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9 Jun, 14 tweets

This arrived today. I’ve highlighted some blatant lies and misinformation.

‘You can spread it with no symptoms’ ah that wonderful lie that’s holding this whole charade together.

How many pregnant women died FROM covid19? Anyone know?

So having an experimental gene therapy is safer than getting a virus with a 99.97% survival rate?

Really? So passing the spike protein on via breast milk is perfectly safe? Oh and don’t mind your natural immune system- you can still ‘top up’ with an unnecessary jab!

No mention that this is under Emergency Use Authorisation only. And lots of ppl had it so...they don’t need this then do they?

This is the organisation who are allowing the ppl of ireland to be fooled into getting this and unwittingly being part of a massive Phase 3 trial oh and you ‘can’ report side effects rather than ‘should’. There is also zero long term safety info rather than ‘limited’

Go alone? What if you have an adverse reaction while you’re there? one will know, or will be your secret with them.

A digital vaccine certificate is in its way! Thought that was all a conspiracy theory!

If you’ve had it you can have the jab bonus! But, this isn’t being explained is it?

Is this person a real dr? Does she genuinely not know the risks? My GP send me a txt to book in for mine despite having a blood clotting condition and underlying auto immune conditions. Mm..all so very caring and careful. Oh and keep well as an after thought.

No mention of effective treatments and prophylactics. Just get the jab and be happy! Despite the last count of over 12k deaths across Europe and hundreds of thousands of serious adverse reactions. Well done @HSELive. End.

I suggest that you send these back to the HSE att @paulreiddublin and demand his evidence that they ‘used’ to write this shameful pack of disinformation and misinformation. Bombard them with these back seeing as they’re now so desperate for jab uptake they’re wasting yet more 💴

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