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20 Jul, 17 tweets

Reading through the docs obtained by CREW (we all owe a debt of gratitude to CREW), there are a lot of redactions, but also some noteworthy items. THREAD

News to me: there were multiple reports of explosions and other potential bombs beyond the two at the DNC and RNC. Those weren't cleared until 4:48PM

The Secret Service advised personnel to telework or work from home due to crowds. (This seems a mistake)

Secret Service anticipated violent counterprotesters, but STILL didn't consider possibility that the event would be dangerous for POTUS(?) or others. Thank DOG there were not violent counterprotesters.

This insane piece of text was written by one person; and forwarded by the Protective Detail Liason (it's all redacted, but) pretty much everyone. Whoever wrote it and everyone that didn't WTF it should be fired if they haven't been already.

The previous text about the size of the rally increasing from 1500 to 30,000 (no worries!) is even more insane once you know that there was only a permit for 5,000.

And the assessment that violence was not expected is belied by a group parenthetically titled EAT PRAY KILL.

They were aware of 1776 hashtags and concrete calls to occupy the Capitol with tents and supplies, but somehow ... they didn't think that would lead to clashes with police? It's unthinkable.

So far I have not seen any mention of the fact that Tarrio, proud boys leader, was arrested the night before with high capacity magazines in possession -- you'd think that might have been a tip-off to potential violence.

JFC - it's right in the report - "President Trump invites you to Washington DC for a Wild Time (aka) Fight for your country." HOW CAN THIS NOT BE AN INDICATION OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE? UNLESS YOU DON'T INCLUDE POLITICAL VIOLENCE?

How do you not put together 1776 hashtags with "President Trump called for all of his supporters to be in Washington, D.C. January 6th -- THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST PROTEST IN AMERICAN HISTORY and read this as a call to political violence and insurrection? It's mind numbing.


Damn ironic that Fox has been bitching about social media snooping lately and here we find Trump's Secret Service reporting Facebook posts that don't even have anyone attending.

I really don't know what the Secret Service means by "no indication of civil disobedience" with respect to groups that have a history of disorderly conduct and arrests. At least they say so for both sides? (Not that violent counterprotesters are on the side of good)

This was my post to Facebook (where I have mostly stopped talking any politics) on January 2. It makes no sense that the Secret Service mist it. Some of them read my FB page, for FFS.

There is no way that anyone whose job it is to protect the Capitol (and our democracy) can have missed this. It's unimaginable. Most charitable case? Massive bias toward Trump and Trumpists. Other alternative: they were in on it.

Hard to know which is worse. Dirk out.

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