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14 Sep, 12 tweets

It’s Bong Joon-ho’s birthday! So let me tell you the story of our awesome dinner with him. (A thread)

When he announced @JohnArcilla’s name as the best actor winner I had to do a double take because I didn’t recognize the pronunciation.

I had never seen @DennisTrilloDT (not official twitter) so excited in my life. He was like a schoolboy clutching his Parasite Storyboard Book. So the minute the awards show ended I went “Dennis, Tara?”

@ErikMatti and team went “let’s do it later, he’ll be at the dinner.”

But me being expert stalker didn’t want to take any chances so I dragged Dennis to him and yelled “director bong! I produced On The Job and this..”
Bong’s eyes lit up and he told Dennis he loved his performance, which surprised me because Dennis is hardly recognizable in the film

Bong then motioned to the jury members and they all excitedly swarmed Dennis. Cynthia Erivo told him she thought he was excellent (and holy shit C.E. is herself one of my favorite young actresses) and Sarah Gadon delightedly said he looked so different.

Chloe Zhao then told Dennis that they really wanted a tie but Venice wouldn’t let him. She said she googled him because she thought he was a real prisoner only to find out he was a matinee idol of some sort.

During dinner BJH dropped by and asked if he could sit with us for a bit. It took me, @ErikMatti, Dennis and team all our might to not squeal th whole time.He asked Erik questions about th soundtrack,th locs,the number of days, the budget (“that means you are a good director”)🤣

When the golden lion winner came in, everyone applauded and looked at them. As soon as they passed our table, BJH turned back to us and said “ok. Now we can continue talking about On The Job”

We talked about his films for a bit.
On Snowpiercer; My producer Harvey Weinstein, was a scary guy. He’d say ‘what a beautiful film. Now cut the dialogue.’ Well, he’s in jail now
On Memories : they finally found the killer two years ago! DNA test. At last

My favorite part was when I told him “the mom and the guy in the basement in Parasite were in Crash Landing on You!” And he looked at me with a glazed look like he had no idea what I was talking about.

But every time we’d bring up his films or the other festival films, he’d politely answer and turn the topic back to On The Job. He seemed to really love the film. He left after a while to do Jury President duties but stopped by before leaving to give @ErikMatti a hug ❤️

Here he is, quoting the film. What a lodi. Pibertday, Bong Joon-Ho!

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