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2 Aug, 15 tweets

Think this through with me - a brief narrated slide deck.

Slide #2 - The key thing here is that the CDC indicates that the Delta variant has a reproduction coefficient like that of "chickenpox" - ergo approximately 8. Remember that #. Also that the disease severity is not much different from the original strain.

Slide #3 - Note that the CDC is indicating that the protective immunity conferred by "natural infection" only lasts for 180 days. Same as Pfizer vax. Convenient truth or fiction, hard to say.

Slide #4 - No difference in mean Ct (cycle threshold) values in vaccinated and unvaccinated means that (if you get infected) the virus replicates to the same high levels whether or not you have been vaccinated.

Slide #5 - The title says it all. But is this actually true? Closer examination of the Scottish data raises questions about this conclusion. See also later slides in this deck.

Slide #6- note that what is being evaluated here varies quite a bit. Most consider the data from Israel to be most reliable.

Slide #7- This one is really sneaky. Full on data manipulation. Remember that the actual Ro is around 8? If you factor in the actual Ro, to my eye these graphs indicate that - even if 100% uptake of these leaky vaccines and perfect mask compliance, cant stop this virus.

Slide #8 - and here is the self own. Even with full 100% vax and full masks, all that will happen is to slow down the virus spread.

Slide #9 - No comments necessary. Just read the CDC's own words.

Slide #10 - Scots' data. by total count, more vaxed that unvaxed - but be careful, this is a bit misleading. You have to adjust for the fact that most of the population has been vaxed already, fewer unvaxed available to get sick.

Slide #11 - More of the same, but note that the actual fraction of both vaxed and unvaxed ending up in hospital are quite low. Consistent with the early CDC slide showing that this is not a "more deadly" virus. Might even be less pathogenic - need more data on that.

Slide #12 - These UK data show a big spike in cases, but not in severe outcomes. Again, this suggests that the threat here has been blown out of proportion by the mainstream media and government officialdom employing scare tactics.

Slide #13 - Don't just take my word for it. This is a pretty high status academic thought leader making the same point.

Slide #14 - What a mess. so, how do we move forward from here? There are options.

Slide #15 - (with a shout out of thanks to @dr_eeks ). Lets please also change our public health messaging strategy? This crude 20th century authoritarianism combined with 21st century message management and psy-ops tools is not ethical and also just not working.

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