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11 Jun, 8 tweets

*Ex-police chief of La Habra CA & 5 other SoCal men are charged in conspiracy case.
*Alan Hostetter accused of mobilizing group to raid Capitol and stop election certification.
“PresidentTrump must be inaugurated on Jan.

Insurrection defendants Alan Hostetter (left, below) & Russell Taylor (right) were leaders of the American Phoenix Project, which was founded to fight the “fear-based tyranny” of COVID restrictions.
*They later embraced the “Stop the Steal” mania.

Before becoming a “patriotic warrior,” Alan Hostetter was a former soldier & police chief who became a yoga guru specializing in “sound healing” with gongs, Tibetan bowls and Aboriginal didgeridoos. nytimes.com/2021/06/10/us/…

*On Dec. 29, Russ Taylor posted to Telegram: "I personally want to be on the front steps and be one of the first ones to breach the doors!”
*12/30: “We will be part of the large effort for the "Wild Rally” that Trump has asked us all to be part of.”


*Officer Karol J. Chwiesiuk of the Chicago Police Dept. was arrested today in the Capitol riot.
*Wore CPD hoodie.
*Wanted to “f*** up commies.”
*Used racial slur in text message.
*Now stripped of police powers; assigned to desk duty.
*Faces 5 misdemeanors.

*Robert Morss, a substitute social studies teacher from Glenshaw PA, was arrested today in the insurrection.
*Clashed with cops; tried to wrest away one officer’s baton.
*Says to cops: “You guys are betraying us.”
*Charges: Assault, obstruction, etc.

*Brian Mock of Minneapolis was arrested Friday on serious charges in Capitol riot.
*Clashed with cops on front lines.
*Took riot shields from officers; passed them to rioters.
*Bragged he “beat the sh*t” out of officer.
*Charges: Assault, obstruction, etc.

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