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Oct 5, 2021, 7 tweets

Vanbandu Kalyan Yojana

Assuring a better quality of life for indigenous people all around the country! #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

Creating a new paradigm of social justice in the country by providing better opportunities. #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

Divyangs are empowered to be the best in the world. #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

Providing financial assistance to divyangs for skill development. #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

Empowering Divyangs

Defending the rights of divyangs. #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

Towards a more equitable and inclusive growth for all. #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

Panchteerth: A Tribute to Bharat Ratna, Architect of Constitution of India, Dr. BR Ambedkar #SevaSamarpan #SocialEmpowerment

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