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Activists in the US are censored and punished for speaking up for Palestinian freedom. We challenge the censorship so voices for justice can be heard.

May 12, 2021, 8 tweets

As heart wrenching as it is to witness the attacks on Palestinians this week, it hurts even more as U.S. taxpayers to know our own complicity in the Israeli government's brutality. Join us in demanding change…

Take action for Palestine!

Palestinians from Gaza and Sheikh Jarrah are rising up against decades of ethnic cleansing and apartheid. As Israel violently attacks Palestinians for resisting 73 years of oppression, the cruelty of its settler-colonial regime is on full display.

The U.S. government spends $3.8 billion a year on military funding for Israel, allowing it to uphold its oppressive and racist military occupation of Palestine. We should have a say in how our tax dollars are used. Let's demand better.


Hold Israel accountable. Demand that Congress support sanctions on Israel until it complies with international law and puts an end to its apartheid regime.

Uplift Palestinian calls for freedom. Demand that Congress center those most harmed by violence and oppression—the Palestinian people— and support their right to resist Israel's ethnic cleansing. Answer their demands for freedom, justice, and safety.

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