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Credit of Atomic theory has been taken by Western world, Acharya Kanad (600 BC) was the founder of Atomic theory, law of causation & the atomic theory. Acharya Kanad had said, “Every object of creation is made of atoms which in turn connect with each other to form molecules’.

Acharya Nagarjuna (100 CE), authored several medical books such as ‘Arogyamanjari’ & ‘Yogasar’. Acharya Nagarjuna also made significant contribution to the field of curative medicine. Nagarjuna had discovered the alchemy of transmuting base metals.

Before Pythagoras, Rishi Bodhayan, hundreds of years before Pythagoras, had elaborated on the theorem & with much clarity. In ancient times in India, Metallurgy was in much advanced stage. Westerners did not even know about atom, when Indians were working on advanced.....

...metallurgy and chemistry. The world still wonders Indian Vishnu Stambh (The Iron Pillar) of Delhi which is approximately 1600 years old and has not rusted till date . Even with all the advanced technology currently available, no one could replicate the feat.

Varahamihir (499-587 CE) Eminent Astrologer & Astronomer, had discovered the domains of geography, constellation, science, botany & animal science. His book titled, ‘Panch Siddhant’ holds prominent place in the realm of astronomy.

Way before Sir Isaac Newton explained gravity, ancient Indian scholars had already figured out how it worked. Acharya Aryabhata had stated the details about gravity. Aryabhatta’s deduction of the value of PI is approximately 3.1416. He did this in 499 CE at the age of 23.

He also concluded that the circumference of Earth was approximately 39736 Kilometers. The actual circumference of Earth, as deduced by scientists later, is 40,075 Kilometers.

Before Stephen Hawking’s history of time, Indian Vedas described measurement of time with detailed examples. Vishwakarma Vastushastra is an excellent example of architecture. The process for the metamorphosis of mercury resulted in use of mercury in Health Science.

Sayana, a Vedic scholar from the 14th Century had said “With deep respect, I bow to the sun, which travels 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha” which is equal to 185,794 miles per second. This is close to current calculated speed of light.

Aacharya Bhardwaj (800 BCE), pioneer of Aviation Technology, had authored the “Yantra Sarvasva” a treatise in space science and flying machines.

Text Courtesy : Kreately.
Dr. Sudharshan Salwan. PhD.

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