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Oct 1, 2021, 9 tweets

Here is the thread🧵of

8⃣ #priceactions lessons which I learned by my 6⃣ years of experiences.

U can apply it any type of stocks.

It is mainly work in bull market 📈👇

Give love 💗 if it enhanced your knowledge 📚🙏


🌟Lesson 1 - if stocks in range for many years then weekly /monthly breakout push stock price 30/50% higher in 2/3 weeks/months

Ex- #sastasundar after breakout 145/155 zone , stocks in 2/3 weeks given 30/40% return.

And in 2/3 months it was double 💞

Same - #balrampurchini

🌟Lesson 2 - if stock is making same pattern ( in 2 /3hours chart) after given breakout of (weekly /monthly chart) , then chances of stock going up is much more.

Ex - #HGS after given breakout of Trendline ( range) in monthly chart, again making same pattern 4 hours chart. 💞

🌟Lesson 3- if stock never come to retest it's weekly & monthly breakout zone then the chances of it's 2x is much more.

EX - #happiestmind everytime consolidating & making new high. 💞

🌟Lesson 4 - when whole market fall still strongest stocks only consolidate or move down very little.

Ex - when this march market took correction 800/1000 points #jindalpoly just consolidating from that time.
Now ready for new high .

🌟Lesson 5 - when market recover the strongest stocks recover very fast & will make new high.
Ex - #happiestmind when market take little correction & again bounce little , then #happiestmind made new high before market .

🌟Lesson 6 - big player mainly target whole sector rather then particular stock.

Ex - all sugar stocks are shining ⭐✨ for last 2 months, almost given 50/100% return.
#Balrampur chini
#magadh sugar
#renuka sugar
#dwarikesh sugar

🌟Lesson 7 - if whole sector & market both are silent & only few stocks are trying to breakout then the chances of it's failure is very high .

Ex - #jindalpoly 2 weeks ago when market fell and their sector was also slient unable to gave breakout.

🌟 lesson 8 - when stocks & market are in uptrend , both feel weakness after they gave 3/4 breakouts .

Ex - #dalmia bharat after given 3 breakouts it lose its strength & came down very sharply. 💞

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