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Sep 7, 2021, 7 tweets

The first footage from #TheMatrixResurrections has arrived.

In advance of the first trailer, Warner Bros. has launched an innovative website featuring an interactive and widely divergent first look at the newest installment in the 22-year-old franchise.

On the website, users are greeted with a simple choice: Click on the blue pill, and stick to the reality you’ve known your whole life; click on the red pill, and signal that you’re ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Users who click on the blue pill hear a voiceover by Neil Patrick Harris’ character saying, “you’ve lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction,” before urging the user to accept that their reality is real, as the current time flashes on the screen.

By contrast, users who click on the red pill hear Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s voice telling them that while they believe it’s the current time — again, with Abdul-Mateen eerily reading the time aloud — “that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

During both scenarios, a series of quick-cut shots from “Resurrections” flashes on the screen, with the footage changing slightly each time a user clicks on a pill.

Variety’s @adambvary breaks down the footage and everything we know about the new movie

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