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28 Jun, 12 tweets

This article is a goldmine of stupidity. The quotes from Labour MPs and officials show a bunch of people flailing around as they drown, unable to understand the situation they're in.

But amid that, it contains useful glimpses of the Labour right's aims. >…

It's nice of them to set out the Labour right's big objective: "A big bang change to water down members' hold."

Is that what 56% of members voted for last year? To have less say? To be made powerless?

Which number was that among Keir's 10 pledges?

The justification? "MPs represent millions of voters, whereas party members represent only themselves."

Nah MPs get elected as Labour reps. The idea they're all brilliant individuals whose sheer talent wows voters is quickly disproved by all the quotes from MPs in this article.

Also, don't believe them when they say they won't try to change the leadership election rules at conference this September. If they think they can do it, they will do it.

Whoever gave this quote should really have kept schtum. I hope Keir reads it.

The Labour right knows he's is a dud and will dump him as soon as it's safe to. This isn't a Catch-22 for Keir—if he has any sense, which is doubtful, he won't build his own gallows.

I love the way Paul Waugh just assumes that changing the leadership election rules is a message to voters rather than a factional power grab (I don't remember him showing such generosity about the motives of the previous leadership). As if voters are going to care.

Great advice! What Keir has been missing is the "drama" of a fight with his own party.

He suspended the former leader, for God's sake. How much drama do you need?

Since then Keir's and Labour's polling has collapsed.

You wonder if these MPs are actually trying to sabotage him.

Attacking the left really is the only play these people know. In this MP's case, it may be because they're getting their advice from Tories.

Note the casual mental health slur from someone who sits on Labour's front bench.

Kinnock's best general election result was 34% in 1992, way behind Corbyn's 40% in 2017.

In the other general election Kinnock fought, he achieved 31%, less than Labour got in 2019.

Ironically these people accuse the left of being stuck in the 80s.

The idea Keir Starmer passes the "prime minister test" is no more than blind faith. According to the public, who are the people who get to vote on it, he fails.

Nor is he being dragged down by the Labour brand, which is more popular than him.

This is alternate reality stuff.

Starmer would be doing great if it wasn't for the rule of six.

This is my favourite bit. The biggest thing Keir has got going for him—the BIGGEST thing—is that he's so invisible no one knows who he is.

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