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Jul 11, 2021, 8 tweets

RSS Chief's statement on Hindu- Muslim common DNA irked many Hindutvavadi n Indian nationalists. Many blamed him for being neo Gandhian, advancing on d path of Muslim appeasement.
Here are few Legal- socio-cultural facts of Indian Muslims being culturally Hindus n not Muslims++

Indian Muslims are idolaters (Murtipujaks) they worship Mazars, tombs; offer Agarbatti, flowers on it.
Idolatry is most condemnable thing in Islam n capital punishment is subscribed for it. Even drawing picture of Prophet or Almighty is condemned!
It's manifestation of Hindu DNA+

Indian Muslims do sing Qawwali which is actually Bhakti Sangeet praising God.
Praising Allah Tala using Music is Sin as per radical Middle East Wahhabi Islam. Radical Islamists even oppose Music.
Indian Muslims having dominant Hindu DNA in blood do sing Qawwali for Almighty++

Every Indian Muslim knows his Hindu ancestor's caste, do follow many cultural, caste related traditions including few Hindu marriage rituals.
Majority of Indian Muslims marry to same caste Muslim which they inherited from Hindus.
No Thakur Muslim would marry his kid to Pasmanda!+

When social workers from Tadavi Bhill community of Maharashtra tried to rejuvenate their Hindu ancestral cultural, religious values; Muslim radicals started blaming RSS!
They r namesake Muslims following majority Hindu traditions vehemently opposing Tabligh Jamaat radicalization+

‘Rasam Pagdi’ ceremony by family of former Congress MP Rasheed Masood irked Muslim hardliners.
Ceremony was held in Saharanpur chanting of Vedic mantras.
Maulana Qasmi said tying Pagri is good but it shud hav done as per the Islamic tradition, not according to Hindu rituals +

There r thousands of signs of Hindu DNA persistent in Indian Muslims, one shud closely study n nurture it for broader Indian interest.
Those blaming RSS Chief for DNA statement have right to do so, but better use own time n resources to derive practical approach to get them back+

With little analytical power n patience; We will get to know subtle "Get Them Back Message" beautifully embedded in "Common Hindu- Muslim DNA Statement"
Only precondition to understand it is- Avoid "Kneejerk Reaction"

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