Hindus, its majority community. There are many examples. Have you heard about the Hajj Subsidy? Since 2000, over 1.5 million Muslims used the subsidy.

It was only recently that the Supreme Court passed an order that directed the government to phase out this subsidy within 10 years. Which secular country will subsidise religious tourism for one faith group? The average airfare subsidy was (US$1,000) per Muslim pilgrim in 2008.

Hindus have always welcomed and protected minorities. Let’s have a look at its history of tolerance. The Hindu Community of India welcomed Parsis when they were persecuted the world over. They have flourished here for over a thousand years.

The Jewish tribes found refuge in Bharat nearly 2000 years ago and same goes for Syrian Christians 1800 years ago. The Jains, Buddhists being religions derivatives of the Hinduism have co-existed for 2500 years and Sikhs for 400 years.

If India becomes a Hindu Rashtra, that would be the best thing to happen. There would become a Uniform Civil Code with no allowances for anyone. Rule of Law has always been one of the main reasons for Growth in any country- Germany, Japan, USA are all based on rule of law.

Conversions (to and against) will be banned, proselytising which is the root cause of religious friction will stop; No Tablighis any more. Once conversions are stopped, each person can follow whatever religion he chooses or choose to be atheist...

...(there is a sect called- Nir Ishwara Vad in Hinduism itself). Show me another religion that recognises non-practitioners of the faith with such regards!
Hindus must take pride in the history of the land they belong to.

They must resort to facts to sort out frictions. Their shying away from reality will result into disaster of a land that has its sheer ethos and rich culture of tolerance deeply etched in its soil. India has been foolish enough to give away precious slices to fulfill the demands

...of Muslim Nations. India has been tolerant enough to practice appeasement in the name of secularism. It time now Hindus must unite proclaiming the peace they inherit in them. A Hindu Rashtra, that values secularism through its very nature of practice, devoid of any preamble,

...will be a citing example for the world.

Omer Khalid, UK : The author is originally from Pakistan and works as Barrister in UK. Is widely read.

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