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Sep 14, 2021, 7 tweets


Vessel strikes are a significant threat to sea turtles. Today I will be tweeting about the work I conducted with @natuula @mattware_phd and @zedtweetz on conservation interventions to reduce vessel strikes on sea turtles, funded by @NFWF #SeaTurtleTalks 🚤 + 🐢 = 😟 1/7

@natuula @mattware_phd @zedtweetz @nfwf 2/7

Targeted conservation strategies are needed to reduce vessel strikes on sea turtles, and successful integration of stakeholder perspectives is necessary for conservation success. To identify potential strategies, we conducted a multi-step approach. 2/7

@natuula @mattware_phd @zedtweetz @nfwf 3/ 7

First, we conducted a workshop with experts to identify challenges and opportunities related to potential interventions that could be used to reduce sea turtle vessel strikes in Florida. 🐢🐢🐢🐢🚤🚤 3/7 3/7

@natuula @mattware_phd @zedtweetz @nfwf 4/7

Interventions identified in the Workshop were incorporated into a questionnaire to survey recreational boaters. We administered it around the St. Lucie Inlet, an area identified as a vessel strike “hot spot” in Florida 4/7 4/7

@natuula @mattware_phd @zedtweetz @nfwf 5/7

We found that greater support existed if interventions 1) were voluntary, 2) overlapped with existing interventions or added minimal new restrictions, & 3) were accompanied by educational materials. Outreach should be used together to avoid information overload. 5/7

@natuula @mattware_phd @zedtweetz @nfwf 6/7

Any outreach & awareness activity must work with local boating communities. Researchers & managers should educate themselves about the local boater demographics & preferences, boating cultures & waterscapes before, during & after such interventions. 6/7

@natuula @mattware_phd @zedtweetz @nfwf 7/7

More information about our work can be found at sciencedirect.com/science/articl… @FSU_EOAS @UNBC @FSUResearch #SeaTurtleTalks I will respond to questions in the coming days when I have more reliable internet service. Please send questions to mfuentes@fsu.edu

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