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14 Sep, 10 tweets

It has been 10 years since the passing of Iraqi sculptor Mohammad Ghani Hikmat, known as the “sheikh of sculptors” … here are some of his well known pieces around Iraq 🇮🇶

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The “save Iraqi culture monument”

The statue of the port mutanabbi found on mutanabbi street

“Baghdad’s statue” in Al- Andalus square, Baghdad

The statue of kahramana, from 1001 Arabian nights

The statue of shehrazad and shehrayar, from 1001 Arabian Nights

The magic lamp statue, from 1001 Arabian nights

“Baghdad’s poetry”

In 2015, the 70th Anniversary of the UN, the fountain Kahramana was chosen for the World National Heritage.

On April 2016, Google dedicated its home page with a Google doodle for Mohammed Ghani Hikmat with one of his famous monuments “saving Iraqi culture “

Painting In top tweet by Alaa Jimaa 🇮🇶

These are just a few of the many sculptures Mohammad Hikmat Ghani Hikmat made

الله يرحمه

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